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Can you make money using AskWonder? Full Review!


The internet is full of opportunities, but with every opportunity comes the possibility of a scam. If you have been wondering about AskWonder, here is a full review. Making money online does not need to be complicated, in actual fact, it’s never been easier.  For us to recommend a side hustle it has to offer flexibility, consistency, and reliability.

It may not make you rich but that doesn’t matter so long as you know where you stand and how much you can make each month. is an interesting proposition and it has been on our radar to review for a while now. We have covered everything you need to know about the venture before you give it a try. 

Take a look!

What is AskWonder?

AskWonder is a research website that was created to help companies and organizations answer complex questions. 


The site offers 100% private and anonymous research that can be trusted. The company was founded in 2015 by Justin Wohlstadter, an Oxford and Harvard graduate and successful research analyst. The company based in New York City has gathered over 6000 analysts under one roof offering. These analysts provide honest and private answers to companies, individuals, and organizations for pay.

What is like?

The website has a simple yet sophisticated design. It’s very easy to use and navigate. Everything from the registration process is simple. You don’t need any prior experience in internet research or in any work from home jobs to use this website. The homepage documents they work with some huge household names, such as KPMG, WPP, and Bloomberg BETA, and so that adds a lot of trust to the first time browser.


How to sign up to AskWonder

The sign-up process is not what we would call simple if we compare it to other similar websites. The website claims a 5-minute application, but for an average person, that is far from it. The first part of the application consists of providing your personal information like your name, contacts, address, and email address. You will then be put through a multichoice quiz, which should take you 20-30 minutes depending on your speed and knowledge. 

The quiz contains everything from a simple grammatical and spelling questions and some that require critical thinking. Once you pass the first test, you will be put through a research starter course covering everything you need to know about researching AskWonder. If you don’t enjoy reading, you are not prepared for the pages and pages of statistics and research strategies coming your way!

After the research, you will be required to undergo a practice request comprising of three unpaid courses to stand the chance of working on live applications. The time frame for completing the test is 48 hours. After completing the test, you will need to wait for seven days as your request is reviewed. The sign-up process is 100% free, with no commissions or upfront costs whatsoever.

There are pros and cons to this long-winded and intense signup process.  The good news is that not everyone is good enough to join and a very stringent pass/fail application determines that. This means more work for those successful in their application.  It also adds a lot of value to AskWonder when they are pitching their services to would-be clients as they can, quite rightly, point out they only work with the very best analysts.

How to earn money with AskWonder

AskWonder is a crowdsourcing website where contractors submit questions, they would like detailed answers on, and analysts or sources are assigned the questions. The analysts are then expected to do in-depth research and provide very accurate solutions backed by statistics and references. If you’re a person who likes poking through the internet for fun, this is one venture you will enjoy.

Researchers are usually assigned a timeline of 2-4 hours, depending on the complexity of the question. The questions also vary on all the topics you can think about. askwonder

It’s really up to you to choose the one you would like to handle. If you fail to handle the assignment within the time frame given, the job will be returned to the queue for another analyst to handle. Some questions are very easy and would take you even less than an hour, while others require a lot of work. The tougher assignments pay better. Once you submit your completed assignment, a team of reviewers will go through it. You get paid for every successful task completed. You may even get a bonus!

How much can you earn with Ask Wonder?

The amount you can earn using this website varies depending on your effort in how much you manage to do in a day. The average amount paid is between $8-$35, depending on the complexity of the questions. You will see the amount paid on the task before you request it. The website claims that the analyst makes $2000 a month, but it depends on the assignments you can complete. Experienced researchers make as much as $30 per hour.

How are you paid?

The platform pays through PayPal, which is an added advantage. PayPal is one of the easiest and most convenient payment methods compared to direct deposits and gift cards. Payments are only done every fortnight. Another factor you will love about AskWonder is there is no threshold for asking for a cashout. You can withdraw any amount as long as you have a valid PayPal address linked to your profile.

Any joining restrictions?

AskWonder is very flexible with minimal restrictions. One restriction of this site is that you have to wait for two weeks to withdraw. There is, however, no minimum amount to request a payout. You are also expected to complete at least one question weekly or move to another group where you will receive different emails. You are also limited to taking one project at a time, and everything needs to be completed in one sitting. Another restriction is that the platform does not accept applications from California, Massachusetts, and New York.

AskWonder reviews – what do people say about it?

Users are very happy about the amount you can make from this platform. Payments are made on time, and the withdrawal process is very simple. It’s also not easy to get fired as you can work as little or much as you like. The catch is in the stringent sign-up process. You will be required to go through unpaid assignments and wait for a week for feedback. Some assignments are also very challenging for very little pay and time allocation.

Is AskWonder legit?

AskWonder is not a scam. The platform is rated a 3/5 and is backed with a lot of positive reviews. Users are happy about the payment they receive. You can make money from working on the assignments as long as you meet the requirements and beat the time frame given. If internet research sounds appealing to you, then you can give it a try. 

However, you need to be patient to learn the ins and outs that make the platform a good gig. It’s, however, not the easiest way of making money at home.


Askwonder is seeking to recruit a specific type of person with certain qualities that not everyone will possess. The pay is fantastic and there aren’t too many restrictions placed upon those who are selected to join.  They just want to work with the best available and have them answer at least one question a week. What springs into our minds is students!  Those who are at college and have some spare time and in need of some money could really do well using this platform. Askwonder is one of the better sites we have reviewed recently, it certainly beats a penny paying survey site! It clearly isn’t for everyone but for those who are focussed and analytical this could be a perfect match!

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