How To Make Money Using Giftloop

Can you make money using Giftloop?




Giftloop is an app that makes making money online easy and entertaining.  It sounds almost too good to be true that they’ll pay you for simple things, such as charging your phone or watching GIFs.  They claim to have paid out over $13m!

The internet is flooded with opportunities, but with the opportunities come chances of getting scammed. It’s, therefore, crucial to be careful to avoid wasting your time and resources. 

If you are here, you must have heard of Giftloop? It has become a top-rated app because it claims to help you make money and it’s 100% FREE to download and use!

In this full Giftloop review, we will dig through everything you need to know about this app before deciding to try it out. 

We will also be able to tell you whether it’s legit and whether we recommend it!

So, let’s get to it…


What is Giftloop?

Have you come across cash back apps? Giftloop is a cashback free app that pays users to perform simple tasks in exchange for coins that can later be cashed out. The app is straightforward to use and makes you money by spending a few minutes on your smartphone.

Owned and operated in the USA they claim their payouts are fast and their customer service team is on hand to help with queries or issues you have.  We like this claim because it’s already beginning to look and feel like a trustworthy venture.

All too often we review sites that have bold claims with no substance behind them.  Simply, they’re conning you to joining their platform.

With Giftloop they name and picture their team behind the app, again not something every cashback site does.  For their CEO and CMO, you can click directly through to their LinkedIn profile from the homepage.



How does Giftloop work?

Why would an app pay you to watch ads and complete micro-tasks? Well, Giftloop themselves are also paid very well when you watch those ads and perform other tasks, which is why you will be compensated to do tasks you usually do for free.

As with most websites, the more traffic they can get more money they earn.  In this case, Giftloop attracts companies seeking out feedback on their offers, ads, products, etc so they can innovate and improve.

That feedback doesn’t come for free and so they seek out companies like Giftloop, who have a ready pool of users eager to provide it.

Companies will also use Giftloop as a way of building their brand awareness.  So, if you watch their video and share it with friends, who will also share it, it gets their message out without having to pay an expensive media company.


Here are some ways you can make money from Giftloop


Charging your phone

You must be wondering how you can make money just charging your phone! The thing is, it’s not about charging! You will be paid money to watch ads as your phone charges. Most of these ads are usually 30-60 seconds long, so if you are charging for an hour, you can watch at least 60 ads.


Swipe and earn

Swipe and earn option shows you a series of pictures and GIFs you can view from your phone. Every time you swipe on a photo or GIF, you are rewarded with some coins. You may also find a video in the slide and make additional coins from it. After several swipes, you will find an ad that you will not get paid for!


Unlocking your phone

Wait, is that even possible? Yes, the app has ensured you can earn points every time you unlock your phone. The platform places ads on your lock screen, so every time you unlock your screen, you can watch the ad and earn. Remember, you will only bag the points if you interact with the ad rather than dismissing it.


Offer wall

This is a wall of offers, literally because you will find more tasks to do, like watching videos, taking surveys, completing micro-tasks, and downloading apps. All the offers differ in what you will earn, but they pay better than watching ads and swiping. The offer wall is the place you can score the most points.


Referral system

The app also has a referral system like most cashback apps. Inviting friends to join the app is a hack you can use to get to the threshold cash-out amount faster.


Usage bonus

The app also rewards you for being a consistent user. Ensure you use the app every day to earn a usage bonus at the end of the week.


How to download and use Giftloop

Getting started with Giftloop is simple. Take a look at the process you need to follow to start earning;


  • First, download the app from Google Play Store and app store and install it. The app is free, so no purchasing needed.


  • Sign up by providing your first and last name, email address, and creating a password. You will not be required to verify your email address.


  • Log in to the app, and you will be redirected to the home screen where there is a list of tasks you can complete.


  • You can click the earn button on the left of the screen, and you will be shown all the available tasks. 


How much can you earn using Giftloop?

You will receive coins every time you perform a task then you can cash out the coins for a gift card. Watching ads will earn you around five coins per ad. The more ads you watch, the more you earn, depending on how long you charge your phone.

Swiping on pictures and GIFs will earn you around 5-20 points while watching videos is worth 10-50 coins. The offer wall pays 250-10,000 coins to download apps and 100-50,000 coins to complete surveys, depending on your geography. 

Most offers range between 100-100,000 coins.

You will also get rewarded for your consistency. The app pays out 2500 coins as a weekly bonus if you use it for seven days in a row. Referring friends and family earn you 1000 coins when they sign up and 10,000 coins once they make their first 10000 coins.


How are you paid?

You cash out once you have collected at least 200,000 coins, which is equivalent to $10. The cash out method accepted is a gift card to the retailer of your choice.

You will need to choose between Target, Amazon, and other major retailers near you. You can also redeem your points in the form of free services like Spotify, iTunes, and Netflix or physical products like VR headsets.


Any joining restrictions?

The app requires you to make a minimum of 200,000 coins to cash out. Considering the rewards from every task, you need to perform many tasks to meet this restriction.


Giftloop online reviews

There are a lot of reviews of the app online and on platforms such as Reddit. Here are some we picked out;



  • There are lots of ways to earn coins.
  • The site pays out on time without any complications.
  • The app is free to use
  • You can earn gift cards to any major store or free service of your choice.
  • Very easy to use



  • Most tasks are low paying.
  • The coins for watching ads may not be rewarded immediately.
  • Does not cash out through PayPal


Is Giftloop legit?

Yes, the app is legitimate. You can make money as your phone charges as the app claims, by letting ads play. You will be compensated for that. There are also other ways this reward app pays you for micro-tasks. We marked the app as legit because it does what it says. 

The app has over 8000 real reviewers on Google Play and a 4.4 rating. Giftloop cares about its users and they comment on reviews that are less than 5 stars.  This is a nice touch as it shows they want to improve, innovate, and be the best they can be.  They don’t like unhappy customers and want to put things right.

You can also find reviews about the app on Reddit and YouTube. 

We recommend trying out this app but lower your expectations as most cashback apps pay very minimal.



There’s no doubt you can make money using Giftloop and they are not a scam.  It’s one of the better sites in this area. There are no joining or recurring fees and they don’t charge you to cash out, either.

It does offer a passive income stream as you will earn for simply charging your device and unlocking your screen, albeit the money you earn is low.

The highest earner is downloading apps.  It doesn’t take very long and the payout is decent, but just be careful you don’t slow your phone down with all the extra apps!

Giftloop will never make you rich, but you could earn enough to help pay for birthday and holiday gifts, and it looks a fun way to do it too.  So long as you use it to your advantage and focus on the higher-earning tasks, we suggest giving it a go!


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