9 Brilliant Copywriting Techniques That Drive Traffic and Sales

9 Brilliant Copywriting Techniques That Drive Traffic and Sales.


Learning copywriting techniques is all about discovering the secrets of improving the reader’s engagement. Answering your readers’ questions, setting an appropriate tone, adding personality, drawing attention, and including visuals are a few of the writing techniques you can use to get what you want.

At least, that’s part of what you can find in the ClickBank Copywriting Guide and other copywriting courses. Do you know the feeling of warmth that comes when speaking to a close friend? You speak, he listens, asks questions, and more.  Also, you can evoke a similar feeling with online readers.

Start achieving the same effect by adopting the following least-known copywriting techniques.



  1. The Serial Position Effect

It refers to the situation in which people tend to recall words from the start and end of a list instead of the ones in the middle. A study by Indiana University shows that from a list of 20 items, participants could only remember the first and last words. By following the same technique, always write the most important information at the start and end of a blog post, sales page, or email newsletter.


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  1. Offer Exclusive Content to Make Your Readers Feel Special

Provide content that your audience won’t find elsewhere. That way, they’ll feel important and start appreciating you more. How do you feel when someone shares with you exclusive content that has never been shared with anyone else? Special, right?

Exclusive content may come in diverse forms: e-books for email subscribers, a webinar only for those who sign up, news from an industry event turned into a blog post.


  1. Use Powerful Keywords, Such as Now, Free, and New

A crucial copywriting technique is to use powerful keywords in the content. The use of persuasive words is known to create a stronger impact than other words. When having a face to face conversation, you can use body language and intonations to make a point. But in writing, that can be difficult. That’s why you should use powerful words, such as:

  • Ridiculous for stupid
  • Delightful for nice
  • Entertaining for funny
  • Magnificent for beautiful

Words such as now, free, new, because, you, and instantly are scientifically proved to have a strong impact on an audience.


  1. Use the FOMO Technique

FOMO stands for fear of missing out. To take advantage of this copywriting technique, you use information such as discounts, limited offers and exclusive events to prompt readers to take action.


fear of missing out



The technique works effectively for millennials. Eventbrite carried out a study of 2100 people (507 of them were 18 to 34 years). The results from this study showed that 69 percent of millennials fear missing out, particularly when it comes to social events. This writing technique works pretty well when you want to sell experiences through a blog post or newsletter when selling something such as a personalized balloon ride, meeting influencers at a workshop, attending a festival to listen to your best singers, and more.




  1. Add Emotions, Main Keyword, and Promise in Your Headlines

Headlines determine whether people will open and read your content. You’ll need a headline for nearly everything, including a news article, blog post, SlideShare presentation, infographic, e-book, webinar, or ad. About 80 percent of all readers don’t read past the headline, which leaves almost 20 percent of them to read the content.

But before you get the content in front of the audience, you need to at least ensure it displays in search engines. To increase the open rate, you should write clickbait titles.

To create viral headlines, combine the following five elements:

  • Use numbers – Odd numbers such as 3, 7, 13 tend to work well.
  • Adjective – You can create powerful emotions using unique adjectives. Examples include stunning, brilliant, dazzling, smart, atrocious, and bizarre.
  • Keyword – Include a short phrase, which tells the reader what your content is all about.
  • Rational – Use terms that provide added value, such as secrets, reasons, tips, and hacks.
  • Promise – Include a promise in your headline to make it more engaging and worth clicking on.

Combining these five elements can result in a headline such as “7 Brilliant Instagram Marketing Hacks To Get You More Leads” with “Instagram marketing hacks” as the keyword.


copywriting techniques


  1. Use a Persona-Driven Content Strategy

It’s important to understand your readers before you start writing. You should study your audience to know their likes, dislikes, type of content they enjoy, habits, the time of the day they like going online, their location, and other related demographic interests.


  1. Keep an Eye on Industry Trends

As a copywriter, you need to follow industry trends so you can share fresh content with your audience. The best way to achieve that is by keeping an eye on the news in your industry. You can start by subscribing to various news websites and experts in your niche, watching Google Trends reading industry publications, creating a Twitter list of various influencers who post hot news as soon as they happen, and following trending hashtags regarding your readers’ interests.


copywriting techniques


These are just some of the ways to learn about the latest trends in your space. After gathering relevant information, you should write about the trending topic so your blog post comes out as newsworthy.


  1. Long Copy

Writing long copy is premised on the fact that “the more you write, the more you sell.” Ads texts with lots of facts and benefits usually convert well.


Because unlike having a face-to-face conversation with the salesperson, you only have one chance to convert the reader through a written ad. If you bring the information in front of your readers, you’ve got to put everything on the table.

Take Google Analytics, for example.

Each page has facts and benefits, as the proposition isn’t easy – prospects are going to ask tons of questions. So, you better know most of those questions and pack the answers in your copy. Alternatively, you can follow another content marketing rule that doesn’t require you to provide all the facts and benefits at first.

You can use an email autoresponder to leak parts of your information over a couple of weeks instead. That way, you’ll be turning long copy into several short, easy-to-digest snippets.


  1. Inject Some Credibility into Your Content

There’s nothing wrong with writing your own opinion and providing great advice, but will it sound credible? Do people trust you?

To build credibility:

  • Cite sources: search for industry experts and sources to help back up your claim
  • Name awards and innovations: If the context requires such references, include them, as they prove your success.
  • Provide independent survey results: You can run a small survey and use the data to strengthen your arguments.
  • Get some press: Strive to be newsworthy by appearing in business and news publications. This will make you authoritative in the field.



The internet keeps changing, and to draw the attention of people to your website, you need to employ the above copywriting techniques. That’s how you’ll keep them interested in your business and offerings. Learn more copywriting techniques that work by checking out the ClickBank Copywriting Guide.

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