How To Make Money Using Analysia

Can you make money using Analysia?




Analysia is a platform that allows you to test mobile apps in exchange for payment.  There’s nothing new with the concept and there are several competitors that work in the same way. Do you know that you can easily make money testing websites? Sounds fantastic, right? 


Website testing is not a new concept, and people are already earning from it. In this article, we will look at a site that gives you money for just testing websites and providing your honest opinion. We recently reviewed similar sites and you can check out our TryMyUI, Intellizoom, WhatUsersDo, and Userlytics reviews here.

Our review of Analysia is based solely on how good of an opportunity it is to earn some cash.  Can you make money using it or is it a real let down?

Here’s what we discovered.


What is Analysia? 

Analysia is an online company that helps websites or app owners to test their websites and apps. It hires people from all walks of life to test and provide their opinions. Some of the most crucial aspects that recruits test include usability and functionality. The company pays you after completing a test, which is usually 10 to 20 minutes long. 

It was launched in 2010 and has, over the years, managed to attract several clients worldwide. Website owners find it difficult to get real data from their ideal user.  Yes, they can pay for analytics but that only tells them so much.




For instance, how many visitors a month, to what pages, and how long they spent on their site. What Analysia promises them is real feedback, in real-time.  They will hear what people are saying about their site and how they navigate their way around. This feedback is extremely valuable and allows the website owner to make improvements that would otherwise have been guesswork.

Analysia’s benefits include comparatively low pricing, easy to set up bespoke tests, great customer support, and easy updates.


What can be tested?




Their platform will allow testing on the following:

  • Website
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • iPad

The pricing is standard regardless of the device.  1 user test is $39, 3 user tests $105, and 5 user tests $150.

The client simply tells Analysia what tasks they want performed, for example, a simple product search and add to cart, and what demographic profile they want and they then allocate it to their pool of testers.


How to sign up for

Joining the Analysia community as a website tester is a smooth experience. 

There are, however, specific requirements that you need to meet:

  • The application is only open to people who are eighteen years and above.
  • You also need a laptop or desktop
  • A microphone (since not all tests can be run on the phone)

In case you are wondering why you need a microphone, the company demands that you record your tests.  Don’t worry you will not be visually filmed! After signing up, you will be required to complete your profile to increase your chances of landing a project. A test will also be provided with instructions and then forwarded for review.

If you are lucky enough, you will be part of the program. Remember to open a PayPal account, which the company uses to pay you. 


How to earn money using Analysia

This company is all about web testing, and therefore, you will only get paid by completing set tasks, as requested by the client. You have to install a software program on your laptop before completing any test on the site. 

For apps, installing the software on your phone will be necessary. In our experience, this is standard, and best, practice as they are providing you the tools to perform the task. The company e-mails you a project when you qualify for a test. The e-mail has a link, which you will click, start the recording software, and read the test instructions. 

As stated, you will need a microphone. Therefore, make sure that your receiver is in perfect condition. Tests vary in duration. Be sure, however, that they only need 10-20 minutes of your time and nothing more. 

Make sure that you complete your profile well since some tests require only specific people. Again, this is standard practice as the client will want feedback from people who are most likely to use their site in real-life. We know by now you probably want to know the number of tests this site will send you. 

Well, here is the thing. Analysia has many testers and cannot match the number of orders most of the time. You are not going to work every day. If you are lucky enough, you can handle four tests a month. Also, remember that not everybody gets a test every month, so you need an excellent profile. 

Your profile dictates the jobs you qualify for. So, please follow all the testing instructions when you get tests to increase your chances of getting projects. 


How much can you earn? 

Fortunately, these tests pay quite well. You are going to earn $10 per test. The only problem is that the number of employees does not match that of the clients, and therefore, you are limited to around four tests a month. You will make roughly $40 a month if you are lucky. 


How are you paid? 

Once your test has been approved, the company pays $10. Payment is then made via Paypal. Keep in mind, however, that the verification process might take quite long. Mostly, you have to wait for around one week. 

After the verification and approval, payment is done effortlessly. 


Are there any joining restrictions?

Fortunately, there are not as many restrictions in Analysia compared to other sites in its category. It is open to everybody, regardless of the geographical location. 

You must, however, adhere to the terms of service if you need to stay in the company. 


What are Analysia reviews like?

As with most online companies that have been around awhile, people have a bit to say about them!  




Most of the reviews about Analysia are positive. People recognize the fact that this company pays effortlessly. Once your job has been verified and approved, your money will be available. There are no complaints about delayed payments or lack of it thereof. 

Analysia is also easy to use thanks to its excellent user interface. The website is also properly designed, which is even evident from the time of signing up. The support is also great. There is free telephone support in case you have any questions about the site. 

The tests do not also take much of your time. People love the fact that they only require 10-20 minutes, or less if there are no questionnaires attached. Approvals rates are also quite high, meaning that you will not end up with thousands of rejects. The same cannot be said for their competitors!

The fact that payment is via PayPal is also a pro that we deduced from the reviews. PayPal is a universal means of payment that can be accessed easily. It is also instant, and you won’t have to wait for up to three weeks. 




From the reviews, Analysia also has some characteristics that people find quite challenging. The workflow is not that good. You are only going to have four or fewer projects a month, depending on your profile, which is pretty low. You cannot, therefore, rely on this site to support your daily life. 

Due to the scarcity of jobs, people also find the pay pretty low. The pricing would be reasonable if there were constant projects. The one-week verification and approval time is also a big turn off to some. It would have been appropriate if the projects were verified and approved in the shortest time possible. 


Is Analysia legit? 

Yes. Analysia is legit. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been around for over a decade. They pay effortlessly once your projects get approved. It is more of a side hustle scheme since jobs are pretty inconsistent. You cannot live on forty or sixty dollars a month!

If you want to make more money testing websites online, a good move would be registering with several sites of the same category. Visit their official website and sign up if you want to supplement your income. 



Analysia is free to join and operate in and so from that sense, it’s pretty good.  The only thing you’ll give up is your time. That being said, it won’t be much each month as the jobs are very few and far between!

You must fully complete your profile which will help you qualify for as many jobs as possible.  They are dished out to certain demographics, and Analysia can’t guess whether you qualify or not, so best to tell them. Making money online does not need to be difficult and done right it is very lucrative.  Much more than what web testing sites can offer you.

We recommend investing in learning how affiliate marketing works.  Not only will you earn money from the digital products you sell but you will build your online asset that’s yours. An asset that, perhaps, one day you can sell for a princely sum?  Why waste your time testing other peoples sites?  Get them to test yours! Our number 1 recommendation for training is ClickBank University.  It is incredibly detailed and has positive reviews from all the big players in the online world, many of whom are graduates from the training program.

If you invested the same time in yourself to learn from the affiliate marketing experts, as you will from testing sites on Analysia et al, there is no way you will fail!

The door is open now!


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