Contena Review – How To Find Promising Freelance Writing Jobs Fast

Contena Review – How To Find Promising Freelance Writing Jobs Fast


Welcome to our Contena review. It’s tempting to take whatever is offered to you when you are desperate for passive income. However, it’s essential to have a background check of the website or app before investing your time or money blindly. 

Freelancing is big business and it has seen huge year-on-year growth with no signs of slowing down.  There’s are good reasons for that too.  The surge in online businesses has allowed them to outsource a lot of tasks that traditionally they would have employed people to do.  It’s much cheaper, more efficient, and versatile to source a freelancer to do a specific task for a set rate.

The great news for you is there are so many content creation websites seeking high-quality freelancers, that you’re almost spoilt for choice.

If you have been looking into Contena, we have got you covered with our in-depth review.  Remember, we are a pro side hustle site, and our review centers around how good Contena is to earn some extra cash.

Here is a Contena review to get you started!

What is Contena?

Contena is a website that helps freelance writers find writing jobs online. According to the company, the site is the best platform for budding and independent writers to find various writing jobs. The company also offers training courses for writers to enable them to write more efficiently. That is what makes the site stand out from similar websites. The platform believes that though most people joining sites tend to look for writing jobs, they need to have some basic training to be better writers.

The company was founded by Kevin Fleming, who is the company CEO to date. He is often seen giving talks on various topics, unlike most founders of scam sites. As the CEO of the company, he believes that the program is what every freelance writer needs. Unlike other similar platforms, his program trains writers and teaches them how to market themselves efficiently and even finds them writing gigs. Kevin Fleming says three is no better site than Contena. So, is the company worth your coins?

What is like?

Contena was started in 2017 by Kevin Fleming. Since the company was founded, it has developed six different modules to help writers better their craft. The modules include;

  • How to start a writing career
  • Establishing a sales funnel
  • Establishing a business foundation
  • Building an excellent portfolio
  • Creating writing samples
  • Writing the perfect pitch to get a job

If you are an established writer, you know the amount of time and effort you had to go through to get that first writing job. Writing is a very competitive space, and, although lucrative, breaking into it can be tough without a plan and direction. Coming up with perfect samples, writing the perfect pitch for a job, and building a portfolio are never simple beginners’ tasks. However, Contena helps you by offering different modules to make navigating the writing career easier for beginners and even veterans looking to improve.

How does Contena work?

The platform operates under a paid membership. Once you pay for the membership, you will get access to many resources, including the modules we have mentioned above. We will get to the pricing in our next section. 

The platform does not only offer jobs to members but also helps members navigate the world of writing and content creation. It also prepares the writers of all levels to produce content that the clients will buy and requests again.

The courses offered by the company are suitable for whatever niche of writing you are interested in. The company believes that you can make money writing about anything you want and enjoy. The platform also creates a common ground for both writers and clients. 

There are always clients that want to buy content for their blogs and websites, but they don’t know where to source quality content. The platform makes it possible for clients to meet writers and for writers to earn from their craft.

Although the course is available to every new member, it is optional to take it.  This is great because Contena is available to seasoned writers who have a lot of experience, and potential clients, that can join and begin earning straight away.  From the clients perspective, knowing they will get quality content written build trust and should mean repeat business.  It’s that repeat business that is the key to earning decent money.

There are 4 types of jobs you can apply for on Contena:

  • Contract
  • Submission
  • Full-time
  • Agency

Let’s take a deeper look into each of these.


These are higher pay rates than the others and the jobs are more consistent.  The contract would be set for the number of articles needed, word count, etc and this is perfect for writers who are part-time and don’t want a full-time job working for the same client.


Contena has recently added this and it enables publications to ask for content for a one-off project.


Some clients are looking to employ a writer to their content creation team as a freelancer.  Clicking this box brings up all the jobs available and the associated adverts.


Probably the best option for beginners as they are easiest to be chosen for, mainly because the pay rate is lower than the rest.  This is where content agencies need quick articles on an ad-hoc basis.

How to use Contena to get freelance writing jobs

Once signed up (details on how to follow) you will see a dashboard with various features you can check to sort the right writing jobs for you.  For example, filter the results by newest first, highest pay rate per word etc.

It’s unlikely you are going to want to write in every niche, we all have our passions and some things we find easier to write about than others.  With Contena you can choose which niches you want to see.  The categories are:

  • Business
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Health
  • Lifestyle
  • Real Estate
  • Sports
  • Tech, or
  • General

The highest-paid niches are generally health, wealth, and self-help but it just depends on what you are interested in or qualified in.  You can play around with the categories and see what jobs pop up, and their rates of pay.

Simply click the categories and Contena will filter all those jobs currently available and you can click through the ones you are interested in knowing more about.  Once on the job advert, Contena will notify you if they think they pay rate is too low and you can negotiate a higher rate if you wish.

Using this filter system is very simple and easy to use, you can find all the available jobs within your niche in a few seconds.  If you have even less time, you can ask Contena to email you when new jobs become available.  It’s called Contena Alerts and you set the parameters and Contena does the rest.

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How to sign up to Contena

According to Kevin Fleming, many people want to join the platform, but there are limited openings. Therefore, if you want to join, there is a waiting list. Once you sign up, you will need to wait for an email from Fleming. When you are admitted, you will enjoy access to Contena Scout, which is a tool that searches for jobs according to your ability.

You can also search for a job in the various categories. Once you find a job of your liking, you need to send your profile to the client or employer. The next step depends on the employer. If they like what they see on your profile, you will land a project to work on. The prices will vary depending on the category and the length of the article as the client usually sets the price of the article.

How much does Contena cost to join?

As we mentioned, this content company runs on a paid partnership. Contena seems to offer a great opportunity in terms of work and courses. However, the prices may not be anything to smile about. You would expect the site to be free like similar websites that offer writers work, but that’s not the case with Contena.

The platform offers different membership levels and payments plans, including;

  • Gold membership goes for $500 a year.
  • The platinum membership goes for $800 a year.

The platform currently offers only these two payment plans per year. You can pay for 5 months membership payments of $129 for the Gold membership and $199 for the Platinum membership. Although the company offers amazing opportunities to grow your skills and learn new courses, the price is still at the top, especially for beginners.

Any joining restrictions?

Apart from the price, we could not find any other restrictions on the platform.

Contena reviews

There are claims that the company’s CEO threatens people with a lawsuit when they publish something negative about the platform. According to not so happy reviews, members are also not happy about the high prices. The founder and CEO of the company also doesn’t talk about the charges and membership fees. You only get ambushed with these fees when you become a member.

Some reviews also claim that there is no waiting list rather than a newsletter slyly curated to lure people into becoming members. The site also assures members that there is a return policy. However, most members have reported that once the staff requires that you have completed all 5 levels before asking for a refund, the staff in charge also reserves the right to deny refunds.

Is Contena legit?

Yes, the platform is legit. You will find some writing jobs and writing training, which is especially good for beginners looking to advance. However, the claims that the founder threatens people with lawsuits when they post negative reviews about their experience with the site raises questions. Also, why the exaggerated price while there are similar but free options? 

There are both good and ugly things about the company. If you don’t mind spending all that money for a service you can get for free, then you can give the platform a try!

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