Builderall vs ClickFunnels – Ultimate Comparison

Builderall vs ClickFunnels.


Sales Funnels have been around a while and are seen as important to increase sales conversions, obtain high-quality leads and take the viewer from interested to purchaser; all on the same platform.

So, here’s our review for 2 of the best – Builderall vs ClickFunnels!


builderall vs clickfunnelsVs

builderall vs clickfunnels




In this article, we review two companies who offer sales funnels; one in ClickFunnels who is seen as the industry leader, and an up and coming rival in Builderall.


What is Builderall?

 The original project to create a platform that would attempt to generate legitimate online results for companies all over the globe started for Builderall in 2011. 

Erick Salgado

However, although the original idea for the company began there, it started in 2008 by the Brazilian entrepreneur Erick Salgado, who had two major passions at the time. These being digital marketing and entrepreneurship. 

Fast toward to today, and the company still maintains the same forward-thinking goals they had back in 2008; they wish to transform the world through the use of digital marketing.  

Builderall currently has around 40,000 satisfied users, more than 500,000 websites published, 300,000,000 emails sent for client care, and 500,000,000 leads collected.  Not too bad at all! 

This is a long list of reputable facts, each one of these showing that you could trust this company with your online business, however for more on trust visit the ‘what the public think’ section. 


What is ClickFunnels?



ClickFunnels is yet another website and online business builder for budding entrepreneurs looking to kickstart their online business or funnel.ClickFunnels promises to make sure that your funnel or another form of online business is succinct and to the point, so that customers don’t get lost, bored, and then eventually leave which results in the loss of a sale.

On top of this, they currently have 100.5K users, 1.06B contacts, 6.19M funnels, and $4.3B processed within their company. They offer the very thing seen in its name, a funnel, as opposed to a website. 



Sales Funnel Example


How Builderall vs ClickFunnels differs



 To begin with, ClickFunnels offers the consumer a fourteen-day free trial, in which they can decide if this is the platform for them.  Billing begins at the end of the trial so long as you haven’t canceled.



Be aware of this when some ‘gurus’ try and say this is exclusive to them.  IT ISN’T! Builderall on the other hand does not offer a free trial, however, it does offer one of their plans completely for free. Despite this free plan not giving you access to a domain, you are still allowed 100 subscribers, ticketing support, and one gigabyte of disk space.  

Clickfunnels starting price is at $97/month, in which you can expect:

  •  Twenty funnels
  • One-hundred pages
  • Three different custom domains.



The equivalent Builderall plan costs around $20, and guarantees you: 

  •  Three domains
  • One hundred subscribers
  • 2 gigabytes of disk space.

Up from here, we take a look at ClickFunnel’s next plan, which will set you back $297 a month. With this payment, effectively everything is unlimited!  Which is probably what you would expect for a payment that hefty.  

  • Unlimited number of funnels
  • Limitless amount of visitors
  • Endless amount of pages and so on

 For the most expensive Builderall option, that being $70/month, you will receive: 

  •  Fifteen domains
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Ten gigabytes of disk space




So, when we compare the price aspect and nothing else, it is clear that Builderall offers a cheaper option. However, the Clickfunnels servicing that you receive is far superior to that of Builderall, as one would think looking at the gargantuan price differencing. Therefore, it all comes down to your personal preference and what you can afford.  

If you have deeper pockets and are looking to begin an empire of an online business, then I would highly recommend you go with ClickFunnels.  

If you are just starting and don’t have that same flow of cash, however, then I would recommend you choose one of the cheaper options within Builderall, as, despite their extremely low-cost price, you are still actually receiving quite a bit for what you are paying. 


What the public think

 When going online in search of an unbiased review regarding the two competing online service providers, it was quite a hard task to complete! This is due to the lack of services available to the general public, which could be used to determine an average opinion from a large number of people. Instead, the highest that could be found was based on 267 views for ClickFunnels and 116 for Builderall. Not too shabby! 

Firstly, regarding Clickfunnels, they have a pretty perfect 4.6 out of 5 as their overall score, remembering this is based on 267 reviews. The majority pride ClickFunnels for: 

  • Easiness of use
  • Impeccable customer service
  • Value for money
  • Features and functionality.

 Despite this majority, there are a few reviews at the other end of the spectrum holding testament to the fact that you could have a bad experience with this company. Around nine people voted with some pretty low scores, meaning that they weren’t happy with what they received, so just be careful and know it certainly won’t be a one hundred percent guarantee of satisfaction. 


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Relating to Builderall, the majority of the comments are praising them for: 

  • The amount you receive from the comparatively low price
  • Many comments compared it to ClickFunnels
  • Despite ClickFunnels being a superior platform, Builderall is value for money

Again, a few negative reviews have brought their score to an exact four out of five stars, with many complaining about the low standard of technical support that they are receiving, or the effort it takes to link up your funnel to the website.  

ClickFunnels has a better wrap when coming to online reviews, so if you can afford it, this is yet another recommendation. The online reviews prove that they have a better technical support team, it’s easier to navigate the website and are an overall smoother company to deal with when trying to create your own online business. 



Both ClickFunnels and Builderall are SAAS (software as a service)  companies and essentially you will rent their platforms monthly. If you wish to cancel on either then it’s no problem, you just need to put it in writing with 30 days notice.  One thing you will need to check is whether you can take your email subscribers and content with you to another service.  I think that should be fine but worth asking! 

Both have pretty decent affiliate offers which will earn you money if someone you refer takes out a paying contract.

Firstly, here’s Buildrall’s:


builderall vs clickfunnels
Builderall Affiliate Structure

Secondly, here’s ClickFunnels:

builderall vs clickfunnels
ClickFunnels Affiliate Structure

Are sales funnels hard to set up?

The short answer is yes.  Both Builderall and ClickFunnels have video training as part of their packages but, even so, knowing exactly what type of funnel you need can be daunting when just starting.  There are just so many options it is overwhelming.

The software to design them is really easy to use but, how do you know what to put in there??  How do you know what graphic or block of text works best and where to place it on the screen?  The pre-sell page will look very different to the sales page, or the 1-click upsell.  Do you even need that or will a simple landing page work instead?

I must admit I found it confusing.  Now, here’s the thing. ClickFunnels, et al, knows this, which is why they have other products to sell you – their upsell! They have funnel scripts to help write the sales copy, as without amazing text you’re never going to sell anything.  But that comes at an additional cost. It’s not possible to learn about sales funnels in the 14-day free trial (again they know this!).

So, by the time you’ve done some learning, guess what?, you’re paying $97 or more.




My recommendation and best solution.  Do this funnel builder training from ClickBank University, which is only $7, and is extremely detailed.  

Spending $7 is much better than $97!


The final verdict

 So, it is finally time to take a look back at all the information and decide which company you think would benefit you the most in the conquest of building an online platform to spread your ideas, products, and opinions.

ClickFunnels provides an almost impeccable platform through their amazing online support, great use of the new and improving funnel system and complex, yet succinct, website.

This has also been confirmed through the countless online reviews elaborating on how well the ClickFunnels team treated them, and now how successful their online business has become as a result of that. Builderall is great if you have some knowledge of sales funnels – and is way cheaper.

Both Builderall and ClickFunnels are amazing products and you will no doubt succeed with either.  I do suggest learning something about sales funnels BEFORE committing to a contract, as you can then make a fully informed decision about which one is right for you. Don’t forget these guys are the masters of the upsells and once you’re on their website you’ll find yourself signing up.


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