Amare Global Review – Are They Legit or a Scam?

Amare Global Review – Can you make money using them?

Amare Global is a new kid on the block that everyone is seemingly talking about. If you are reading this, you may be thinking of becoming a distributor for them or trying to figure out if it’s a thing for you. Before becoming a member of any online venture, we always encourage doing thorough research. There are so many opportunities on the internet that claim to make you money, but it can be challenging to know which is legit and which is a scam. 

The only way to avoid wasting your time and resources is by researching thoroughly. In this Amare Global review, we will take a look at everything you need to know about the platform and whether we recommend it (spoiler alert: we don’t!). Read on to find your sought-after answers!

What is Amare Global?

Amare Global is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells products in the health and fitness niche. The company was founded by Hiep Tran and an able team of founding executives. It deals in outstanding products that are said to balance and improve chemicals in the body especially associated with mental health. Who is Hiep Tran? Let’s get to know the founder first before we proceed to the company. 

Hiep Tran founded Cortislim company that was later dissolved because of too many lawsuits. The company was sued under the accusation of exaggerating the health benefits of their products. He was also the founder of a company called Meritus Payment Solutions that was later acquired by Optimal Solutions in 2014. Before creating Amare Global, Hiep Tran was the CEO of Paysafe company before resigning to form his own company. 

Amare Global has been credited by the Better Business Bureau with an a+ rating. The company even won the prestigious best new finished products Nutri award in 2018. The company is based in Irvine California includes executive members of the company Mike Brown, Mark Nguyet, Rich Higbee, and Dr. Shawn Talbott. Dr. Talbott was among the three people ordered by FTC in 2005 to give up 4.5 million dollars stemming from the marketing of Cortislim and Cortistress. 

What is like?

When you visit the Amare Global official website, you will be impressed, to say the least. The website is professionally designed with simple yet eye-catching layouts and design. The site is simply designed for both beginners and veterans. It does not matter whether you are a new member. The site is designed to look exactly how a medical website should. You will find the website easy to navigate thanks to the excellent layout. There are several articles on the website blog that talk about mental health and issues the company addresses. You will love how simple the website is to navigate!

What products do Amare Global have and do they work?

Amare Global compensates its members for reselling their products. They have a range of products, including; 

amare global

Amare FundaMentals

This flagship package is the most popular in their range of products, the company claims that this group of products improves all aspects of the gut-brain axis for optimal mental health. The package includes; 

  • Mentasync
  • Mentabiotics
  • MentaFocus
  • MentaHeart


This product line is said to offer a solution to all problems pain, sleeplessness, low energy, and even moodiness. Each pack contains;

  • Sleep+ for rejuvenation, refreshing and restful sleep
  • Reboot+ for resting the gut-brain axis
  • Energy+ for improving mental energy
  • Mood+ for better, all-natural, moods
  • Relief+ for improving the body’s natural pain response
  • Mental fitness pack (new)


This line of products leans more towards nutrition with products developed to maintain whole-body wellness. The product includes;

  • Probiotics
  • OmMega
  • VitaGBX
  • Digestive

Amare kids

This line is specially dedicated to kids and teens of all ages, to support optimum mental wellness and overall body health. The package contains;

  • KidsFundaMentals
  • Kids VitaGBX 
  • Kids Mood+

Is Amare Global a MLM?

Yes, they are an MLM.  There are two main ways of earning through the company and they follow the same model as any other MLM – sell their products and build your sales team. In this case, they call them Preferred Customer and Wellness Partner.  Let’s take a look at both.

Preferred customer

When you become a member of Amare Global you can buy their products at wholesale prices which is cheaper. You can use them or resell them at a retail price for a profit. The company encourages its partners to sell the products at a markup of 25% on cost, though you can set your prices. 

A couple of other bonuses become available at this level, such as free product points via subscribe and save, and some freebies when you refer others to Amare.  Because you are buying the products at wholesale prices at this level you do not qualify to earn any commission on sales, either yours or those you refer to.  You cannot build your own sales team at this level either and so your earnings are strictly limited to what you buy and sell.

To begin at this level will cost you an annual membership of $24.95 so to potentially increase your earnings you will need to become a Wellness Partner.

amare global

Wellness Partner

This costs an annual membership fee of $69.95 but it does have the potential to drastically increase your earnings because you can effectively earn money from those you recruit.  As with all MLM’s there are ranks you can be promoted to, in this case, there are thirteen.

The lowest ranks are called Partner and the highest rank is 5 Heart Servant Leaders. This is simple as you earn whatever profits you make reselling for the company, plus you can also earn cash bonuses depending on the volume of sales. The bonuses or commissions vary including;

Heart Start bonuses – this bonus is activated every time you enroll a recruit. You will receive the Heart Start bonus during the recruits first 60 days. The bonus is paid weekly to your first (20%), second (10%), and third (5%) level upline enrollers. 

Me and Three bonus- this bonus activates when you enroll three Wellness Partners into the company. 

To raise the ranks you have to achieve a minimum sales volume and have a minimum number of people in your downline.  Again, this is the same model all MLM’s use.  You can read the full Amare Global Compensation Plan here.

How much can you earn with Amare Global?

The amount you can earn varies depending on the products you can resell and the people you invite into your team. Remember, this is an MLM company so to stand any chance of earning decent money you need a team. You will receive a $135 bonus when you invite your first three partners to join and an additional $250 when your three manage to get three partners each. 

The compensation plan lacks any detail on how you can sell these products.  Usually, MLM’s favor selling at parties but given the sensitive nature of the products it’s unlikely this would work.  Therefore, you’re left with trying social media or a website.  Their 74-page policy manual does say Wellness Partners will get a replicated website, so this is something you would have to explore with them.  It’s a real shame they don’t specify these details.

On page 17 of the Policy Manual, they mention the training of recruits is the responsibility of the Wellness Partner and it doesn’t appear Amare Global will help you in any way, although they will provide sales aids that they expect you to use.

amare global

Any joining restrictions?

The company requires an initial fee of $69.95 to purchase the products and to become a Wellness Partner. Additionally, you must:

  • Be 18+
  • Reside in the USA
  • Have an SSN, Federal Tax ID, etc.
  • Sign the Amare Global contract within 30 days of joining
  • Not be an employee of Amare Global

Amare Global reviews

There are more cons than pros when it comes to Amare Global. Take a look!

Questionable products – the products have not gathered many reviews but the research department of the company is headed by a man known to lie about the effectiveness of products to sell. There is also no scientific proof backing their products. 

The only way to earn is by recruiting people to join the company. It’s hard to resell these products even if you buy them at wholesale prices. 

The initial fee is quite high considering you may never be able to resell the products. Why have a fee just to buy wholesale pricing?

Is Amare Global legit?

The company is not a scam but we do not recommend it. The founders have a not so good past. The products are also very expensive yet difficult to resell. As a Wellness Partner, you need to invite people and build your team to make money. Even though it may work for some people, we recommend finding less demanding ventures that do not cost so much.  We do not like companies that take a fee from people looking to buy and sell their products.  Why pay money, to make money?  

The lack of an income disclosure statement is a red flag because we don’t know how many Wellness Partners are earning a decent salary.  It’s clear, just like any other MLM, that to promotion to the highest ranks is going to take drive and determination, and a lot of luck in who you recruit.  This will be difficult to achieve if you are only looking for a side gig because it’s your responsibility to train them.  Don’t forget to read that small print in the 74-page policy document!

Our favorite way to make money online

Amare Global is not for us and we do not recommend it.  What we do recommend is selling other peoples products, but for a way higher commission and in a lot less time.  ClickBank is the biggest network of digital products and they have a lot of products to choose from, in seemingly every niche.

Remember, the best way to make money is to sell a high-quality product in a high demand niche, and by our reckoning, there are 3 best ones to choose from:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Self-help

There’s no problem with stepping outside of these 3 but, you would need to either have a real passion for the subject or be qualified to talk about it in some capacity. Our advice is, start with one product from these top-performing categories.

There are so many positives about using ClickBank.  It’s free to join, free to use, free to promote any product, they deal with all customer service, and they pay you quickly.  Here are some products you can promote today in the health niche – just look at the commissions!

All 3 are offering over $100 per sale, that’s way more than Amare Global.  Unlike Amare Global, these products come with everything you need to promote them.  For instance, they will advise you who the customer demographics are, provide email swipes, articles for your blog, landing pages, and more.  These are all fully optimized and tested.

How to promote ClickBank products

There are a lot of choices and some products work well using one method, and others don’t.  Here are the main ways to earn money using ClickBank:

  • Blog traffic
  • Social media
  • Paid ads
  • Solo ads
  • YouTube

Here’s the thing.  You DO NOT have to master all of these, one will do.  For example, if you chose to promote the Leptoconnect product you could create your website and write some detailed articles about the product, it’s benefits, features, reviews, how it compares to similar products, how to use it etc and let people find you on Google.  That’s called Search Engine Optimization and it costs nothing. If you prefer, you could speak about it and upload videos to YouTube. But, you don’t need to do all of the methods – there’s simply no need let alone hours in the day!

Ask yourself this, how would you promote Amare Global products?  Most likely in the same way as any ClickBank product.

Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion

Use ClickBank University 2.0 to learn fast

Unlike Amare Global where the training is left up to the Wellness Partners, ClickBank offers its official training run by experts in the affiliate marketing world.  It’s called ClickBank University 2.0 and it’s a course we highly recommend.  We wrote some review articles on how good it is here.

The reason we recommend learning about affiliate marketing first is because there’s a right way to do it, and some special techniques that will be the difference between success or not.  The reason we recommend ClickBank University is because it’s directly aligned to selling on ClickBank, the course is run by experts, and they provide a detailed step-by-step training that goes at your pace.  Upon completion, you will be ready to begin earning money online.

The difference between Amare Global and ClickBank is once you have everything set up you can pretty much put it on autopilot and treat it like a side gig.  For example, once your articles are ranked well on Google they will stay there and traffic will come to your site without you having to hustle.  The same with your YouTube channel.  This evergreen content will pay you back for years.

Amare Global is an MLM and it needs your constant time and attention to stand any chance of being successful.  ClickBank only requires your time and attention for a short 8 week period where you learn from multi-millionaires.

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