How To Make Money Using BabyQuip

Can you make money using BabyQuip?


Welcome to our BabyQuip review. Being a stay at home mom or dad with no time on their hands can seem very disheartening. The good news is there is a way for moms to make money while raising their kids. BabyQuip is the way to go for any mom or dad looking to start a prosperous business at home.

It’s also a lovely concept in that you’re helping out another young family in the same situation as you.  Traveling with young children is always difficult and knowing what to pack can be hard work.  Not to mention the anxiety thinking does the hotel have this or that!

If you have heard about BabyQuip, we have all the answers to your questions in this article. Is it safe and legit? How much can I earn? How to get started.  We’ll answer all of these, so take a look at everything you need to know about the platform!

What is BabyQuip?

BabyQuip is a baby equipment rental service. Think of it like Uber or Airbnb. The platform operates on the idea that a mom traveling does not need to get overwhelmed, packing all the stuff they need for their baby. If you have experienced the misery of packing a car seat, baby stroller, toys, a crib, and other necessitates, then you understand what we are talking about!

The site was founded in 2016 by Fran Maier, a mom,  to connect traveling parents in need of baby equipment with those who have the equipment they can rent out. The app, therefore, allows parents to travel without bringing along all of the baby equipment they need on the trip. Major headache avoided!

You can make money working as a provider to the traveling parents for a fee. The platform is a great opportunity, especially for parents who already have a lot of baby equipment just lying around.


How does BabyQuip work?

The platform is very simple to use. It was designed with the simplest layout to ensure every mom or user can get about it in a minute. You can either sign up as a provider or a client. In this article, we will focus on the provider.

Independent Quality Providers, known as QP’s, are the users (moms, dads, etc.) who rent out, deliver and set up the equipment for the travelers at their hotels, vacation rentals and homes, Airbnb’s and private residences. The platform is a link between the potential customers and you as an independent provider.


How to sign up to BabyQuip

There are very simple steps to follow to become part of the platform. Take a look!


Sign up 

The first step is to go to the official website and sign up. The process is very simple and straightforward. You will be asked some preliminary questions to see if you are a perfect match for the platform. Once your online application is accepted, you will be scheduled for an interview for more questions.

You also get to ask all the questions you may have about the platform and get conclusive, first-hand answers. Once your application is accepted, you will become part of the BabyQuip community.


Get onboard

After signing up and getting approved, you will be onboarded with comprehensive training. You will be provided with the tools you need to get started if you don’t have them. You will also be taught everything you need to know about setting up and running your baby gear rental business with the platform.

QP’s will be given highly detailed and extensive training on equipment safety, cleanliness, and customer service, so you can quickly be established as a professional and reliable resource.


Start working

The best part about this platform is you don’t have anybody bossing you around. One of the downsides of being a mom is having very little time on your hands. The platform allows you to work as much or little as you want. The platform requires that you have at least a baby crib to start working. If you don’t, you will get set up and assisted throughout until you can manage on your own.


How much can you earn with BabyQuip?

BabyQuip is one of the highest paying work-from-home gigs. QPs can make over $600 a month. Some of the highest-paid providers make as much as $5000 a month or more. The provider is allowed to keep 80% of their rental and delivery fees and 100% of the tips. The site only takes 20% of your earnings.


How are you paid?

Independent Quality Providers are paid through direct deposit into their bank accounts. The QPs are paid immediately after customers make a reservation, and when they complete their payment. Allow up to 2 days for the payment to reflect in your account.


Any restrictions?

The platform comes with several restrictions including;


  • BabyQuip is only available in major cities around the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Users who would like to make money catering to their baby equipment in small towns and cities cannot use the platform.


  • You need to pay for insurance every month. The insurance costs are mainly 5%-20% of the value of your monthly rentals. It is expensive, but it necessary as it protects you as the provider from liability.


  • The platform requires an initial investment of 100 USD to start. The fee is used to cover your administrative expenses such as getting a website, an email, and the training materials. You also need to have at least a baby crib to get started.


BabyQuip online reviews

Users are very happy with this platform, especially because of the simple sign up process and the elaborate onboarding process. You don’t need to know much about the business to start running it as guidance and training is offered. 

The platform also provides insurance for the equipment, which is crucial in such a business. The payments are also upfront and mostly before the QP delivers the baby gear.

The only complaints QPs have expressed is the high starting capital for set up costs. The fees are very high for beginners. There are also other costs like insurance and delivery, which is on the QP.


Is BabyQuip legit?

Yes, it’s 100% legit. There are a lot of positive reviews about the platform from independent quality providers and administrator reviews. The platform pays through bank transactions, and all equipment is covered by insurance. 

The best part is the QPs keeps 80% plus all the tips for excellent service. The site is a great way to make money from all that baby gear lying around your garage. However, remember that it’s only a side gig. You may not earn as much as the platform claims. We recommend the platform for anyone looking for a good side gig.


BabyQuip Cleaning

This is a new extension for BabyQuip where you can sign up as a cleaner of baby equipment, totally separate to the rental side of the business.  Of course, you can do both, and depending on your location we’d recommend it.

On average you earn up to $50 an hour cleaning someone’s baby equipment.  You will need to buy some equipment to start, such as a handheld steamer, wet and dry vacuum, and non-toxic baby-friendly cleaning products.

As with the rental side of the business, there is a joining fee of $100 which covers the onboarding and training from BabyQuip Cleaning.

You will mainly be cleaning car seats and strollers, but you could be asked to deep clean a high-chair and play equipment too.

Flexibility for both you and the client is key and so you have 3 options:

House Call

Arrange an appointment to clean the equipment at the clients location

Client drop-off/pick up

The customer drops the equipment to you and collects it within 48 hours

QP pick up/drop-off

You collect, clean, and deliver the equipment within 48 hours

For this gig, you will keep 67% off the cleaning charge, 80% of the delivery cost, and 100% of any tip.



As parents ourselves to two toddlers we highly recommend BabyQuip!  Traveling is stressful regardless of age but it’s so important to family life – new experiences, memories, catching up with distant relatives, etc.

The BabyQuip platform allows you to essentially run your own business from your home.  All training is provided and so long as you have a good reputation, and live in an area where there’s a high demand for your services, you should earn a good income.

BabyQuip seems like a company that cares about it’s QP’s and will offer full training and ongoing support to maintain the high standards it expects.  This is the number 1 baby rental business and therefore it’s a great opportunity to start your own business under their guidance.


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