How To Make Money Using Clashot

Can you make money using the Clashot app?



Calling all budding photographers!  Clashot is an app you can use to sell your pictures. The internet is the hub of opportunities for those looking to earn some extra bucks to supplement their income.

In this review, we are taking a look at the Clashot app. We are huge fans of the side-hustle movement, but the reality is most are a waste of your time and you won’t earn consistently.

For us, a side hustle has to be reliable and consistent, and not require much effort from you!  At the end of the day, this is a side-gig and the last thing you need is to spend hours earning little return.

We’ve reviewed Clashot from the perspective of how good of a money maker it is (or isn’t!).  So, here is everything you need to know about the Clashot app.


What is the Clashot app?



Making money through photography has, for the longest time, been reserved for professional photographers. Clashot has, however, revolutionized everything. 

It is a mobile application that allows you to upload photos and make money from it. All you need is to take pictures using your camera and upload it to the app to start making money. Once you have uploaded your photographs to the app, it further uploads them to the Depositphotos website. 

You get a commission each time your photos sell on Depositphotos. The app is designed for two groups – amateur and professional photographers and businesses seeking to purchase high-quality images for their websites or other media. The great thing with Clashot is the pictures are of a high standard and reasonably priced, and the purchaser can tailor the image to suit their needs.


What is Clashot like?

The app has a neat and easy to use interface. You don’t need any experience up your sleeve to understand how to operate the app. The platforms are mobile-friendly, meaning you can make money right from the palm of your hands.

It is not only about making profits but also about learning, and improving your photography skills.

Here are some options you will come across on the app;


  • Feed option– this first option allows you to browse through your friend’s feed. You can check out trending photos on Clashot for inspiration.


  • Wizard option– this option allows you to create photo albums and new reports to start earning from the app.  The feature also comes with additional edit features that prove helpful when uploading pictures.


  • Camera button– allows you to capture photos and live feeds. You can also choose pictures from your gallery on this option.


Every feature of this application can be accessed once you are logged into the mobile app.


How to sign up to Clashot

It’s effortless to get started with this app. You first need to download the application from the Apple app store, Google Play, or the official website. The registration process is also straightforward.

You will be required to provide your name, email address, and location or demographics. You can also create an account by linking your Facebook, Twitter, or google plus account to the app.


How to make money with Clashot

You can make money on the app by uploading photographs and getting paid for them. How does this work? The app requires you to have a mobile device, whether Android or iOS. Once you have logged into your account, you can use the camera feature to take photographs, edit and upload them to the photo library. 

You can also choose to upload pictures from your gallery. 


Either way, the pictures must meet these requirements to be published:

  • High-quality photos only
  • All the photographs must have a title
  • The picture must have a tagline indicating the location
  • A short description
  • Correct grammar and spelling
  • If you are uploading photographs with recognizable persons, you will need to provide signatures of the person in the picture to avoid breaching image rights.


Clashot does not approve of:

  • Small photos
  • Screenshots
  • Pictures with scenes of cruelty
  • Anything improper. 


You can, however, upload photos of food, portraits, scenery, travel, name it! You should ensure that you are uploading photos with exciting plots, news-worthy events, or art photography. Your work should be commercial to sell. Once the admin approves of the photographs in your library, they will be automatically uploaded to Depositphotos for sale. 

Depositphotos is a photobank where all approved photos are uploaded for sale. The approval time may take up to seven days before your photos can be uploaded to Depositphotos. They simply want to make sure the uploaded photos will sell and meet their criteria.

Once successfully uploaded you will be notified that it’s ready to be sold. There are often Clashot will request you to upload a certain photograph, be it food or sport, etc., as a company is seeking that type of image.  

This greatly increases your chance of earning money, so long as your image is of the required standard, of course!


How much can you earn on Clashot?

The app pays royalties of up to 44%. The quality of the photo and the story it tells will determine how much you can earn. It’s, therefore, crucial to upload high-quality images for higher earnings. This platform only sells the copyright to use the photo so you can earn multiple times, and over a long period from the same photos. The average amount is $0.44 per sale of a picture.

But, it can be way more than that if the purchaser uses an extended license, sometimes up to $50.


Are there any restrictions on using this platform?

The application offers membership to users over the age of eighteen only. You will be required to provide a valid government ID before approval. The platform also dictates minimum cash out of $50. Therefore, your earnings need to exceed that amount to be able to withdraw. 

It’s very high compared to the earnings per sale.


How are you paid?

Clashot app pays via PayPal and Skrill once you have attained the threshold cash out. The payments are processed within a week after the withdrawal request.


Clashot reviews

Users love that the app is free, and the sign-up process is very straightforward. There are no upfront fees for using the app, unlike other similar applications. Another pleasant factor about this platform is that its user-friendly. Users love that the app is a mobile application.

Several payout options are another thing that users love about the app. You can get paid via PayPal or Skrill. The active online community is also applauded for help in improving photography skills.

The high cash out threshold has, however, been frowned upon. The approval time for the photos is also a bit too long for many users. The photo also needs to meet some stringent requirements before they can be approved for sale.


Is Clashot legit?

Yes! Clashot is not a scam. With high-quality photographs with exciting and engaging subjects, there is no limit to what you can earn. You will not be required to pay anything to download and register on the application. Although the minimum cash out is very high considering the royalties, your earnings will be in your account before you know it.

The royalties are not exactly what will make you a billionaire, but it will suffice for some extra income. The app is a great platform for capturing some high-quality photos.

The Better Business Bureau has graded Depositphotos A+.




Smartphone cameras are so good that this type of opportunity is available to the masses.  In the frequent past, it was reserved only for those with a digital SLR camera and all the training on how to use it! Now you can simply point and click.

Clashot does give amateur photographers a chance to earn some money, albeit not a fortune per sale. The Clashot community is super supportive and allows you to follow others, and vice-versa.  This way you have an opportunity to self-promote your photographs, as well as learn from others.

The app is free to download and use and it won’t take up much memory on your device.  You can open an account via Facebook and Google Plus. As with any side gig like this, your income is far from guaranteed and you only get paid once the photo sells.  

The payout threshold is high and it means you will have to sell at least 114 photographs before cashing out. From a money-making perspective, this is not a realistic option for us.  There are far easier ways to earn a few extra bucks each month.

What Clashot does afford you is an opportunity to get better at photography, learn a new skill, and network with a passionate crowd.  We applaud that!


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