How Clickbank Works

How Clickbank Works


Ever wondered how ClickBank works?  You may have heard about Clickbank somewhere and how you can generate income online by promoting products from this platform. The commissions that can be earned as an affiliate can reach up to 75% … a real madness!



What is Clickbank?

In principle, it is a market place for digital products. Let’s say that it is currently considered the largest market place for digital goods in the world. It is a platform where you can find courses, ebooks, membership sites, and all kinds of content that can add value to users.



How does ClickBank work?

There are mainly 2 well-defined profiles, on the one hand, there is the producer (content creator) and on the other, there is the affiliate (who is responsible for promoting the products created by the producer in exchange for a commission for each sale made).



How to create a Clickbank account

Creating an account is simple. You must complete your data and your bank details so you can receive your product or commissions.


ClickBank Marketplace

Once you have created your account you can access the list of digital products. It is divided into categories, and within each of them, you can find a large number of digital goods organized according to the metrics offered by Clickbank.


How can you make money with Clickbank?

Well as we said before there are two ways to make money, the first is to create your digital product and publish it within the market. Not only does this option allow you to forget about many technological aspects, but it also gives you the possibility of millions of affiliates promoting your product in exchange for a commission.


The second option is to become an affiliate and promote goods in exchange for a commission for the sale. Producers define a percentage per sale made from your affiliate links.


How to promote Clickbank products

To promote products as an affiliate, the first thing you have to do is enter your account and go to the market section found in the top menu of the page. As we mentioned before there you will find the different product categories. Once within the selected category, you can see the list of goods that you can promote.

You must pay attention to the metrics that Clickbank offers to be able to understand if the product you are going to promote is having good results (sales) within the market. To promote a product you just have to click on PROMOTION as indicated in the following image and the site will automatically generate your affiliate link.


Clickbank Marketplace


How much can you earn?

The answer is relative, and we would ask you how much time and effort are you thinking about investing? You can earn a lot of money or nothing, it depends on the promotional strategies you are going to apply and the type of product you are going to promote. You will find products that give very high commissions, perhaps more than 400 dollars for each sale.

But you have to assess the amount of traffic you will need to direct to the offer to generate a sale.



How Clickbank works conclusion

ClickBank is an amazing affiliate network you can use to increase your passive income.  You will be able to either promote someone else’s product or create your own. It’s one of the largest and most respected affiliate networks, payments are quick, customer service great and so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by signing up.

Just make sure you invest time in yourself.  By that, I mean in your learning.  ClickBank University is the best course as it equips you with all the knowledge and so you can begin your affiliate marketing journey more confidently.


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