How To Make Money Using Glyde

Can you make money using Glyde?


You don’t have to discard or give away your old phones when you can still make some cash off them. Glyde offers you a chance to trade your used devices at a reasonable price. 

This site has been in operation for quite some time, ever since its formation in 2006. A random Google search reveals that this firm was founded by Simon Rothman and has an employee projection of around 11 to 50.

Initially, this site allowed users to trade their phones, electronics, and games directly to consumers, but this has soon changed. 

When the site was acquired, the electronics and game option was scrapped, and used devices narrowed down to Apple products. 

Glyde states ‘Take the guesswork out of buying used cell phones’ but is it a decent money-making opportunity for you?

Let’s take a look at what to expect. 


How to sign up to

Like many of the options we have reviewed in the recent past, Glyde has a pretty relaxed signup process. Once you visit the website, you will get a menu tab on the top left side of your screen, which brings up several options, including My Account.



This section contains the sign-in option for members and a new customer section, where you can create your account. Alternatively, you can choose the create an account option to save you all the stress. 

The site will then ask you to fill in some personal information, including your name, email, and password. Once you have confirmed your password and filled in all the necessary fields, an activation link will be sent to your account, and you will be good to go.


What is like?

The website looks excellent. It has a good user interface with well-arranged features. 

There is a menu tab where you will get several options, such as trading in your devices, tracking your order, and protecting your device. 




You also get to see a preview of all the features that the site offers even before opening your account. It is also clear and mobile-friendly, which is a huge consideration when looking for related sites. 

They reckon they can value your phone in around 15 seconds!


How to earn money using Glyde

Glyde allows you to make some money through its buyback program, enabling users to sell their used Apple devices. 

You will sell these gadgets directly to the consumers, unlike most buyback sites. You can, therefore, sell iPads, iPhones, or related Apple devices. 

Luckily enough, this site allows you to sell the phone in any condition, meaning that you can still trade your broken iPhone without having to fix the screen. 

There also exists a distinction between phones and broken phones. Broken phones refer to any gadget with any scratch or crack or any other serious issue. 

Of course, such phones fetch a pretty lower price than the standard used device. 

To sell your device, you first have to fill out a simple questionnaire to ascertain the phone’s quality. This is also used to give you a quote. 

You will then ship your device to Glyde, which then checks it and confirms if everything is entirely in place. You will get your money in fourteen days. 


How much can you earn? 

Glyde has a quoting formula derived from the questionnaire that you are supposed to fill when initiating the sale of your used device. 

It is not a complicated formula since all you need to do is select through a given category of devices and click through the different options to describe your phone.

 These include:

  • the network
  • color
  • capacity
  • and the present condition of the phone.

You are also allowed to set your asking price based on the current market price, and whether you set it higher or lower than that falls squarely on you. 

The money you earn depends on the phone model and its current market price. You will make more for a used iPhone XR compared to a person selling his iPhone 6. 

Also, have in mind that the company takes a service fee from the asking price. You won’t necessarily earn the quoted price unless you put a higher asking price. 

An issue we found in the questionnaire you take to obtain your valuation simply doesn’t ask enough questions, or delve into enough details.

This often means you are quoted a higher price only to be disappointed when Glyde receives it and physically examines it and then gives you the actual lower quote.

Websites such as ItsWorthMore and Swappa do ask you more questions and the quoted price is much more realistic to your cell phones real value.



How are you paid? 

Things have been drastically changing ever since the conception of this site. However, one thing that remains is the pretty diverse payment options that it offers. 

You will get paid via electronic means, into your bank account from the Glyde account. 

Users can also choose to get paid through Bitcoin, which takes a relatively short duration. 

The company also used to send paper checks, which cost $2 and would arrive in 5-7 business days. We can comfortably say that things have changed for the better. 

Are there any joining restrictions?

Unfortunately, this site restricts sellers to limited brands. In the beginning, people could sell several phone brands and video games. However, this changed recently as the company mainly deals with Apple products. 

Glyde online reviews

People have different views regarding the site. While others find it useful and amazing, a sizeable number also sees a lot of flaws. 


One significant advantage that users agree on is that this site allows you to trade your device in any condition. Therefore, you can quickly get rid of your old broken iPhone 6 that you obtained years ago and earn some money off it. 

The site also has a quoting formula, which informs sellers of what to expect. Users find this useful since it saves them the stress of pricing the phones on their own. 


There are also several flaws that we have identified from online reviews.

First, most people are complaining about the site’s customer service. Users have to write an email, which takes days or even go unanswered. One would expect live chat support in a company of its nature. 

Also, this site takes a significant cut, which users can easily avoid if they choose to sell the iPhones directly to buyers. This is even worse if your phone was in poor condition. 

Is Glyde legit? 

Yes. Glyde is a legit site that has existed for over a decade. Therefore, you can choose to trade your used devices instead of leaving them lying around and gathering dust for no reason. You can also sell your phone in any condition, which is a big advantage. 

The Better Business Bureau has graded Glyde an F, which is terrible.  This is mainly due to the high number of complaints received from customers.



Glyde allows you to sell your old Apple products via their website.  However, there are some issues with the quotation system and the final selling price.

They don’t ask enough questions to properly value your device and so it could lead to disappointment when they value it a lot lower having physically examined it.

Glyde will also take a large chunk of the money as their arrangement fee!

You can make money using Glyde, but of course, it’s limited to the number of devices you have available to sell and their condition.

Our recommendation would be to use Swappa as this enables you to liaise directly with the buyer.  If you feel uncomfortable valuing your device you can use MaxBack, ItsWorthMore, and TheWhizCells to obtain an accurate comparison.

That way you should be more confident that you’re not shortchanging yourself, or conversely ripping the buyer off.

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