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Can you make money using Barefoot Writer?

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Writing can be a lucrative hobby but like most things, there is an art to it.  Barefoot Writer is a platform that can teach you how to become a commercial writer, so you can begin to earn money on the side.

Several people all around the world depend on freelance writing as their primary source of income. This field allows you to make some good income on completing projects for different clients. 

Therefore, Barefoot Writer offers members all the necessary education and insight that they need to prosper in the writing field. 

Their slogan is ‘Freedom-filled living through well-paid writing’.  This is exactly what this review is about, just how good of an opportunity is Barefoot Writer at making you money?

Here’s what we found…


What is Barefoot Writer?

This company was founded by Paul Hollingshead and Don Mahoney in 1997, which is more than two decades ago. 

Their mission is to give you the skills necessary to not only begin your freelance writing journey, but to flourish and build a successful business.

Freelance writing is big business, most websites have a writing and content team, and so you can earn decent money.  The hours are flexible and you can essentially pick and choose the hours and location of your work.



But, it is very competitive.  This is why we like the idea of Barefoot Writer as they are industry-leading experts who are going to teach you.

Let us see if you can make some good income by being a member of this site.  Because they are making some bold claims on their website!

They’re talking about ‘dream lifestyles’ and huge earning potential.  It does sound too good to be true but they have a service that needs selling and their landing page is extremely salesy!!!

How to sign up for Barefoot Writer

Unfortunately, you will have to part with a set amount to be a member of Barefoot Writer. Membership used to be $49/ year before it was changed to $108/ year. 

This cost may seem high, but it is pretty fair when you consider all the insights that you will get from the site membership.

For this fee you get:

  • Smart Start Writing Program guide
  • 12 monthly issues of Barefoot Writer mag
  • 5 free bonuses – articles on writing subjects
  • Access to members-only website and Facebook group
  • 1-year money-back guarantee


How to earn money with Barefoot Writer

First, you need to understand that Barefoot Writer has an online subscription magazine since it is part of the American Writers and Artists INC, popularly known as AWAI. 

Its main objective is to help you become a successful, highly paid writer and not employ you. Therefore, it provides all the necessary resources and information that you need to become the best writer ever to grace the face of the earth. 

Most of their information is directed to beginners, who mostly have a hard time starting the writing career. 

Users get a free eBook, titled ‘9 ways to make a very good living as a writer’, which talks about the amount you can earn and what you can do. However, the reasons are not provided, unless you buy a membership with the site. 

The site offers all the services and insights that you need to make good money as a writer. You will always get the magazine’s issues and access to information that is supposed to see you off as a writer and set you in the professional path. 

Members can also access a VIP portal, which provides criticism, feedback, and advice from all seasoned writers. This helps you to level up and know what to expect in the writing field. Therefore, the site goes past, making you a good writer by offering a service that assures you of amazing results.


barefoot writer


Some of the things that you will enjoy once you become a member of this site include community support, advice, and guidance, articles on writing and finding work as a freelance writer, access to different opportunities, and the monthly magazine. 

You will make some good progress once you decide to participate in the training and support this site offers. Remember, becoming a freelance writer is not as easy as people make it look, and you might need more than just the right English and punctuation. 

This site brings you closer to like-minded people, which is a pretty significant advantage. It teaches useful approaches, which cant be termed as unique, but are worth using. 

How much can you earn? 

Freelance writing is pretty lucrative, and you can earn as much as $100, 000 yearly. However, keep in mind that this site mainly focuses on training and does not, therefore, offer members jobs.

It only teaches you to become a badass writer who can rake in some good income. You will, therefore, be shocked in case you are expecting to make money off Barefoot Writer. 

You’ll end up spending money on the knowledge you obtain. You must, therefore, have realistic expectations when you join this site. 

How are freelance writers paid? 

By now, you know that you won’t be paid by being a Barefoot writer member, and therefore, we will focus on how Freelance Writers are paid.

Freelance writers are mostly paid via PayPal or other less famous payment options such as Payoneer.

Therefore, you can choose to join a given content mill in your region once you have obtained enough information and insight that can see you through from Barefoot Writer. Most content mills prefer PayPal since it is pretty accessible and fast. 

You can also approach different organizations or clients and offer your services. Both parties, in this case, usually fix the method of payment. 


Barefoot Writer reviews

You already know what to expect from our discussion. From all the online reviews that we looked up, people have different things to say regarding this site. 




One of the pros that we established is the free resources that people find quite useful. This site has several okay free resources for anybody who would like to make money online. The only downside is that these resources do not provide much help since they do not offer a clear way of making this money. 

Users also get inspired by their bold sales video, which claims that you can make thousands of dollars by writing only one article (which we all know is too good to be true). 

Another useful observation is that this site offers a 12-month 100-percent money-back guarantee, which mostly works for pros. 




Unfortunately, the downsides outweigh the pros. One significant observation that a lot of members complain of is too much hyping, which appears obvious. This site, therefore, banks more on advertising approaches instead of telling users what to expect. 

It also comes with a membership fee that must be paid if users want to access anything substantial. You thus have to pay money to make money, which doesn’t sound quite right. 

The membership plan is also quite costly, having been doubled recently. The site also bombards members with several up-sells, which costs over $150 even after paying the membership fee. 

The cost of membership does not end with the entry fee; you will still have to buy other e-books and materials. These are just some of the negative reviews that we have seen on the internet. 


Is Barefoot Writer legit? 

This site has been around for quite some time, so we wouldn’t say that it is a scam. However, it sells the dream and not the real thing since you will still have to figure out how to be an excellent writer on your own. 



Barefoot Writer is a platform that teaches you how to become a freelance writer, but it is expensive and sadly their sales page is way over the top.

It is selling you a dream that for most people will not be their reality because like most things it takes dedication, commitment, hard work, and drive to be successful.  Barefoot Writer does not employ you or even refer you to companies that are seeking writers, so please take their sales video as a way of getting you to buy their course.

There are free ways to learn writing styles and techniques.  A simple Google search will present several options.

There also numerous websites that you can sign up for as a freelance writer, I-writer and Pro Blogger for example.

If you have a passion for writing and you want to earn some money on the side it will be best to do some free courses first, sign up for a couple of the writing websites and begin your journey, without having to pay a lot upfront.

What Barefoot Writer does have on its side is the 1-year money-back guarantee so it’s a fairly safe purchase, as long as you steer clear of their upsells and remember to cancel!


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