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Welcome to our Adthrive review.  As annoying as ads are on some internet sites, they are actually one of the best ways to boost user engagement and as a website owner add all-important revenue to your blog.  Ads have gotten a bad name for themselves in recent years, mainly due to the non-sensical way they are displayed by popping up all over the content and essentially covering the site.

User enjoyment tanks and so the reader leaves and goes elsewhere, and that’s the opposite of what an ad is designed to do.  So, what are the alternatives and how can you leverage your website to both earn money and boost user experience?  The best way is to sign up for a decent ad agency that will display relevant adverts in amongst the content.

What is Adthrive?

Adthrive is one of the biggest programmatic ad networks for bloggers and publishers alike. It has been around for a while, given that it was established in 2013 by a husband and wife obsessed with helping content creators. It offers individuals a chance to earn several times, making it better than its competitors. 

Adthrive has grown over the years, partnering with Cafemedia, a digital media company that saw it expand its ability to invest in the success of content creators. At the moment, it has over 2600 quality publishers and operations in over 60 countries. 

This ad network is a Google Certified Publishing Partner, which explains why many bloggers earn a fortune from it. However, there are a few things about this site that you should know before considering it as a blogger or publisher. 


How to sign up for Adthrive

You will have to apply to join the Adthrive family. The application is not as complicated as it sounds. You will be given a three-part form to fill, which should not take more than three minutes of your time. For those with several sites, you should submit one application per domain. 

You will be asked to offer more information about you and your site on the first page. Therefore, ensure that you have a valid email address and accurate site information. If you are running ads, the site will ask about your ad strategy. This is not necessary if you are not running any ads. 

The final page will require your Google Analytics data. It is a view-only Google analytics authorization which the company uses to verify your site’s traffic. Once the application has been received, the Adthrive team reviews it as fast as possible. 

As the team reviews your application, they will be deliberating on all the possible ad partner approvals for your site. This should not take more than a week. Once your application has been approved, the Adthrive team will help you build a custom ad strategy for your team. 

Getting started with Adthrive

This site allows publishers to either install the ads themselves or let the Adthrive team handle that on their behalf. However, the Adthrive teams will still take you through the intricacies if you settle on the former. 

Once your application is successful, Adthrive will communicate and let you know that they are about to log into your site and start working. The install expert will set up your ads.txt file, which will show you the company’s partners authorized to sell you ad spaces. 

You do not have to worry if you were running ads before since Adthrive will remove ads from your previous providers while setting up new ads to minimize any downtime when it comes to earnings. The install experts will also set up custom placements for your ads so that if you are a WordPress user, you will have an Adthrive Ads WordPress Plugin. 

The last step is adding an ‘Elite CafeMedia Publisher’ badge to your site through the Adthrive plugin to give you identity and make high-paying advertisers notice you. All these will help you make more money, which is the main objective of the site. 

Once the ads have been installed, the site will gather data in the first few days and weeks to let them optimize your site for readers and the advertising partners. You will then get access to the Adthrive dashboard, which is where the fun begins. 

How does your website integrate with Adthrive?

Adthrive is a unique site since it is customized to your liking. The team will verify that your ad layout meets your preferred setup and that everything looks neat and excellent. You will only be an Adthrive publisher once you have agreed that the page looks great. 

The team will also ask you to look at the site once you have been made a publisher and confirm whether you love it. Once you have agreed, you will get access to the Adthrive dashboard, which has lots of useful and fun data. 

Adthrive dashboard

Data plays an important role in business management and operation. Therefore, the Adthrive dashboard contains several detailed reports that are essential to your operation. It contains specific ad earnings, performance data. Traffic insights and RPM breakdown. 

The traffic insights are obtained from your Google Analytics account, and the RPM breakdowns cover individual pages. Keep in mind that these are offered to keep track of your performance and how you can better it. 

The dashboard also offers a simple overview of monthly earnings once you click the “View All Ad Network Earnings” tab. All these are entered in USD. However, you do not have to worry if you have chosen a different currency for payment since the bank will automatically convert the amount. 

How to make money with Adthrive 

Adthrive lets publishers and bloggers make money by running ads on their sites. It allows you to take advantage of high video ad revenue by posting your videos, which can be added to your Playlist video player and added to given posts. 



Publishers are advised to add their payment and tax information so that their first paycheck does not delay. This company pays for your ads, Adthrive Media, Custom Video Player, and In-Image Ads 45 days at the end of the month, which you earned money. 

This means that the money made in February will be paid on April 15th and so on. Keep in mind that the time the amount takes to appear in your account will depend on your ban’s processing time. However, you should be able to see the deposit a few days after the 15th. 

You are advised to change your payment account or details early in the month if you need to channel your payments into your new account. The company will add any rejected or deferred payment to the following month’s earning once it is sorted. 

The site has a payment threshold, and therefore, payments under $25 will not be processed but automatically transferred into a future payment. This threshold is $100 f r wire transfers. For you to be paid, the amount must exceed the threshold. 

If you have different sites registered with AdThrive, you will receive separate payments for all the sites. Keep in mind that each site has its dashboard. You can choose to log in to both dashboards using the same email address. 

Keep in mind that you will have to provide payment and tax information from every individual site. 

Deferred Payments 

There are several reasons why the site can defer your payments. This is indicated in the dashboard.  

Lack of Payment Information 

Your payment will not be processed if you have not selected a payment method. This is the reason why publishers are asked to enter their payment details promptly. In this case, all you need to do is click on “Payments” and select payment info, where you will be allowed to update your contact details, pick a payment method, and enter your information. You should also ensure that your information is captured in the system. 

Incorrect tax form details 

Your payment information should match your tax form information. The form will be invalid and your payment deferred if this is not the case. This can also be fixed following the steps provided in the first reason. 

Failed TIN Validation 

This applies to US publishers. The payment provider often validates your tax identification number once you enter your tax form. However, the site will email you when there is a problem to allow you to make corrections. 

Payment threshold

You will not be paid if you do not meet the set threshold. If your earnings fall below $25, they will be deferred until you hit $25 and be deposited in your upcoming payment. 

How does Adthrive pay you? 

One of the reasons why publishers love Adthrive is that it offers several payment methods. However, if you are not sure about the best method of Payment, the Adthrive team will be willing to help you. The site sends payments through Tipalti and so do not get shocked if some links refer you to their documentation. 

Even with these several payment avenues, you need to keep in mind that the payment threshold is $25 except for wire transfer, which has a higher threshold. The set limit is $100, but other currencies may still attract a higher threshold than the set one. 

Tipalti, which processes the payment, applies a 2.5% currency conversion fee for non-USD payments. You should take into account that other banking institutions may also have additional fee requirements given their systems. 

Here are the main payment means for US Publishers:

Direct deposit 

This is one of the most reliable payment methods. However, your money may take several days to be cleared, depending on your banking institution. 


PayPal is one of the quickest payment means in the whole world. Funds will be paid in the currency that you please, depending on your settings. Do not forget that PayPal also charges its fees. 

Paper Check

This is done by a physical paper check, which is mailed to you. It cannot be transferred to any other payee and will take roughly 15 business days to arrive. 

For non-Us publishers, there are several payment means that you can choose from. These are: 

Local Bank Transfer 

Also known as international Direct deposit, this can take a few days to process. Given that this is a non-US payment, Tipalti applies a fee of $2.5 %. However, this option was closed for Nordic countries in mid-September 2020. 

International Wire Transfer

People from other countries can be offered a US bank account, which they can access online. If you choose this option, you should let the site know. The site administrators will adjust your account to allow you to use the direct deposit option with your US-based bank account. 

One can also use Pay Pal and Paper Check if not located in the United States. However, keep in mind that Tipalti will still charge you. 

Any joining restrictions?

Adthrive is only available in 60 countries even though there are bloggers in all countries. One must also reach a given threshold to be paid, which is even higher for international wire transfers.  

Adthrive online reviews 

Given that Adthrive is one of the biggest ad networks available, you can expect several online debates. There are certain aspects that people find lucrative and some that people detest. From the different views expressed, we have come up with a list of pros and cons. 


Better pay

People love Adthrive because it offers better pay than other major networks in its category. Even though it is not the highest paying globally, it is better than Mediavine and AdSense, which are some of the biggest networks around.  

Different Payment options 

It is obvious from our discussion that this site offers several payment options. Therefore, it is a better alternative than most ad networks, which offer 3-4 payment options. One can choose to get paid via PayPal, one of the most accessible payment means globally.  


This is one of the most accommodating sites a publisher can work with. The layout is customized to one’s expectations and preference, which is a huge advantage. Everything can also be accessed from the dashboard, making it easy to navigate through the site.  

Support– This site has good customer support in case of any query. There is also an active Facebook group for members to get all the help they need regarding the site. 


Longer duration to process payment

The fact that publishers have to wait for over 45 days to get payments is a huge turn-off for some. 


One has to meet a given threshold to be eligible for payment. If not met, the payment will be deferred, which takes even longer. This threshold is even higher for those using international wire transfers. 

Is Adthrive legit? 

Yes. Adthrive is legit. Several publishers have made a fortune from it. Do not shy away from applying. 

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