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Can you make money using Daily Transcription?


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Welcome to our review of Daily Transcription!  Working at home is a dream for most of us. Thankfully, in recent years there has been an increase in the number of jobs that have gone online. Amongst them are transcription and translation services. Transcription services turn audio content into text form. They are very popular amongst corporations, legal industry, healthcare industry, research, film, and others. Especially useful for data entry and record management.

Translation services are pretty self-explanatory. Turn language A into language B. In a globalized world this is a growing need, and there are a lot of jobs available. Several businesses offer this kind of service. One of the most popular is the Daily Transcription.


What is Daily Transcription?

Founded in 2005 by Jason Reeves, Daily Transcription is one of the oldest and most famous transcription and translation services in the US. With millions of hours of transcribed footage, they are an industry leader. With a small team of seven people aided by hundreds of transcriptionists and translators all over the world. They offer a vast array of services.


1. Corporate Transcription Services

After signing an NDA (no disclosure agreement) you’ll work in different corporate-related tasks. Some of these tasks include but are not limited to video conferencing, business meetings, conference calls, etc. If the corporate environment interests you, this might be an option where you can not only earn some money but also learn a lot.


2. Academic and market research transcription

You’ll transcribe focus groups, dissertations, panel discussions, seminars, or speeches. If you like listening to theories and explanations or learning about new products this might be something that interests you.


3. Legal Transcription Services

These tasks might require a special kind of transcriptionist. You’ll be listening and transcribing court proceedings, forensic evidence, witness, suspect, and victim interviews, amongst others. If you have the stomach and mental fortitude this could be a great gig for you.


4. Translation Services

This is one of three options where people outside the US can find a job with Daily Transcription. They work with different languages including, Chinese, Spanish, French, and many others. 


5. Postproduction Transcription Services

This is perhaps one of the most fun jobs offered by Daily Transcription since most of the work you’ll be doing will be for film & TV. Reality TV, Walk-and-Talk interviews, One-on-One are some examples of the kind of tasks you’ll be doing here.


6. Closed Captioning Services

Closed captioning is a system like subtitling but focused on the hearing impaired. The styles used by Daily Transcription are Roll-Up, Pop-On, and Paint-On. If you have experience doing closed captioning this might interest you. People that are not from the US may apply for a position.


7. Subtitling Transcription Services

This is the third service where none US citizens can look for an opportunity. One of the cheapest methods to broadcast video content to a foreign audience. This can be one of the most interesting jobs in Daily Transcription since you might have the opportunity to work on entertaining programs or films.

8. Audio Transcription Services

With a more generalistic approach, you’ll transcribe anything from skype conversations to podcasts. Here you might find some of the most mundane tasks Daily Transcription has to offer, but also some of the easiest to complete. This might be a fast way to make some bucks or gain experience.


9. Interpreter Services

Interpreting is one of the newest solutions Daily Transcription provides. If you are multi-lingual (including sign language) this task might interest you. However, this job is not necessarily remote. If you have skills in any of the services provided by Daily Transcription, and you are interested, you might be tempted to work with them. But wait, we have not told you the most important aspect yet.


How much will you earn with Daily Transcription?

They pay between $0.75-$0.85 per audio minute, claiming to be one of the best paying rates in the market. The amount of money you make weekly will depend on the hours you are willing/able to spend transcribing. Their top transcriptionists make $250-$950 per week.

With thousands of clients trusting in Daily Transcription, earning a decent amount of money each week may be possible for you. Also, this is a flexible job, meaning that you are in control of how many hours per week you are willing to work. 

You will be paid every week by cheque only.  If you live outside the USA or Canada they can arrange alternative methods, presumably PayPal or direct bank transfer.


What are the joining requirements?

If you have decided that you like the job and the pay is good, this might be a good time to know what you need to start working with Daily Transcription.

  • Be 18 years or older
  • You don’t need previous experience as a transcriptionist
  • Must be able to type at least 50 words per minute
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Good grammar
  • Be very responsible with your deadlines.

Depending on the job you want to apply for, you might need to be a resident of the US.


daily transcription

You also need:

  • A decent computer
  • Access to the internet
  • Transcription software (they recommend some on their site)
  • Headphones
  • Foot pedal (preferable)

It’s also a good idea to have:

  • Anti-virus software
  • Thesaurus
  • Dictionary
  • Online spelling and grammar checker (Grammarly)

Are you employed by Daily Transcription?

No.  You will be classed as an independent contractor and therefore you will be in charge of filing your taxes.  The work will be sent to you on an Adhoc basis and so you’ll be working part-time hours.  Should you earn over $600  a form 1099 Income Tax will be sent to you for completion and declaration of earnings.


How many hours can you work?

You will choose how many and what hours you work.  Some transcribers do work full-time from the jobs Daily Transcription allocates them, but that is very rare. They have been honest on their website by stating they cannot guarantee you work each week, and so you should not rely solely on this platform to earn money.


How to signup to Daily Transcription

Head over to their website and click the Careers button.

You will be asked to apply for one of three positions:

  • Transcriptionist
  • Subtitler or Captioner
  • Bilingual Spanish Transcriptionists

Fill in a Career Form and upload your resume.



Daily Transcription will ask you to take a Skills Assessment Test and a Transcription test. You must reside in the USA or Canada.  However, if you live in another country and are fluent in a second language, then you can apply.


Will Daily Transcription train you?

Yes, they will.  There is a transcription training video, style guides, and procedure document available to you.  There are a lot of experienced transcribers on their books and it is commonplace for them to help you in your early days. Daily Transcription does expect you to be proactive with your learning, so read the guidance notes they provide thoroughly.


Is there a joining fee?

No.  There are no fees when joining Daily Transcription.


How will you get transcription jobs?

Once you have been approved and passed your tests to start, you need to update your scheduler within the Daily Transcription dashboard. This tells them you are available and for how long. You will receive an email stating there is a job available and it will include basic details of the job, media content, pay, deadline, and subject. It will be up to you if you accept the job or not.

What is important is that you keep your scheduler up-to-date with your availability so you can continue to receive jobs.


Is Daily Transcription legit?

With 15 years of experience to back them up, and the endorsement of fortune 500 companies there’s no reason not to trust them. Also, you can find a lot of reviews online claiming the veracity of this company. Some acknowledge that this is one of the best paying jobs in the market.

Unless you are outside the US or Canada, they will pay you weekly by check. For some, this might be a little annoying since they must wait for the USPS to deliver their money. But it also gives more legitimacy to this company.



This seems to be a very legitimate way to earn money remotely. There are a lot of opportunities to choose from, especially if you are from the US. They have one of the best paying rates in the market and beginner level entry jobs. If you already had considered becoming a transcriptionist this may work as a starting point to gain some experience.

If you are not from the US and you speak a second language, they have interesting offers for closed-captioning and subtitling.


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