Honest BlueCrew Review – Here’s Everything You Need to Know to Find Your Next Paid Job!


Welcome to our review of the ever-popular app – BlueCrew. Are you looking for a means of supplementing your income? Are you tired of looking for an extra job? If yes, this is the right place to be. We will discuss one of the ways that you can get some work over your phone. 

What is BlueCrew?

Blue Crew is an app of its kind. It was founded by three Stanford University students in 2015 who wanted to own the online staffing platform. The platform offers a well-balanced workforce to occupy service jobs. These include packers, warehouse workers, product pickers, event staff, and janitors. 


How to sign up to BlueCrew

Like most of the online avenues that we have discussed, you will have to register to become a member. With BlueCrew, you must download and install the app and then fill in all the required information on its website, which is basically your resume and profile. The support panel will check your application to ascertain your skill level and determine whether it matches the available jobs. When successful, you will have to attend a one-hour orientation program where you will be informed about what the platform is all about and what is required. 

After you have passed a background check and entered the payroll system, you will be eligible for jobs. Keep in mind that you will now be a BlueCrew employee. In short, you only need a good resume and profile. Once these match the available jobs, you will attend an orientation, and then you are set to go. Alternatively, you can fill the sign-up form on the company’s official website. 


What is BlueCrewJobs.com like? 

This company has an easy to use application, which you will access from your phone. It tells you when to report, leave, and how far you need to commute to work. It also allows employers to find you by posting jobs.  Their website is professional and very easy to navigate.

How to earn money with BlueCrew

I believe that you have a rough idea of what you need to do to get some money by now. The company’s jobs will be sent to your phone through push notification. You have the liberty to choose or turn down any job. Keep in mind that the jobs that you will receive are all based on your skill set and location. You will land some that are in your area to save you time and effort. You can go through our introduction to revisit the kind of work that the company deals with. 

The company also rates worker performance through their point system. You will get six points when you upload a photo and a bio to the site. If you like the company on Facebook and Twitter, you will get an extra two points. You will earn five points at the end of every shift. An employer can also choose to make you a favorite or give you a 5-star rating, which will earn you extra points. Also, keep in mind that you can lose points. This normally happens if you report late for work, cancel a shift at the last minute, or behave indecently during your shift. The company can also fire you at any time. 

How much money can you make? 

There is no standard payment when it comes to Blue Crew. The payable rates depend on the nature of the job. However, since this site mainly deals in general labor jobs, you will mostly be paid minimum wage or higher. 

However, if your job goes beyond the stipulated eight hours, the company will pay you overtime. This is a good avenue if you have some time to spare from your normal daily activities. You should expect roughly $10-20 per hour. However, keep in mind that this site may not have consistent jobs. 

How do you get paid? 

BlueCrew pays well. It uses the normal payment method. However, some employees have noted that you have to wait until Friday to get your paycheck. 

Any joining restrictions?

BlueCrew mainly deals with labor jobs. Therefore, to perform effectively, you need to ensure that you are in the right physical condition. Also, most of these jobs require given skills. If you do not possess these, you will not be able to land a job. 

Lastly, this site has a geographical restriction. You will be invited to jobs that are within your locality. This works in your favor since you will not have to travel super long distances to get to the job place. Keep in mind that BlueCrew is only available in a few states, though. 

BlueCrew online reviews

BlueCrew is a huge source of employment and therefore attracts several talks. Most users applaud it since it is an easy and ready source of blue-collar jobs. One doesn’t have to make several trips to an agency to get employment. You can secure a slot on your phone instead of walking up and down. 

The fact that the app dispatches job notices based on your location is also a bonus to many. Provided that you have the requisite skills, you won’t have to travel to super long distances in search of employment. Most users love BlueCrew because you can reject a job you do not like without suffering any penalties. You are allowed to be as selective as you want. Lastly, this company offers perks to its members, such as health insurance, sick pay, and longer-term engagement. 

There is also the bad side that you should expect based on online reviews. Most people complain about the lack of sustainable jobs, notifications, and even flexibility. For others, the payroll system is quite inconducive since you have to wait for payment even after completing the jobs. Also, some are hugely disappointed in the amount of time that they have to wait before the job is confirmed. There are lots of negative and positive points about BlueCrew. Therefore, you should have a look at both before deciding to sign up with the platform. 

Is BlueCrew legit? 

Yes! BlueCrew is a legit site that allows you to make some money based on your skillset. You will be allowed to take part in jobs that are within your locality. If you do not want to go through the trouble of visiting an agency day in, day out, you should try BlueCrew.

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