How to Make Money with Carvertise or Wrapify

Can You Make Money with Carvertise or Wrapify?


Carvertise and Wrapify are two independent companies that allow you to turn your car into a rolling billboard.  Did you know that your car can change from being an expense to one of your sources of income by just driving it around the city?






Well, here is an opportunity for you, your car can be used as an advertising tool, especially good if you are a daily user in a city with a high population. This simply involves putting removable posters on your vehicle and continuing driving around like you usually do, but this time someone is paying you for that. The advertisement has to stay in your car for the whole period of the designated campaign. 

These advertisements are usually for major brands, and anyone is allowed to sign up as long as your car does not just stay in the garage all the time.  Sounds good?


What is

Carvertise is a company that allows car owners an opportunity to earn a little money on the side by having their car wrapped with an ad decal.




They have been operating since 2012 and are a leader in their field.  They work with major brands, such as Amazon, EA Sports, and 7-Eleven. The company was founded by friends Mac Mcleod and Greg Star who had a vision for the future of advertising.  They initially recruited drivers at their local shopping malls by handing out flyers and the idea quickly grew bigger.

It wasn’t long before their concept was nationwide and incorporated major brands.  Their goal is to make Carvertise a world-wide success!


What is

Founded in 2015 Wrapify’s mission is to connect brands with their customers in the offline world.  They are very good at what they do:

  • over 10 million driven miles
  • 250 thousand drivers
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Business Insider 2015 award ‘hottest startups’
  • 2017 Forbes award
  • 2019 now Inc 500 company



Where do I find Carvertise & Wrapify?

Carvertise and Wrapify are both available online through their respective social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and and Accessing any relevant information is smooth on both of them. The pages display high levels of professionalism in what they do, as well as providing both the drivers and the brands an easily accessible way to sign up. 

From the display of the stylish pages, you can see what your car will look like at a glance; a great feature!



As a driver, you will be provided with the full information about the companies after keying in your details as required, as well as the details about your car, your area of residence, and the average miles that you cover on a daily or weekend basis. Wrapify has, however, gone a step further and developed an app for users, and it is accessible to both Android and iOS users.  We like that.


What are their websites like?

The websites are relatively easy to use and navigating them is simple.

Firstly, Wrapify:

Upon clicking on Wrapify, on the top right end of your gadget, click on the three lines to access the user part. Since you intend to be a driver, you will be required to enter your phone number after which you receive a link on a text message to download the app on your phone. This will get you started. On the top left part of the app page, you can click here and sign up as a driver. You will be required to key in all the necessary details required. 


Secondly, Carvertise:

With Carvertise, things are much more relaxed. Immediately you access the page, you will come across the drivers tab. Click on it and fill in the relevant details. The parts highlighted in red are the most crucial. The tabs at the top provide information to drivers, brands, the company, and the latest press releases.  You can also access all their social channels from the homepage.

On both websites, they cover a great deal of detail and it’s all easily located.  The payment procedure and plan are some of the things that any user will first look at before considering much of the details, and everything you need to know is on the page. There doesn’t seem much hidden and both go into a lot of details, which is great.

Since most people tend to get the information they need about a particular venture on social media, these two great opportunities are readily available on the major platforms, as mentioned earlier. Case studies aided by videos on previous users who provide their experience are as well available on the platforms. This provides you with better knowledge of what you will be getting yourself into, and provides integrity to their platforms.



Requirements to join 

To join the respective ventures, you need some qualifications.

With Carvertise:

  • Drive at least 30 miles per day
  • Own at least a 2008 model car and younger,
  • The car body is impeccably clean with no dents or ruined paintings.


With Wrapify:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • No driving misconduct or criminal record
  • Own or have a leased vehicle of 2008 model and above
  • The car should be in perfect shape, especially the paintwork.


Can you drive any vehicle?

No.  Some of the unacceptable vehicles include Hummer, Volkswagen Beetle, Jeep Wrangler, commercial vans, motorcycles, motor homes, and freight vehicles. 


Where are Carvertise and Wrapify located?

Carvertise is located in several cities including Wilmington DE, where the headquarters are, New York City, NY, Los Angeles CA, Chicago IL, Dallas TX, Philadelphia PA, and Boston MA. Despite that, drivers are accepted from all over the country.

Wrapify is located in Atlanta, Dallas, Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Orange County, Orlando, San Diego (the headquarters), and San Francisco.  Drivers are accepted nationwide too.


How to join

Joining the business and standing a chance to make money is very easy after meeting all the requirements needed, with either of the two companies. You will need to log into the web page with Carvertise and sign up all the relevant information in the spaces provided. The information you give will be used to evaluate what promotions you are fit for, and then you will be contacted on further details. 

With Wrapify, you download the app from either Google Play or Apple store from your smartphone. From there, you can sign up by filling the required information, and then you will be good to go.


How to get jobs

Once you get accepted into the platforms, you can be on the lookout for ongoing or potential promotions. According to the information you give on your Carvertise application, you will be matched with a client that likes your driving habits. You will then be contacted on the details of how your car will be wrapped in the intended company’s adverts. This can be entirely or partially done on your vehicle. 



Professionally trained personnel will be available to cover your car since it can not be done by just anyone else for the sake of car safety. The same professionals will also be used to remove the wrappings after the promotion is over, usually 2 to 3 months later. There are no additional charges, and the safety of your car is assured by the professionals. Inspection of the car is also done before anything is wrapped on it to ensure that anything done to it will not cause any harm.


How much will you be paid?

The amount of money you earn depends on several factors. 

These include:

  • Whether your car is partially or fully covered, 
  • the miles you drive and specific time of your travels in the case of Wrapify. 



  • Panel wraps (just a rectangular ad) will earn you $84-$140 per month. 
  • Partial covers will earn you $ 196 -$280. 
  • Full covers will earn you $264- $452.


  • Starts from $100 a month.
  • The promotions usually run for three to six months
  • Average figure between $300 and $600, per month.


Carvertise & Wrapify Reviews

The testimonials from the people who have used Carvertise and Wrapify are quite impressive and positive. 


  • General performance is excellent 
  • Some issues fixing damages caused when removing ad decals from the car.
  • Frustrating delays in the process, but in the end, they always come through. 
  • Negative comments about paying a lower figure than the others. 


  •  Moans about the app having downtime.  Wrapify advise improvements are underway.


How will you be paid?

The payment is based on a monthly earning for the respective companies. This is expected to appear that way for the whole time you will have signed up for the task. However, you have to meet the required specifications to get paid. Carvertise pays you monthly with direct deposits into your bank account.

In the case of Wrapify, the driver is expected to have covered a specified number of miles as per the agreement. This is tracked by the app and it tracks the amount of time, location, and the number of hours you spend driving. Wrapify processes payments every other Friday and this should be in your bank account within 5 days.


Are Carvertise and Wrapify Legit?

Yes!  Both have a huge amount of public reviews and most are positive. They have been proven to work efficiently with several recorded testimonials from paid drivers.  The specified amounts are real, and there are no cases of drivers who entered into an agreement with any of the two and ended up not getting paid. They both exist under the stipulated laws of business existence in the United States with a clear track record. 

Carvertise has been in the market since 2012 to date, and it has been helping drivers turn their cars into assets from liabilities. They are in partnership with some of the major companies in the world, such as Amazon, EA Sports, and Lyft. 


Is it a scam?

No.  The offer of money to have an advert on your car is real.  However, there is a scam going about where you’ll be contacted by a con-artist pretending to work for Wrapify. They will send you a cheque for a huge amount and ask you to pay for the wrap out of it.  They’ll say to keep $500 of it. This is a scam and sadly many have been caught out by it.  

DO NOT cash this cheque as it could cost you thousands.  Be assured that neither Carvertise or Wrapify will pay you by cheque. For more details about the cheque scam, read this CBS article.



Both Carvertise and Wrapify are great side gigs and you can earn really good money consistently.  What we like is the frequency of the job offers, the household brands associated with them, and the professional look of the ad decals. Just make sure you adhere to the rules of the respective campaigns and you’ll receive full payment no problem.


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