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Can you make money using Earnhoney?




Earnhoney allows you to earn some cash simply by watching videos online. You must have come across different sites marketing money-making avenues on the internet. The only problem comes when trying to determine whether a site is legitimate or not. 

In this article, we will focus on one of these platforms – Earnhoney. We are big advocates of using the internet to earn extra income, and so we have reviewed this company on the perspective of how good an opportunity it is. Sadly, there are just so many online sites that are a complete waste of your time with the only real winners being the website that harvests your data.

In our review, we focus on whether steps up to mark and will provide you with consistent cash, without having to put in much effort.

Let’s get to it…

What is Earnhoney? 

Earnhoney is an online platform founded in 2015 that offers users several avenues of creating income. You can earn by watching videos, taking surveys, participating in offers, and many more. They claim they are ranked in the top two for earning extra money but haven’t verified their source for that!

Despite that, they have been featured in some big media outlets, such as MSN, Huffington Post, and Business Insider.


How to sign up to

Signing up with this platform is relatively easy. The registration is also free. Once you visit their website, you get a tab that indicates sign up for free. 




There also exists a video tutorial of how you can earn money through the site before you sign up. Since one of the means of earning money off the site is through answering surveys, you will be required to fill your personal information. 


What is their website like?

The site’s appearance is not all that mind-blowing. Even though it is simple to toggle in between the different sections, it is not as attractive. It looks very 90’s!  For example, the About Us page is not laid out correctly and the text is down the bottom of the page.  This does not set a very good example and could easily lead to a lack of trust.

The overall feel of the site is old and dated.  It has tabs that don’t lead anywhere or aren’t relevant to what you’re clicking.  For instance, when seeking out ways to earn the Play Games text takes you nowhere and provides no information. The FAQ section was last updated on April 29th, 2015!  It looks like a section about how to pay taxes, rather than enticing you to join!!


What do you do to earn money? 

Like other sites in the same category, this platform has different ways to earn money. Here is what you have to do

Participating in surveys

Earnhoney allows you to earn money by filling out surveys. All you need to do is to share your opinions while being as honest as possible. Like other survey sites, you have to complete your profile at the time of registration, which includes your ZIP code. 

The surveys are customized depending on your profile information. This is standard across the board as the company paying for the survey only wants to hear from a certain demographic, of which you may or may not be part of.


Watching videos

Imagine getting paid for watching informative videos. Sounds fun, right? This is precisely what you get from Earnhoney and it doubles up as the most prominent way of making some money off this platform. There are different categories you can choose from, so you are going to land an exciting video that suits you best. 

Keep in mind, however, that this does not come easy. There are several steps that you have to unlock before you reach these videos. When you click the videos category, a page will pop up detailing all the rules. It does not stop there!

For you to access the video, there is a link that refers to the partner’s Facebook page offering the video. Here also lies a problem. Once you have been referred to the Facebook page, there is another link that takes you to another website where you will now watch the video. 

This is one hell of a process. 

Earnhoney has viewability circles which indicate whether everything is working out well. You will receive 0.02opTin for every video you watch. Before earning 10 cents, you have to watch fifty videos. 



This site has paid offers. You only need to settle on the right offer, and you will be sorted. Some suggestions include inviting customers to join, which offers you about 10.0 opTin points. The good news is, you also earn 10 to 15 percent for life on the referrals. 



On the side menu of this online platform, there is a section named ‘Play Games’, which has several apps. Well, here is the shocker. Instead of playing real games, you will be required to download certain apps, which are not all that rewarding. 

Some of the apps indicate the amount you will earn per day, which reaches your account through OPTins. 



Earnhoney has codes that can be redeemed for some points. They are promotion codes that are available in the site’s social media platforms. They are not posted regularly, meaning that you have to wait a long time. 


How much can you earn with Earnhoney? 

Earnhoney has several avenues that guarantee you cash. The problem is that making a sizeable income from this site is quite challenging. You will earn through OPTin points, where one OPTin has a monetary value of 10 cents. If you want to make a good income, look out for the offers provided by the site. You can earn as many as ten points from just referring to others. 


Any joining restrictions? 

Just like other sites in the same category, Earnhoney has geographical restrictions. People from different countries also have lesser opportunities as compared to US citizens. They do not specify any lower age limit.


How do you get paid? 

This is where Earnhioney towers above the other options. It has several payout methods that you can take advantage of. You will get paid via PayPal, through Amazon gift cards and debit cards. You can also donate to charity or get paid in OPTins if you are into cryptocurrency. 

To be eligible for payment, you must have at least $5. The only problem is that payment can take about two to three weeks to be processed. 


Earnhoney online reviews

There are several online reviews about Earnhoney. People love it because it is free and easy to join. It also has a low payout threshold, which is helpful. You can cash out as little as five dollars. People also recognize the several payout methods, which also includes crypto. You do not, therefore, have to confine yourself to PayPal or bank only. 

Some of the cons of online reviews include poor usability. It also offers low rewards, and therefore, to earn sizeable income, you have to do more. The chart comparison provided by the site is also faulty and might be misleading. 




The customer support is not also appealing. Whereas other companies invest in live video support, Earnhoney still has a large section with questions that will not prove helpful if you have a specific problem. The fact that you also have to wait for long before getting help is also a pretty big turnoff. 

Lastly, transactions take forever to be processed. Waiting for up to three weeks to get your money can be annoying. Other sites pay in just a few hours. 


Is Earnhoney legit? 

Yes. Earnhoney is legit. It offers users several means of making some income. This site also has several payout options that you will find worthy. 

However, if you are looking for a long-term income channel, this would be the last site you should choose. The rewards are not all promising, and even reaching the payment threshold might be challenging. 



There’s no doubt that Earnhoney will pay you for watching videos and completing surveys but a lot of them are hosted away from their site. This requires you to download a load of apps (if you want to play games) or head to a Facebook page where it will then redirect you to the video.

For us, this is way too time-consuming and unnecessary.  It is going to take you a long time to sift through the redirects before watching enough videos for the minimum payout. Earnhoney is very slow at processing payments and that tells us that you are not their main priority.  That’s a big red flag!

This space is crowded and thankfully you have so many options so why waste your time on a site like this? Earnably, Smiley360 and Grindabuck are better propositions.

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