ClickBank vs JVZoo: Which is Best 2020?

ClickBank vs JVZoo.



There is real money to be made in affiliate marketing if you put some effort into it. Sometimes, affiliate marketing is promoted as a very easy way of making money with little effort, which it is not. Other people falsely claim that there is no money in affiliate marketing; ClickBank and JVZoo are testament there is. Instead, affiliate marketing is something that one can make quite a lot of money at – if they put a fair bit of effort into it.

Affiliate marketing can be easy to do. With drop shipping sites like Shopify and affiliate marketing programs like ClickBank, it does not take any programming knowledge to sell products online. An affiliate marketer can use marketing programs such as ClickBank to create links to stores that sell products. When anyone makes a purchase, the marketer receives a cut of the profits.

It can take a while to get the ball rolling, but people can and do become rich or above average as affiliate marketers.


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The first thing you need to succeed in affiliate marketing is a product that sells. If you don’t choose suitable products, you will get little reward for your effort. You must do your research and discover what products are natural to sell online.

Not everything that sells well somewhere is easy for an affiliate marketer to sell. You will sometimes have to abandon selling one product and start selling another. Affiliate marketers also want to promote products that give them a reasonable cut of the sale. How much of the share of a sale the affiliate marketer gets varies greatly from one product to another, so you need to find products that you can sell for a reasonable commission.

Affiliate marketing is not similar to sales jobs. Succeeding at sales depends on charisma and skill at winning the trust of others. For affiliate marketing, this is less true. Your skill at writing is more important than your skill at talking!



In affiliate marketing, you need to understand the market. You must develop a strong ability to tell whether or not your audience will buy a product. Affiliate marketers are also content creators. Posting links to affiliate products all over the internet will not make you any real money. You have to be able to create a blog that people will read or a Youtube channel that people will watch to succeed in affiliate marketing.

It does not necessarily for you to have been an expert at creating exciting content, however. You can follow in the footsteps of those who have already built successful affiliate marketing blogs.


ClickBank VS Jvzoo – Reviewed

Two affiliate marketing programs that can help affiliate marketers make a good income for their effort are ClickBank and Jvzoo. Both ClickBank and Jvzoo are serious options that help many marketers make a lot of money, and both programs have advantages as disadvantages.

However, one of the two programs is better than the other in most ways. There is not a roughly equal number of advantages and disadvantages. A marketer should either use the more effective of the two or possibly use a bit of both if they are selling many different products.


ClickBank and Jvzoo: which has the best selection of products?

On ClickBank, one can find a wide variety of products for affiliate marketers to sell. Products in all niches are available. On Jvzoo, there is less variety. Jvzoo focuses on selling products related to digital marketing. Since there is a lot of money in selling digital marketing related products, Jvzoo may be worth using for some marketers.


Clickbank Marketplace


However, an affiliate marketer should use ClickBank first and Jvzoo second. You are better off with a variety of different products. ClickBank will pay you to market everything – supplements, health and fitness books, software, music lessons, photography handbooks, and so on. Jvzoo also has many different types of products, but there is not as much variety.


Do ClickBank and Jvzoo only accept quality products?

ClickBank has a reputation for only offering products that are of reasonably high quality. it will not sell just anything. Also, it has a reasonably strict vetting process that all of their products have to pass. Jvzoo is more lenient about what it sells. For this reason, you may end up losing money to customers that ask for refunds.


Both Jvzoo and ClickBank offer products that are relevant to affiliate marketers. Anyone who manages to create a big enough audience for their blog, YouTube channel, podcast, or social media account is going to want to make money from their online presence at some point.

The products offered by both ClickBank and JvZoo are easy for bloggers and YouTubers to sell. However, ClickBank also has an advantage here, because ClickBank is more likely to refuse to deal with low-quality products.


What fees do ClickBank and Jvzoo charge?

Jvzoo always charges 5% of each sale as their share. For example, if you sell a product for $60, Jvzoo will take $5. The vendor will take most of the sale, the affiliate in the middle, and Jvzoo, the smallest share.

This flat 5% may be better than what ClickBank offers. ClickBank’s more complicated pricing structure results in slightly higher fees in most cases.


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The generally lower fees are the single best thing that can be said in Jvzoo’s favor. If Jvzoo’s fees are lower, ClickBank is not one-sidedly better. ClickBank is generally more expensive to use.

With ClickBank, you might sell a product for $100 and earn a 50% commission on it. In that case, ClickBank will take 7.5% plus one dollar from the initial sale, and then let you keep 50% of the rest, with the vendor getting the other half of what is left. $100 – $7.5 – $1 = $91.5, with you and the vendor each keeping $45.75 or 50% of the commission. In this way, you will lose more money to ClickBank than to Jvzoo.


clickbank fee


You will lose more money by selling cheaper items than more expensive items on ClickBank. This is because ClickBank charges $1 in addition to 7.5% of the sale. With the additional $1 fee, you will end up losing more than 20% of your commission if you make a tiny sale.

Both ClickBank and Jvzoo make all of their money from taking a portion of each sale. There is no option to pay a monthly fee on either ClickBank or Jvzoo, nor are there any sign-up fees. All of the features on both sites are available to everyone with no extra costs.


Is it difficult to sign up for the two sites?

While ClickBank is easy enough to sign up for, people have more trouble with Jvzoo. Signing up for Jvzoo is not such a simple and straightforward process.


How quickly do you get paid with these platforms?

Affiliates can run into problems with delayed payments on both platforms. Money that you make online is not always fast money; sometimes, it can take a lot longer to get paid for work you do online. In the worst cases, it can take a few months to get paid, although payments are sometimes much quicker. With Jvzoo, some payments are instant. It is up to the vendor whether they want to pay instantly or delay payments by as much as 90 days.

If they choose to delay payments for a long time, which they often do, then there is nothing the affiliate can do about this. One can only control the length of the delay by choosing to be an affiliate for vendors that pay instantly. Being picky about what vendors you market for is usually not realistic, and you will end up with a lot of long delays on Jvzoo.


With ClickBank, payments are a lot faster. It will only take you two weeks to get paid for each sale with ClickBank. The vendor does not decide how long they want to delay payments. You will be paid once a week, with a two-week delay between sales and receiving your payment.


Does an affiliate have to deal with customer support calls?

With ClickBank, no. ClickBank receives all of the calls, and an affiliate will never have to deal with customers. While this is surely an advantage, a customer can sometimes receive a refund through ClickBank without the affiliate being able to talk to the customer about the problem.

ClickBank will quickly accept a customers’ request for a refund even if their complaint is not legitimate. However, there is not a high refund rate for an affiliate to worry about.


customer service


With Jvzoo, it is the vendor (as opposed to the affiliate or the Jvzoo company) that deals with customer support, including requests for refunds. Therefore, if you are both a vendor (with a dropshipping store) and an affiliate, you will have to deal with customer support calls yourself. Having to deal with customer support calls yourself is a hassle and is probably not worth the opportunity to talk a few customers out of refunds.

ClickBank again has an advantage here, as they do not expect you to do their customer service work for them. If you do choose to use Jvzoo for the lower fees, research the refund rate for each product you market and avoid products with high refund rates.


How easy is it to get approved to sell a product?

This is easier with ClickBank than it is with Jvzoo. With ClickBank, there is no approval process. You can immediately begin selling any product that ClickBank offers. You can directly login, choose the product you want to sell, and start selling it with an affiliate link immediately.

With Jvzoo, on the other hand, there is an approval process. With Jvzoo you need the permission of a vendor to be an affiliate for them. This is another reason why Jvzoo is too much of a hassle to use to justify its lower fees. There may be many people who want to be an affiliate for a specific vendor as well as you. It will take time for the vendor to approve all of these applications and then get to yours.


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On the bright side, it is not difficult to get vendors to accept you as an affiliate. Only a few vendors will deny your application. Easily most will approve, but not immediately. A vendor does not have anything to lose by letting you help them sell products online. Nonetheless, the easier ClickBank process is preferable to the slower Jvzoo process.

Jvzoo is a hassle to use in general.


Which site is the best of the two options?

ClickBank tends to be better as there is a superior selection of products. The excellent range of products makes it easier to make money with ClickBank than with Jvzoo. ClickBank also makes sure that the products it sells are of high quality. This way, you can truly believe in the benefits of what you are selling.

You will lose less money to customers looking for refunds on ClickBank than you will on Jvzoo. ClickBank is also easy to use; Jvzoo, on the other hand, can be a technical hassle. Jvzoo does have one large advantage over ClickBank, which is that they take a smaller cut of each sale. You can, therefore, make slightly more money selling the same number of the same product on Jvzoo.

The difference is little if you are selling more expensive products, but it is more significant if you are selling cheaper products. You might be trying to sell products that teach people how to make money online. In that case, Jvzoo might be a better idea. They have an excellent selection of products related to digital marketing. And if you can sell the same product through either program, you will make slightly more money with Jvzoo.

However, there is enough to dislike about Jvzoo that usually only slightly lower fees are not enough to make it superior to ClickBank. The long delays before you get paid are frustrating, and it is also harder to learn how to use Jvzoo. Unless you are selling very cheap items, do affiliate marketing through ClickBank instead.

You are better off with the easier but potentially less profitable of the two websites.

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