How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything – 19 Best Ideas

Can you make money without paying anything?


How to make money online without any risk is already a fact. Just as the work is in real life, you can work from the comfort of your home with the Internet; you only need to dedicate time and effort to start generating profits. There are countless pages and methods on the web that can help you earn income. Getting fast money is not a short-term option, as these jobs usually require a lot of patience and initial effort.

Over time, you can increase your earnings even without doing as much work as you did initially.

How to make money online without paying anything

  1. Google Adsense

It is one of the most lucrative and famous advertising programs on the entire Internet. Google, a company recognized by all, has its Google Adsense program available to advertise on websites and blogs. It is easy to register to start working, it is easy to insert in your page with a simple code, and Google automatically chooses the content.

Google Adsense is made for beginners. It is easy to use and place the advertising, for every click that a user makes in the ad, it will generate money in your account. It is important to have significant user traffic to start earning money, since, with 1000 clicks per month, you can earn approximately 500 dollars.


  1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing consists of promoting companies on websites or blogs, allowing you to earn a commission for each ad or publication. The gain of the site or blog is specified when the visitor acts as the banner. For example: click, make a purchase, record, etc. The good thing about affiliate marketing is that it is a strategy that benefits both the company that implements its affiliate program and the user who promotes the company’s articles.




What is needed to make money with Affiliate Marketing is to have a website or blog with a high number of visits per month, or at least attractive enough for companies to be interested in publishing ads on it? But, it is also essential to have a well-defined target audience.


  1. Create an online course

To do an online course you will not need money, you will only need your computer and your knowledge, with this method you can generate passive income with which you will obtain greater profits. The great advantage of selling online courses is that you do not need to worry about logistics or maintenance costs.

It would help if you made a good choice of your online teaching platform.  Here’s a list of the top 10. But if you want to generate good passive income with this, it is best to invest some time to learn the exact steps you must take.




  1. Podcasting

From Podcasting, you can make a profession because there are currently online platforms that allow you to upload your podcasts and generate revenue from clicks on the audio file. You can earn money with Podcasts just like a blog, in which the contents are free, and it is through the use of advertising placed on the Podcast. Another way you can earn money is through mobile applications designed for this purpose, such as the Podcast & Radio iVoox application.

Among its advantages, it is cheaper to create a podcast than other formats, although its elaboration is more complicated.  Again, there’s a lot of help online to help you get started.


  1. Write a book

It is one of the best and most simple ways to make money online. Ebooks keep becoming more popular every day as they are more comfortable, easy to store, and cost less. It is essential to write an ebook about a topic you largely comprehend. After you finish your ebook, make sure to add it a lively cover, and then you are ready to sell it.


The best platform to sell an ebook is Amazon. Most readers buy their ebooks through the Amazon Kindle Store where writers get a generous percentage of each sale.


  1. Freelance writing

Have you thought about turning your passion for writing into your way of earning money? There are several known websites and to start you as a freelancer. They all work very similarly, but there are variations in the commissions that apply and, therefore, in your earnings. You can start by developing your site with your texts or writing to third parties, such as

In the majority, the registration is free. However, the applications are evaluated through a test, and according to their needs and your profile, they can accept or reject you. The chosen editor will charge for the work done through PayPal or transfer. Your earnings will depend on the projects you do.



  1. Youtube

If video creation is your thing get a free YouTube channel, and you may want to explore how to use it to develop marketing strategies.

There are several ways to earn money on YouTube:

  1. With the ads: By becoming a “partner,” through Google Adsense, you can place advertising on your videos to generate money.
  2. Licensing your content: you can include right in your videos to start monetizing in case your videos go viral.
  3. Product sponsorship: if you have a busy channel, companies will be interested in displaying their product through your videos, offering you benefits in exchange for your advertising.

You must have a lot of patience and dedication if you want to start earning money through this platform.



  1. Blogging

Starting to write your blog is never a bad idea, because through it, apart from being able to generate income through ads and affiliate marketing, you can sell your products, you can advertise your own company or offer services. As the author of your blog, you can write without any limitation, and obtain quite a passionate following.  The key thing is to post high-quality content, regularly; that means at least once per week.

If you’re passionate about the subject you will find it easy to find 52 articles! Answer the public is a great website to get article and topic ideas, just type in your keyword and it gives you accurate Google data on what searches are being made.  Easy!


  1. Freelancing

Currently, a large number of platforms dedicated to hiring freelancers are known, so it is good to mention two of the best; Upwork and Fiverr. Upwork was born from the need to innovate in the market of freelancer and freelancers, bringing us a mobile internal messaging app, faster processing, real-time chats, better search algorithms, a new design that is easier and simpler to handle, where clients and companies offer jobs with a variety of available rates.



Fiverr, unlike Upwork and other freelancing pages, provides greater tools and protection to sellers, and works in reverse: the self-employed are those who expose their services to be purchased by customers. Earnings will depend on the availability of jobs, as these are scarce at first. You can get more than 50 dollars a week once you’re well established.


  1. Microjobs

It is a paid job that can be completed in small blocks of time, and it can be completed in minutes, even in blocks of a couple of hours. It often includes the execution of digital tasks, such as transcribing audio files, editing product databases, or feeding databases necessary for the operation of artificial intelligence.

There are many places where notices of micro-job offers are published, and, like everything else in life, some are very serious, and others represent a high risk where data accuracy is crucial. Examples of the best pages are Appen and Clickworker, where you can earn up to 100 dollars a day.


  1. Become a Virtual Assistant

This work is a very interesting option to earn money online from any corner of the planet. Daily work is relatively similar to that performed by a secretary in a company, but with some peculiarities that have to do with the differences between traditional jobs and online jobs. Technically, you are employed by the company but only paid for the hours you work, at the agreed hourly rate.


Often, PayPal is used to pay your salary every 2 weeks and nothing is stopping you from working for more than one company, which increases your salary! Most often, virtual assistants work from home and are freelancers.  A good employer will fully train you and provide benefits, such as annual leave.

It is essential to be consistent, maintain quality as a fundamental pillar of your work, ask for feedback from your customers and add as much value as possible to the business of the people who hire you.


  1. Data entry

Data Entry jobs are a great option to earn money from home without much experience. It consists of using a keyboard, a scanner, or other devices to enter information into a computerized system. The amount of money you will earn will also depend on how quickly you work. Most of the data entry work is done as a contractor or freelance, which offers you a flexible schedule and the possibility of working on your own.

Pages like Flexjobs, TaskRabbit, Scribie, among others, offer jobs where you can earn up to $10 per hour, everything will depend on your typing skills and tools such as Word and Excel.


matched betting


  1. Matched betting

Matched betting is a mathematical technique that generates guaranteed profits, without risks, and that has nothing to do with gambling. All it takes to make use of it is an Internet connection and spend a few minutes a day to start converting bookmakers’ bonuses into real money while making multiple bets; No matter which team wins, you will always gain.

The most interesting thing is that this capital inflow will not be a single payment, but will become a constant income as time passes, averaging $ 400 per month.


  1. Review websites and apps

If you have knowledge about what makes a website good and know fluent English, then you can opt for reviewing websites and apps. Many websites and apps platforms are not user-friendly. For that reason, they hire people to surf their site and make a few clicks on it, so you tell them what things to fix.  Having an easy to use website is an important ranking factor on Google, therefore companies are willing to pay you for your honest feedback!


  1. Get cashback when shopping

Cash-back apps are a great, easy way to save and make money online. These apps offer you some kind of rebate every time you purchase specific items. You just need to register on the app, look at the cashback offers and find those products to buy them. After you’ve done the purchase, take a picture of the receipt and claim your cashback rewards.


make money online


Among the best cash-back platforms, we can name Rakuten, Quidco, and Ibotta.


  1. Buy and sell domain names

This can be a very lucrative business, but it is necessary to do proper research to find the most required domains and therefore sell them at a higher price. Some domains are highly wanted by website owners as they are also ruled by SEO (Search Engine Optimization), meaning that some domains will naturally draw more visitors to the site, and that’s where the opportunity lies.


Older domains are especially popular too, as they will most likely have been ranked and indexed on Google and represents an easy opportunity for the new buyer. Estibot will give you 2 free valuations a day and can be a useful tool before making a purchase.

After you have bought a domain that you think you could profit from, you just have to find a place to sell it. Platforms like eBay, Flippa, or Sedo are among the most popular ones.


how to make money online


  1. Sell your photos

Make money while you travel if you are a photography expert. You can give the rights of your portfolio to any platform, that sells photos and receive a share of the sales. You don’t need to buy a top-notch SLR camera as the latest smartphones have amazing cameras that take great pictures.

Several platforms sell images rights for commercial use. Among the most popular are Adobe Stock, Fotolia, iStockPhoto, Getty Images Affiliates, Freepik, and Shutterstock. Additionally, you can make more money with a proper social media strategy to increase your portfolio exposure.  No pun intended!


  1. Play games on your phone

Among the variety of activities you can do with your smartphone, is playing games – to make money!  Apps like Mistplay offer gift cards and money for playing mobile games. These kinds of apps monitor your progress within the game and other activities, which brings benefits they will share with you afterward.  No need to feel guilty about that extra game of Candy Crush any longer!

These earnings are based on advertising, subscriptions, and collaborations.



  1. Online teaching

This is one of the online jobs that most growth has displayed in recent years. Currently, there is a high demand for English teachers

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