How Good is ClickBank University 2.0? Review

How ClickBank University 2.0 Builds a Web Entrepreneur


Restore faith in yourself. That’s a great step in the right direction. Because, news flash, you do have what it takes. Clickbank University 2.0 has faith in you. It’s time you got the training you need to restore faith in yourself.

Clickbank University backs up its faith and passion for affiliate marketing learning with the chops it takes to grab onto the roadblocks you’ve encountered and hurtle them out of your way.



It doesn’t do this through gimmicks or bizarre methods. It gives you work from a home part-time model that you can follow in your spare time. Your weekends, your afternoons, your coffee breaks. Whatever could work for you, with your busy life, this course teaches you how to make working commitments.


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Enroll in Q/As 

Your learning path is up to you. There will be a curriculum that you can mull and ponder as long as you need to. Yet, you will be prompted to take immediate action on every lesson you are given. You can work through the program week after week, learn skills you can immediately apply, and also go back and ponder your progress.


Clickbank University

The most powerful value Clickbank University offers you is the Q/As sessions. Make time for these. These sessions pack the power punch that none of the course material will. With a live question session, you can interact with the teachers and learn directly from their mouths what you need to do to progress where you are.

Even if you don’t ask any questions, the answers to other students’ questions will empower you. This is why it is an absolute must you make time for the Q/As in this course. Take notes. Emulate other students’ questions. Go to the forum with questions that you had after the Q/A.



Take action every week 

Clickbank University has set up a platform for you to build your own sales funnel and products within their system. If you follow the exact instructions of each weekly module, you can take action in bite-sized bits. Clickbank University 2.0 is all about support from within the community. As so many web entrepreneurs go through some start-up fears, this is a powerful jumpstart.

The model takes the fear out of the approach. You won’t be tempted to procrastinate if you engage and follow-up with engagement. You have the teachers, you have your peers, you even have tech support at your disposal. Anything that will go wrong can be helped.




Weekly courses for the vendor track 

The vendor track course has 12 weeks. It stresses mindset lessons that get you in the proper headspace to start selling online. It connects you with actionable insights that let you start acting on your goals the moment the video ends.

The weeks are broken down look like this: 

Week 1: Orientation  How everything works. This week is an orientation process that familiarizes you with the various portals and modules that make up Clickbank University 2.0.



Week 2: Perfect product path. Taught via the angle of passion, marketplace, and experience.

Week 3: Create product avatar Paramount to your success, the product avatar week peels back the curtain for you and helps you view your customers as individual people. Who are they, what do they need, how does your product meet said need?

Week 4: Blueprint to success This is where you start to format and outsource everything you’ve learned so far.


Week 5: Upsell This is where you learn to maximize the value of each customer relationship. It is the equivalent of adding appetizers to a meal in the restaurant business. The purpose of this week is to teach you a hyper conversion rate.

Week 6: Sales copy for conversions This is where you learn the psychology of crafting copy that makes target customers eager to engage with and buy your products.


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Week 7: Easy VSL Video sales letters are major powderkegs for explosive web success in a video content driven market. This week teaches you how to make the easy VSL, or the video sales letter that can be done on a shoestring budget and still have a mass impact on the intended audience.

In this week can save online businesses upwards of 10K dollars per year. This week is indispensable to the success rate of program graduates.

Week 8: Finalize with Clickbank University Funnel This week is where you get your funnel at last set up through the Clickbank funnel system. This week is where the program prepares you to put real rubber to the road of the path you’re taking with the track.



Week 9: Generate real income to your Clickbank account Week 8 is, in a way, a warm-up precursor to this week. This week is where you will start seeing income in your Clickbank account if your launch goes according to plan. All the pieces are in place at this point and you are ready to take your program up by a few stories.

Week 10: Managing affiliates, joint ventures, make sales You wouldn’t expect to be ready for sales fellows this soon. Yet, by the time you reach week 10, the program puts you to the test. Clickbank will have planned it so that you can start talking to associated affiliates and start launching joint ventures at this phase. Real sales conversion is already happening at this stage in the process.

Week 11: Optimize product, split testing  At this place, you are ready to start inducing a snowball effect on your conversion rate. You can do this by using the lessons that will teach you to optimize and test the product you’ve already beta launched. Real sales are already happening regardless, and your investment is paying for itself.

This is where you get to see what your product is made of and how far you’ll be able to take it from here.



split test


Week 12: Scaling from the “finished” product. To cite Clickbank, a product is never truly “finished”. There is always the growth scale and improvement phase at this point. This week teaches you how to plan to scale and continue your product’s journey a long time after its newness launch starts to wear away in people’s minds.

This lesson group is key to ensuring that the success you found in the weeks of this course is more than a one-off.


Optimizing your mindset 

Tracks within Clickbank University will not stop by delivering these technical solutions to web-based business pain points. They will help you overcome wrong thinking. Clickbank University instructors believe there is no success in the business world without success in the thought-life.


mindset of success


Mindset gives you the training to understand your goals. Going a step further than the basic course, Clickbank challenges students to see the motives behind the action prompts. It’s not about making an indefinite amount of money.

Clickbank places value on what the money itself generates for the student. Visualizing the lifestyle change results the corresponding monetary success can bring is a massive motivator.


From the highlight real of mindset lectures

There are some key takeaways in the mindset lecture corner. They include the following lifestyle thinking changes called SMART goals.

S=Specific_Clickbank goal-setting prides itself in honing student focus. This lets what you want to the T. You’re encouraged to think beyond bags of money and G-wagons.

You’re instead coached to set your heart’s desire on obtaining a specific goal that is associated directly with the passion that shaped your product. This will be your driver all in all.

M=Measurable__A goal-setting tactic that helps the student quantify the goals set through honing specificity. Now that you know what you want, you know you need to make some new habits. Habits turn into actionable routines.


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A=Assignable_ Actionable routines are assignable. This is the part where you start delegating some of the specific plans you’ve determined are integral to reach your goal.

R=Realistic__ Assignables have to be doable. Setting insane numerical figures to your early outset progress goals will lead to an ultimate burnout.  Realism is not a dream-killer in this regard, as some belief it to be. It puts the task into perspective and lets the student realize that it’s okay to take their time on building progress because time will yield a better return.



T=Time related___ Once the student has that realistic expectation, they can solve for a deadline that has a real and lasting purpose to it. This time-related deadline gives the student some anticipation that makes the process exciting and gives some realization to the dream.

Even with a clear path toward dream realization, some students can be a little bit skeptical of their capacity. One way Clickbank University overcomes this student skepticism is through featuring highly successful guests.

Guests whose walks of life were empowered by out-of-the-box thinking.  Mindsets that turned into action which then turned into expertise.


ClickBank Expert Interviews


Expert guests deliver on pain points 

Clickbank University doesn’t profess to know everything and this is a strong suit. By recognizing that there are pain points they need educated expertise on, they bring in relevant guests. These guest speakers add massive value to the program that would be void without their presence.


Methods and success rate

Some people have questioned or outright bashed the Clickbank module motive. Lessons are unlockable, which gives the student a bite-by-bite focus on the material. This is something people have complained about. Yet, this is the primary reason why Clickbank University has success value.

Extra footage becomes available as the student completes enough time or material within the course to merit that release.


ClickBank University 2.0 Login

There’s MORE

The lecture dialogue is also informally open. Many people have complained about this without truly understanding the reasoning behind it. Open-forum Q/A webinars. Their style is the same way that business product discussions would happen during business operations.

Clickbank University lecturers are not busy-bodied professors they are business partners. They succeed when you succeed. The Q/A forum allows for popular questions to shape the future of the learning content.

That, or questions are answered there in the live mode forum, allowing for 101 student building and class building to be simultaneous.


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The takeaway 

As with any course material, what you will do with the lessons you learn in Clickbank University 2.0 is strictly up to you. Work-from-home business models may not be appealing to all personalities. They are, however, not out of reach. The lessons of Clickbank University can apply to all walks of life.

Taking action on each lesson you consume must be your takeaway. Even without selling the first product, you would glean so much from the mental-shift you experience.

You get empowered when you realize your roadblocks to success are mainly in your head. That’s when you start to smash those mental roadblocks and take on some challenges that you can do on any timeframe or budget.

It’s the can-do mentality that this course gives back to people that are the ultimate takeaway. Clickbank University makes its invested students feel as if they are superheroes. It, perhaps even subconsciously, takes the opportunity of its course program to build web entrepreneurs from the ground up.



As an entrepreneur, you could fly if you wanted to. Maybe not to the moon, but perhaps to Manhattan for your honeymoon? This is a real step in the direction of super-dreams. One day you fly to Manhattan, the next your growth has scaled so that the moon is no problem. You are a well-built house when you have Clickbank as your foundation. Keep that momentum up and nothing will be beyond your dreamscape.



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