Enjeo Review- Here Is What You Can Certainly Accomplish

Enjeo Review – Here Is What You Can Certainly Accomplish  


Welcome to our Enjeo review article. Do you know that you don’t have to rely on a 9-5 job for sustenance? If not, we hope you now do. The internet offers several avenues of making some good income. 

Provided that you have a phone, tablet, or a laptop, you can comfortably work from the comfort of your home. 

How do you make money off the internet? Well, several online sites are willing to pay you for your services. All you have to do is sign up, run their errands, and start earning. However, before you join one, you need to ascertain whether it is legit, a scam, or a complete waste of your time. 

In this particular article, we will take a look at enjeo, one of the most promising online money-making sites. We will furnish you with all the necessary information on how you can make money from this site and whether it is worth your time or not. 

Let’s take a look. 

What is Enjeo? 

Enjeo is a free affiliate program that pays you when you refer your friends and sell several digital products. Unfortunately, a random google search cannot give up the name of the owners, directors, board members, or even the location. 

We can safely assume that this company headquarter is located in Nevada since it is mentioned in the dispute resolution section.  This is a red flag, to be honest.   Most legitimate companies have About Us or Meet the Team sections on their website.  Not Enjeo.com.

It looks like it’s a platform to promote other peoples digital products, but there’s no marketplace facility to browse before signing up.  Another red flag!

A reputable affiliate marketplace, such as JV zoo or ClickBank, list their products you can promote before signing up.  This makes perfect sense to us as you may not be the right fit for each other, or they may not have a product you wish to promote.

With Enjeo, you have to give your details and create an account before deciding if the website is for you.  This is poor form, how do you know how much money you could make per sale?

Signing up to Enjeo

Signing up with this site is a bit detailed. You are required to fill several boxes providing personal information, which most people can find annoying. Clicking the sign-up button reveals a whole page of empty boxes, which you are required to fill. 

You will be asked to provide your full name, email, and create a password among many other basic requirements. Other critical pieces of information include your mailing address and phone number, which several people do not appreciate. 

At the bottom of the page, you will find a ‘where do we pay you section’ which asks for your bank details. Remember, whenever it is pay time, this site wires funds to your bank account, which is pretty convenient. 

What is Enjeo.com like?

The Enjeo website is pretty basic. There is nothing mind-blowing that will excite you. At the top of the dashboard, you will see your current commissions and to the left your links. You can easily track your reports and determine the amount of commission that you have made over time. The overall look and feel is not great, and the website is not as detailed as you would expect. 


How do you make money with Enjeo? 

Just like we mentioned, this is a referral and affiliate site that will make you money when you invite your friends or sell their digital products. Even before you start making money through these two, you are liable for a bonus the moment you sign up. 

There are two bonuses that you will be given; one for signing up as an affiliate and the other for bringing a customer. In total, you will pocket roughly $20. however, there is a catch. You will have to refer someone and get them to handle that for you. 

Fortunately, you do not have to stress yourself if you cannot find one as you can do this yourself by creating a new account and providing different details from the main one. You will then use your referral link that will earn you the first $10. 

To earn the last $10, you will have to pretend that you are a customer and complete one of the offers. Luckily, there are several cheap plans that you can buy for as low as $1. If you do this right, you will earn the last $10. 

Here are some of the main ways of making money from this site:

Referral program 

Enjeo has a referral program which comes into two. You can refer to affiliates or customers. If you find this confusing, know that affiliates bring other customers to buy the products. Before, you would get $10 by just bringing the affiliate along however, this changed. 

Nowadays, when you bring in an affiliate, you will earn an initial $5 bill after they sign up for their first customer. If they are still around for the next thirty days, you will earn the other $5, therefore, you will still get your $10, only that it is split into two. 

Selling Enjeo.com digital products

Enjeo allows you to earn money by bringing in customers. This is quite simple. All you have to do is share your product links after which you will be paid when someone purchases a given product or service. 

The rates are not consistent in so much as the commission percentage you will get paid for every sale. The amount you will earn depends on what the customer will buy. 

An excellent hack that might help you make some good money from this site is building your downline. The more affiliates you bring in, the more you boost your earning potential, as Enjeo will pay you some of their commissions too!

The digital products on Enjeo are provided by other 3rd-party websites, like 3gldscr.com, crscr.com, sccrsh.com, among others.  These belong to an equivalent company – Norscore inc – and it’s highly likely enjeo belongs to them also.  Unfortunately, they don’t mention it on their website but the terms & conditions are precisely the same as all the opposite websites, so it’s likely. 

There are a number of the products you’ll advertise:

Mini road assistance plan

This includes 24 hours roadside towing, although only up to five miles so make sure you breakdown on the brink of home! gas delivery, flat change etc. The standard roadside assistance stuff.  It costs $52 a year and your commission is $1.25 per sale.

Ultimate road assistance plan

For this package, you rise to three call-outs a year plus everything within the mini.  It costs $120 a year and you’ll receive a commission of $20 per sale.

Reality listing mini plan

This enables the house buyer to hunt out land listings with more accuracy than its rivals. It costs $52 a year and you’ll earn $1.25 per sale.

Public records mini plan

This enables a background check to be done on up to 10 people and is aimed toward those hiring people into new job positions.  Again, this costs $52 a year and you’ll get $1.25.

Credit monitoring plan

This will monitor 1 persons credit report and send notifications regarding new searches, account closure, etc.  Once again it costs $52 and you’ll earn $1.25 per sale.

There are other programs within the pipeline and presumably available to you once you’ve got signed up.

How much are you able to make with Enjeo? 

Well, people are making an honest income off this site. There are several social platforms that you simply can share your links and obtain people to shop for. If you build a downline of active people, you’ll always make certain that you simply will make an honest income. 

But, you’re then counting on others to earn you money.

Any joining restrictions?

Sadly, only people from the USA are eligible for this platform. It requires a USA checking account, which locks out everybody from other regions. To sign up you must be 18 years or older.

They don’t use PayPal to pay you.

Enjeo online reviews

Enjeo elicits many talks and opinions. However, one pro that stands out is the good payouts. This site has amazing incentives for affiliates and it also allows you to create your downline, which warrants you an honest income. 

However, people complain about poor product choices. Most of the products are based around insurance which may be a touch hard to market. Plus, websites like Trim automatically scour better deals without you having to try.

With Enjeo, you’ll realize that the majority of the time you’ll just be referring affiliates. 

Lastly, this site more or less functions as a pyramid scheme. You’re required to create the downline through referrals, which comes with its justifiable share of disadvantages. 

Is Enjeo legit?

Yes. Enjeo is legit. It’s a secure site which will provide you with some money. However, you’ll need to supplement the income you reap from this since it cannot sustain you wholly. 

Is there a far better method to make money online?

We believe there’s a way better and more profitable system to earn extra income which will keep you earning a reliable and sustainable income for years.  Enjeo is just an affiliate network, but you simply earn very small amounts per sale.  To earn up to $700 per sale…

…introducing ClickBank.

This is the most important marketplace of digital products within the world, and, therefore, the most respected, and where you’ll earn life-changing sums of cash per sale.  So, rather than promoting over-priced insurance off Enjeo, give people what they want and earn far more within the process. It’s all online and done from the comfort of your house.

The funny thing is that the process is pretty easy, even for newbies with no prior experience, and almost just like how you’d set about promoting a product from Enjeo.

This time though you’ve got tons of choice.  Choose a distinct segment, like computers/internet, then promote the merchandise of your choice. You’ll do that in several ways, for instance via Facebook, YouTube, or our favorite way, your website.

Take a glance at some products we found on ClickBank that are top sellers.


There are numerous to settle on and, therefore, the commission per sale is way above promoting Enjeo products will ever be; between 50-75% per sale. Check out the highest one – you’ll earn 73% commission and therefore the average earns you over $100. What percentage insurance sales is that??!

The best thing – it’s all digital-based then you don’t need to buy inventory, worry about running out of stock, or pay joining fees.  ClickBank has no joining or subscription fee. 

The best products also offer you all the tools you would like to achieve success. As an example, they’ll offer you written articles to publish online, emails to distribute to your list, sales pages, sales videos, banners, and so on. All for free! 

Enjeo doesn’t offer that!

Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion
Introducing our favorite method…

Enjeo products won’t just sell themselves, you will need a technique. An equivalent strategy is often used for ClickBank products, only you’ll be earning far more per sale.

But, this is often the challenging bit and numerous people try and fail.

Learn the proper way, from the start, and your chances of success are high.  It’s common for newbies to shovel in $1000, A DAY.  

You’re curious about the way to make money online, otherwise you wouldn’t have found this text. You would possibly be thinking ‘this is just too difficult… I’m not good at this type of thing…I’ll leave it to the gurus’.  

You can do it! 

Remember, you’d need to find out how affiliate marketing works to sell Enjeo products, so why not put some effort in and find out how to earn tons of extra money by selling Clickbank products?  It’s an equivalent method. 

What if we told you there was a training system that eliminates risk? That you simply could cut and paste a successful business?  Enjeo can’t offer that!

ClickBank University 2.0 is the best affiliate marketing training available. They created a web course so utterly brilliant you graduate with the very best chance of success.  

Remember, just follow what the experts tell you to do!

It’s so acclaimed, even John Crestani references it!  It’s the sole official course offered by ClickBank.

Clickbank University 2.0 goes at your pace and fits around your schedule.  This prevents you from feeling overwhelmed and means you learn in bite-sized pieces.

All you need to do is dedicate a little amount of your time, complete the task, and advance.  By the top of the course, you’re ready and primed to earn money.

Making money while asleep is now a true possibility.  Still got the Enjeo application open??

Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion
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