How To Make Money Using Gamekit

Can you make money using Gamekit?




This article is all about Gamekit which claims you gain rewards by playing games and taking part in quests. It’s been on our radar for a while now as a possible decent side hustle.

The problem with a lot of these sites is they don’t reward you enough for using it.  The only winners are the platforms themselves, who make a lot of money on ads and charging companies to sign up.

We have to be honest, we were skeptical about how legit the site was as we wondered how they can run a business by paying you to play games!

We’ve taken a deep-dive into what Gamekit is all about and have written a detailed review so you can see if it’s something you’d like to sign up for. Getting accurate and unbiased information about Gamekit online can prove to be a difficult task, and nearly impossible. 

Therefore, let’s take a more in-depth look at what to expect. 

So, let’s get to it!


What is Gamekit?

You do not have to play games just because you enjoy it when you can make money and earn gifts while doing so. Gamekit not only makes gaming fun but also profitable. Or does it??

It is an online platform that was created in 2013 based in Mazowieckie, Poland. It connects gamers with gaming brands that are looking to reach new audiences. 



This site rewards points to gamers playing games from the site, completing custom quests, or even purchasing popular products. 

A player can then exchange the points for gifts or use them in contests to win giveaways. The reward system acts as an incentive, thereby creating traffic for the site.

It is paid to market to advertisers, and gamers share in these profits by winning rewards, making it a win-win situation for both the platform and players.  This is a fairly typical approach nowadays – simply put, the more visitors to the website each month the more in ad revenue it’ll generate.

It is currently only available in 15 countries, mostly in Europe and Latin America. However, it looks to expand it’s reach to North America. 

Unfortunately, gamers outside these regions cannot enjoy the privileges that come with gaming through this site yet. 

Gamektit claims to have over 15 million users who have amassed an impressive $2.2 million rewards total.

However, look behind the numbers and you’ll see the earning per user is low, around $0.15 each.  Of course, that assumes everyone has redeemed an equal amount, which won’t be the case, but it does highlight you are not going to be earning huge sums from Gamekit.


How does Gamekit work?

You can start earning points right away as soon as you have signed up. All you need to do is navigate to the “earn point” page and choose one of the various options for earning points available that will be appealing and practical to you. 

Gamekit may, at times, require you to provide proof of having completed the quest at hand before rewarding you. You can do this only by taking a screenshot to show your progress in the game. 

You’ll be rewarded with a set amount of PTS (points) and EXP. You can exchange the PTS on the “reward page” and bag yourself a gift, participate in a contest, or purchase a popular game/product using the points.

The EXP allows you to “level up” your account, enabling you to complete more tasks by restricting your eligibility for certain rewards based on the level you are at the moment.  

This is similar to how you are rewarded in real-life video games where rewards or new stuff becomes available the more progress through the game you make.

Having enough PTS to win a reward does not guarantee that you are getting it unless you have reached a certain level. Therefore, it is crucial to level up your account. 


How to sign up to




Signing up should be a straightforward process as the website is simple and clear. Once you click into the site, at the top right corner, you will get an option to either login or register. 

As a first-time user, click on Register. The site then offers you various choices for signing up, and these are using your Google account, Facebook, Steam, or using your email and creating a password. 

Don’t worry about creating the account using Facebook etc., this is the quickest way to join sites like these and your data will be safe.  You can read their detailed privacy policy here.

Here you can choose the account that you prefer best. You will then have to tick a tiny box showing that you accept the terms and conditions of, as well as Regulations for Points and the Collection of Prizes and Personal Data (having read them).

You’ll also need to confirm that you are 13 years and above, and you can then click on Create Account, having filled in all the required information and you will be good to go. 


How much can you earn on Gamekit?

As mentioned earlier, the only way to win rewards on Gamekit is by using points you garner while playing games on the site. 

It is important to note that, unlike several other gaming sites where you can redeem your points for cash, it only allows you to exchange your points for gifts or to purchase games or items equivalent to the points you have. 

Therefore, your points act like money while making purchases. The closest you can go to winning cash is bagging their Prepaid MasterCard Credit Card. The points you win will vary depending on how frequently you play and the level you are at. 

You should play more and keep leveling up your account to earn more points as some rewards are only available once you reach a certain level. You can also earn more points by taking quizzes, rating photos, watching trailers, and even completing surveys.

But, the pay to effort ratio is low and sadly, this is fairly typical of sites like this.  Let’s work out how many surveys you’ll need to complete to earn a Steam Gift Card (5,699 PTS).

It’s nearly 10 hours!  An entire workday.  Would you work for less than $1 an hour?  No. So, why do it on Gamekit?


How are you paid?

Once you sign up for Gamekit, you start earning points immediately from the “earn points” page. These points are what you consider your earnings. Once you have garnered enough points, you can navigate to the “rewards page” and exchange your points for a reward equivalent to the number of points you have.

For instance, a particular game can be 20 dollars in the site, and 5000 PTS may be an equivalent of 20 dollars. You can exchange your 5000 PTS for the game if you so desire. 

Since the site makes money by marketing its advertisers and different games, the gamers help create traffic for the site share in the profits by winning rewards. 


Any joining restrictions?

Since it is currently only available in 15 countries, mostly in Europe and Latin America, it locks out many gamers outside these regions who would also like to participate in the games and winnings. However, it looks to expand to North America shortly and other regions eventually.

Another restriction, it is only available people aged 13 plus.


Gamekit online reviews


While some people have all positive reviews to give, many others are displeased with the site and for warranted reasons. Some users say that it is excellent for those who want to purchase games but don’t have money and others even praising them for delivering on what they promised faster than predicted.



However, many users are unhappy that they redeem their points only to end up with duplicate games. 

The number of complaints on this goes a long way to show that it may not be a coincidence, and even Gamekit acknowledges this by stating they don’t offer refunds to duplicates.

Many also complain of how one may have many points only to be given an equivalent of such a small amount of money.


Is Gamekit Legit? 

Gamekit has been in the market for almost eight years now and has a high TrustPilot score of 8.4. This is a leading review site, and a high sore goes a long way to prove that it is not a scam. 

We also read some horrible reviews whereby users who were trying to redeem high-value PTS were barred from Gamekit, therefore losing their points.  This could be an honest mistake, but we read several along similar themes so it’s unlikely to be a coincidence.

Gamekit has some strange Terms and Conditions, and one concerned us.  You could face a ban for logging into your account from two IP addresses!  Imagine that, banned because you went to your dad’s or another family members and whilst there logged on.

Seems very harsh to us and not at all user friendly.

However, your experience with the site will also depend on luck as some people don’t have excellent things to say about it, and others don’t receive the games they redeem their points for. It can be a hit or miss! 




Making money online doesn’t need to be hard work, difficult, or a chore.  It should be repeatable, flexible, and consistent.

This is not what Gamekit is.

The amount of time you need to invest in the platform against the reward you get is just not worth it.  Even if you’re an avid gamer we don’t recommend this because of the duplication of rewards, and getting kicked off the website for good for being too good!

Whilst we’re not saying it’s a scam (although it’s about as close to it without being one) we would advise you to join with low expectations, and have fun. 

Please don’t join thinking you’re going to get huge rewards, or a large slice of the $2.2m reward, because you’re not.

There are several ways to earn PTS, which is a positive, but Gamekit appeals mainly to gamers and that’s certainly how they market themselves.  Without their USP of earning by playing games, they become just another junk survey site.

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