What Are The Best ClickFunnels Alternatives?

ClickFunnels Alternatives

For business owners and private entrepreneurs, ClickFunnels is not such a new thing to them. This is an online marketing engine with several digital features and templates, to help business owners assemble an automatic sales funnel and sticky landing page to any form of business.


But then, what is ClickFunnels?


builderall vs clickfunnels


This is a sales funnel builder that helps business owners to list easily, sell and also deliver what they offer. ClickFunnels, unlike conventional websites, provides essential marketing tools to help quickly customize designs using its drag and drop tool; and there is no need for coding.  As an entrepreneur, you need to keep in mind the needs of the business you’re running since there exist no one size fits all platforms. Different tools supplement each other to ensure you run a successful business.


What are the ClickFunnels alternatives?


Thrive Themes 

clickfunnels alternatives


This is a collection of different WordPress plugins joined together to function as ClickFunnels. The two are fundamentally different, but their application and results are similar. A difference between the two is that Thrive will not host the owner sites; therefore, there is a need for additional hosting service to use.

However, even with the added hosting services costs, Thrive Themes emerges a cheaper option as compared to ClickFunnels. There are also added advantages of hosting the site yourself than being under control from somewhere else. 

Besides hosting issues with Thrive Themes, it’s comparable in terms of general functionality to ClickFunnels. Even though it’s supposed to be used with WordPress, Thrive Themes focus similar to what ClickFunnels offers on paying maximum concentration to funneling with check page support and e-mails and other things. 


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When we talk about the features, Thrive Themes doesn’t have as many of them compared to ClickFunnels. However, it has a cheaper and stronger testing plan to let you understand all customers’ needs. 



Optimize Press 

clickfunnels alternatives 

This is a WordPress plugin similar to Thrive Themes. It was designed mainly to help people build sales pages, landing pages, and membership sites for WordPress. It has an innovative LiveEditor system that helps in creating custom pages and layouts. The best part of this plugin is that it allows users to create membership portals on their sites. However, in terms of interface, ClickFunnel has a much easier to use interface as compared to OptimizePress. An individual should be able to maneuver through the website alone if you decide to use OptimizePress.




clickfunnels alternatives


This tool features an easy and strong landing page builder and is similar to Unbounce. Instapage has proved its uniqueness by its heat map feature; the feature allows users to view site activities in the form of a heat map to help design the experience of customers. The reason you can prefer this tool is that it offers easy to start and learning and platform as compared to ClickFunnels. It has the simplest user interface offering easiest to learn opportunities than most landing page builders around.

However, it differs from ClickFunnels in that the bigwig builder offers several tools as compared to Instapage. ClickFunnels also integrates with several applications that many businesses might be employing. 



10-minute funnels 

clickfunnels alternatives


This is a similar landing page tool to ClickFunnel. The two have the same features, price rates, and they also serve a similar purpose. Both are also considered solid sales funnel tools equipped with many things for their users. A difference for these tools is their popularity. ClickFunnels is older and popular with a lot of legion diehards. On the other hand, 10-minute funnels are newer in the market, but it has more intuitive graphical interfaces for its users.




clickfunnels alternatives


This is considered among the best online shopping cart services to small online businesses. It has been designed focusing on an optimized and smooth checkout and cart transactions page. SamCart may lack features building interest on what you offer for sale or generating engagement, but then, it’s of benefit in different ways. Plus, it contributes to lowering the cart abandonment rates and also retaining clients already committed to purchasing from you. 

 This tool differs from ClickFunnels in terms of power. With ClickFunnels, you can create a checkout page at ease, while SamCart only allows little necessary customizations to its templates. SamCart also enables users to add upsells and downsells and order bumps, just like the bigwig, ClickFunnels. You also stand a chance to easily create coupons for what you offer to help at raising conversions.  

 However, SamCart has failed at lacking the ability to build complete sales funnels and also capturing leads. Since the product comes with a monthly subscription of $97, ClickFunnels turns a flexible option to use in this case. 




unbounce logo


It’s a landing page builder renowned by its substantial drag and drop editor feature. Users have the freedom to create unique landing pages or fully customize all features. Unlike ClickFunnels that need users to use their expensive tools, Unbounce works right with other tools and features. However, it has a few features of its own. If you decide to use this tool, a lot of different services will also be required to be used. Even though this is the case, it turns out as a cheaper option to use than ClickFunnels.  

Choosing an option to use between the two depends on different factors. Unlike ClickFunnels that has aimed at all under one roof to create a marketing funnel, Unbounce is a tool to consider testing and building high converting pages. The platform has focused on creating landing pages that convert all prospective customers into money. However, if in need of a platform to manage your entire marketing funnel, don’t hesitate to consider ClickFunnels.





It’s another WordPress plugin in the market focused on enabling people to create the best of best landing pages. As compared to Instapage and Unbounce editors, Leadpages has a little clunkier one. However, it is equipped with excellent features making it unique to other online builders. To start with, it’s designed with different editors, one for the experts and the other for newbies. This makes it a versatile option for new users. It’s a quality tool for new developers who aren’t ready to spend on expensive options but still get excellent results. 

 The builder has turned to be among the top options in the space. Recently, it made advancements introducing a new Checkout widget. With this new feature, users can directly sell their products on their pages. The downside of this builder is its limitation in scope as compared to ClickFunnels. It’s only used to build landing pages purposely to collect leads. 





This is affordable and yet advanced under one roof marketing automation tool. It has been designed equipped with marketing automation, sales funnels, email marketing, and a landing page builder. It made a step by introducing an auto funnel feature, making it a unique market builder, among others. The new feature enables developers to create step by step automated funnels to build recovering abandoning carts, automated emails, landing pages, and selling products. You will use all these to earn more money from them.

However, in case you need the ability to turn to different email marketing tools, this is not your option, consider ClickFunnels. It has a platform that integrates with several email marketing platforms as compared to GetResponse.




builderall vs clickfunnels


It’s an upcoming ambitious platform that’s trying to serve under one roof sales funnels and marketing tools. It’s a young builder with numerous advantages than the bigwig ClickFunnels offering users a complete pack of marketing tools. However, BuilderAll is held back for its inexperience in the industry and maintaining a smaller community with a relatively weaker support group. 

 This builder also has a lot of bugs, and its editor makes it difficult for developers to use. It is a worthwhile builder to check out if you’re on a lower budget, and you need builders offering results. 

Its affordability nature is what makes it an option to consider for new developers. It helps create sites for landing pages and products you’re offering customers. It’s also equipped with excellent tools for assisting users in managing their e-mail marketing and automating everything necessary. However, if you need a builder that lets you automate and manage everything in your marketing funnel, ClickFunnels is the option to consider in this case.



There exist several solutions in the market. This makes the selection of the best one a challenge to many, especially the beginners. The software you choose depends on the requirement and the quality level of work you plan to incorporate into your business. Other factors like costs, customer support, mobile device accessibility, and integrations are the best considerations to get the best solution.  

When comparing these alternatives, you should compare them using their features to get the one that will both honor budget limits and your expectations. Proper research on different existing platforms assures you settle on software with all elements you need and under your budget.

Every builder has a specific unique feature for its users; it’s upon you to get the one that fits you right.


Any Recommended Training?

Creating sales funnels can be daunting!  There’s a lot to figure out and test, and knowing what you need, or not, is a skill.  ClickBank University offers an online course so you can learn without paying a high monthly subscription fee to ClickFunnels or another.

It’s only $7 and this will upskill your knowledge so, when you are ready to sign up for a sales funnel builder, you’ll know exactly what you need.


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