Honest Dabbl Review (What No One Tells You)


What is Dabbl?

Dabbl is a mobile application that allows users to interact with different companies and brands. It was founded in 2014 under Adjoy Inc, with its headquarters in Tampa, Florida, and San Francisco, California. 

This app has grown over time, attracting serious investors such as BBH and John Spiers. It recognizes thousands of brands giving users a huge catalog and a chance to make money by running a few errands and completing given tasks. 

The parent company, Adjoy Inc., was a household name dealing with mobile advertising, media delivery, loyalty marketing, and digital advertising. It later changed to Dabbl in December 2017 and changed everything to be under this application’s site. 

How to sign up to Dabbl

To be a member of this platform, you will have to download their app, which is available for Android and iOS users free of charge. Once you have downloaded the app, you will see a Welcome screen and a mini-tutorial

It would be best if you swiped through the tutorial to know what the app is about and then click “Get Started’’. The app will ask you to key in your phone number and your birthday. Keep in mind that you have to be 13 years to use this application. 

A screen will pop up asking you to confirm the phone number, after which a 4-digit confirmation text will be sent to your phone. You should key in this number in the Dabbl screen and grant the app permission to use your location or enter your zip code. 

You will find your profile screen at the top left of your app once you have signed up, where you should fill out your personal information. Ensure that you key in your first and last names and even email addresses. 

Depending on what you want, you can choose to get notifications or choose your location of choice. You can also upload your profile picture if you like. 


How does the Dabbl app perform? 

This app has a straightforward user interface. You will see the user dashboard once you open the app. Your profile picture or a blank profile outline is located at the app’s top left side and the point counter on the top right area. 

When you click on the point counter, a new screen will show up uniquely detailing your earnings. Keep in mind that this counter can only go up to 5000 points, which we will explain later in our discussion. 

Under the point wheel are three sections, which are Dabbl points, number of referrals, and Lifetime Points. The main screen will show you several titles that you can scroll through should you want to navigate the app. 

How Dabbl works

Like other get-paid-to sites, Dabbl earns advertisement revenue from its partners to conduct market research to target their customers. The app uses the data obtained from the surveys and ad viewership to generate useful information sought by the partners. The amount earned from these partners is shared with the users. 

How to make money using Dabbl 

This is perhaps the main part of our discussion. Dabbl is a rewards app where you will make money naturally owing to the opportunities it offers users. Even though it has several avenues for earning, you will not be allowed to choose the tasks most of the time. 

This means that you will find the available offers for the particular day when you open the app. You can get games, surveys, or videos in no particular order. You have to work with what you will get and not choose from an array of activities. 

There are several downsides to this. You will earn more when there are high-paying tasks but earn less when there are only low-paying tasks, meaning that this arrangement will indeed affect your total weekly earnings. Let us now focus on how you will make some money off this app. 

 As mentioned in the previous discussion, the app’s main screen with several titles that one can scroll through is Dabbl, Surveys, From the Web, and Extra Savings. 

The Dabbl title offers you ‘Premium experiences brought to you exclusively by Dabbl’ and has an array of short videos, giving you several ways of earning some points, such as the friend referral program. Here is a breakdown of money-making means:


This app allows you to make money by completing surveys. There is no set length as you can either land a short or a detailed survey. The app and the partner brands usually set these. You will have an easy time if you land surveys set by the app since they are often short and do not need any qualification. The only downside is that you will only earn between $0.1-$0.5. 

Keep in mind that some surveys come with screening questions that seek to establish whether you qualify for the surveys. They are normally simple questions such as your marital status, location, and sex. you will still be paid $0.1 even if you do not qualify for such surveys. 


Do you know that you can make money by just watching videos? This application has a rich catalog of short videos that one can watch for rewards. These are normally short ads and commercials offered by partner brands. You will be paid for the time you spend watching these videos. 

The videos are quite diverse, covering brand advertisement, offers, and the latest discounts. Even though this can be boring after some time, do not get shocked to come across some useful information. Each video takes around 30 seconds to 1 minute, and every ad earns you ten points. 


You can make money by trying out the different value offers that this application has. You will frequently get new offers that you can take advantage of and earn several rewards. Keep in mind that these offers are usually more lucrative than the two options that we have covered. 

You can be asked to download apps on your mobile phone or even sign up for a new website. Some offers may also require you to watch long videos and answer questions that may earn you $1 or thereabout. You will also get coupons in case you are interested in buying the products that are being advertised. Who doesn’t fancy a discount? 


This is by far the easiest way of making money off this site. It is a common feature in reward sites that run paid referral programs. You will get an individual referral link upon joining the site, which you can use to invite your friends and family. 

You earn $0.25 when someone signs up using your link, which is more than you will earn from the short surveys. However, there is a catch. You will only get this bonus when the person you referred completes at least an offer. 

The referrals are also limited, meaning that you can only invite 20 people through your link. Once you have hit this number, you will not be able to tag anybody along ever again. all in all, this app rewards you for investing your time. 

How do you get paid? 

We have looked at the several means of earning money, all of which will see that you accumulate some points. What happens after you have accumulated these points or completed the surveys? Well, this application has a different payout system from mots money-making platforms on the internet. You will be paid through a gift card, which is still limited. 

Instead of choosing different gift cards, this platform only offers $5 and $10 gift cards. You must accrue up to 5000 points, which is the highest value the point counter can record before claiming a gift card of your choice. You will then get back to zero. 

The simplest breakdown is that you receive $1 for 1000 points. Therefore, you can choose a $5 gift card to shop at Amazon, AMC Theaters, Barnes and Noble, and Best Buy. The $10 gift card works for Ulta and Spotify. There are other fourteen sites that you can also take advantage of. 

Keep in mind that for electronic gift cards, the value has to be $5 only. 

Any joining requirements?

You will need a registered US phone number. You must also be a US citizen and can only sign up if you are 3 years old. You should also have a valid email address, which will be used for notifications and the occasional reward updates. 


There are a few positive sides that users enjoy in this application. These are: 

Great user interface

Those who have used this app can attest to the catchy design and great user interface. Therefore, it is perfect for beginners who do not have to go through the pains of navigation. All the tasks are available, and therefore, you do not have to choose them from a long list. 

You will see the available tasks on the front page, allowing you to get the job done fast. 

Amazing discounts 

You will be dealing with several retail brands once you sign up for this app. this platform, therefore, exposes you to some of the best discounts you will ever land in the market. You will probably earn discount gift cards on all your purchases if you use this app correctly. 

You will also receive coupons upon completion of different tasks, which is a huge plus. You can imagine earning points and getting coupons at the same time. 

It is detailed and highly informative. 

You will never get lost while browsing through this app. This is one of the best rewards sites that any internet user can try. All the sections are well done and explained in the FAQ section. 

It also has the best layout with an easily accessible dashboard and buttons. You can confirm with the FAQ section in case you are stuck and find your way back. You will also find some of the videos that the site has to be highly informative, which is advantageous. 

Customer service

There is no bigger turnoff than poor customer service. The way an app treats user dictate how long it will operate and how successful it will become in the end. This app has a detailed FAQ section, which should help you navigate the app. 

However, if the FAQ section is not enough, there is an ever-available customer support team to help you with any query. You do not have to wait for long since users get a prompt reply and useful solutions to better their app usage. 

This sets the app apart from the competition since most reward sites take longer to reply to their queries. 


Even though this app has loads of useful and enticing features, there are several shortcomings that you should be aware of. 

No PayPal withdrawal

This is perhaps the biggest drawback of this site. Not everyone wants to receive gift cards as a form of payment. Certain scenarios call for real or tangible money. Sadly, Dabbl does not allow users to convert the points into real money but only offers gift cards and discount coupons. 

Low-income potential 

You will only earn a few dollars from the tasks this site offers. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to choose the type of projects to work on, limiting your earning. You cannot, therefore, rely on this application for your day-to-day living. 

Only allows you to cash out small amounts.

Dabbl will still frustrate you even if you are okay with receiving gift cards. This app only allows you to cash out an equivalent of $5 or $10, which cannot help you much. It also has only these two options, making it even worse. 

Dabbl online reviews 

Most users are pleased that you can get coupons and gift cards to shop in several stores just by completing a few tasks. However, a fair number are also disappointed by the lack of PayPal option. 

Is Dabbl legit? 

Yes. Dabbl is a legit site. However, you cannot rely on it for your sustenance since it has a low earning potential. 

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