Flipsy Review – This Number 1 Recession-proof Hack Got Us Thinking!


Flipsy is an undiscovered market where several people are making a killing. It allows you to make some money by selling products such as your e-wastes, including phones and Apple products that you no longer need. There is no need to keep your gadgets on the shelves gathering dust, or worse bin them, when you can as well make some money off them. If you are an Apple enthusiast, you know how high the resale value of their products is. It is crazy!

Therefore, if you would like to make some cash, this is the right article for you. You can easily trade your old iPhone for some money. 

So, what exactly is Flipsy?

It is owned by Direct Textbooks, which has been in operation ever since 2003. This is a price comparison engine for textbooks and has been around long enough. Flipsy was, however, established in 2012. The parent company is run by Morgan, Eduard, Chris, Megan, Chris, and Luc, among other employees. 

Its main aim is to create an easy time for people to sell their stuff online. Therefore, it makes the process flawless and quite profitable by giving them several options and people who are interested in what they have to sell. 

The company deals with android phones, apple products, Samsung watches, video game consoles, and textbooks. It is mainly used by sellers who would like to know how much their items costs and buyers searching for fair prices. 


How to sign up to Flipsy

Signing up with this platform is not in any way challenging. You only need your zip code and email address to go through the first step. You will also choose whether you are a meetup store or a physical store while registering. You do not need to pay any commission or fee to join the site. 

How to make money using Flipsy

This is by far the most important part of our article. With Flipsy, you will make money by offsetting some of the devices and textbooks that you do not need anymore. Keep in mind that most people averagely upgrade their devices in a record 30 months, meaning that most people have several devices that are no longer in use lying around. 

Instead of giving them away or leaving them to get spoilt, this site offers an easier alternative for discarding them in less than an hour. The value of the phone or device will depend on its value, capacity, and condition. It has several free tools that people need to sell their devices for money. Some of the services include instant buyback, and trade-in offers from several trusted stores. You will also know the pricing thanks to their value blue book, which uses real market data to arrive at different item prices. 

You can also access price lock information where you lock an item at a high price and sell later. Therefore, the site directly connects you to buyers who will be interested in what you have to offer. You can settle a device in any condition. However, keep in mind that old commodities will settle for less. Therefore, if you are discarding your iPhone X with a broken screen, you should expect a lower resale value. 

You first need to find your device and then choose the store that you would to sell to. Keep in mind that these stores will offer you different prices for your device. Therefore, focus on a resale value that you deem fit. After settling on the store, you will fill the offer form, after which they will send you a packaging slip and a prepaid postage label depending on the shipping company. You will either receive a postage label for USPS, FedEx, or UPS, meaning that you won’t spend a cent while shipping the item. 


How much can you make on Flipsy? 

This site offers members real-time and accurate pricing for their devices and textbooks. It uses the current online sales prices to arrive at the best value for the devices. Therefore, the amount that you will make on a device or commodity will depend on the estimated price. 

Keep in mind that factors such as condition, capacity, and model of the items also affect the price. If it is an old model, be sure that it will sell at a lower price. If it is a relatively modern model, you will pocket quite a good amount. Also, your earning potential will be affected by the number of devices that you have to offer. If you have many items to discard, you will earn more. The site will show you all the companies making offers for your phone, starting from the one offering the highest amount to the lowest. Therefore, it is up to you to decide.

How do you get paid? 

Once you have packaged and shipped your phone to the store of your choice, you will be paid within two days after the store has received the order. You can either choose to be paid via Check or PayPal. 

Flipsy online reviews 

This is one of the few sites with overwhelming customer feedback. Most people applaud the site for its ease of use. It does all the work, and all you need is to settle on the right store or buyer for your items. It also gives you several options with different resale values. 

The prices offered are also comparable to or better than those in the normal world. Most people applaud the site since it allows commodity owners to sell their items quickly. You do not have to meet any costs when selling your device since the interested store takes care of the shipping fee. Overall, people are happy that this site offers the best return value for their devices, which only a few sites do. 

Is Flipsy legit? 

Yes! This is a legit site that is applauded by several people. It offers some of the best return values for phones and textbooks. Therefore, if you have some devices lying around and would like to make some quick cash, this should be your go-to site. Keep in mind that you will need a ZIP code for shipping purposes. 

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