How To Make Money Using KeepMeClub

Can you make money using KeepMeClub?




The internet offers users several means of making and saving money. You don’t have to try twice as hard to make ends meet if you earn a meager income. In this review, we will offer you a formidable solution- KeepMeClub. 

Now, we’re guessing you’re not overly familiar with it but you are with Amazon?  That’s exactly what KeepMeClub is used for – buying stuff off Amazon at vastly reduced prices, and we mean HUGE discounts.

This has obvious advantages for the buyer, but also for the seller of the discounted product, which could be you, and we’ll fully explain this in more detail.

So, here’s our full review.

What is KeepMeClub?

KeepMeClub was founded in 2017 and has, over the years, managed to serve several users and has built a large following on Social Media.

This site serves Amazon lovers who would like to get coupons and rebates. It, therefore, offers you an opportunity to obtain goods freely.

This site is pretty similar to RebateKey and Jump Send in that it offers both coupons and rebates. You can use the discounts to process your payment from your Amazon account.

This is where sites like KeepMeClub build trust with their users very quickly, as they are simply offering products you would normally purchase on Amazon but at a huge discount.

It’s likely the site wouldn’t be as popular if KeepMeClub was also the seller of the product. To be frank, it would look too good to be true!  But, Amazon is fulfilling the order with KeepMeClub simply the advertiser of the deal.


How to sign up for KeepMeClub




Being a member of KeepMeClub is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is visit their official website and complete the signup process. 

You are only required to provide your email and wait for a couple of minutes, and can then begin your coupons and rebate journey once all this is done. You don’t require any credit card or payment option as the purchase is done through your Amazon account, just like any other Prime purchase.


What is like? 

The website has an excellent user interface that you will appreciate. It is pretty clean and straightforward, which will give you a comfortable time browsing through. 

When you visit the page for the first time, you will get a bit of information about how the site works and how you can quickly get your coupons. 

There also exists a great blue background color that makes the overall appearance of the site beautiful and it looks professional.

Another great aspect of the site is that it’s mobile-friendly.


Making money with KeepMeClub 

There are essentially two ways to make money with KeepMeClub.  Firstly, as a buyer of the discounted item and secondly, as the brand offering the discount.


You can start earning the moment you sign up with the service and have your account setup. The site sends daily product offerings into your email inbox, where you can then pick any of the deals that you would like to claim. 

In short, this is where you receive an offer. After spotting a deal that excites you, you only need to click within the email and receive your coupon code. You can now head to Amazon and purchase the discounted product by adding it to your shopping cart and entering the coupon code.

The product is then dispatched to you in the normal way.




If a brand selling physical products is not selling on Amazon, then they are simply missing out on a ton of sales.  The sales stats are mind-boggling!

So many American adults now have an Amazon Prime account with a high percentage buying at least one item A DAY.

Where sites like KeepMeClub are useful is during the initial product launch on Amazon.  Nearly every sale occurs on page 1 of any search term and it’s cut-throat to get your product displayed there.  

By offering such a huge discount via a coupon code is practically guaranteeing sales and so the Amazon algorithm thinks this is a popular product, it needs to be shown higher up the rankings.

Get enough sales over a 7 – 10 day period and it should be on page 1.  From there the product will revert to its full sales price and because it’s on page 1 it should sell.

This process is now seen as the cheapest, and quickest, method of launching a new product on Amazon and that’s why brands entertain it.

It’s way better than throwing money at Pay Per Click advertising.

If you are interested in launching products using the Amazon FBA model, then definitely research how the coupon codes work as it can be very lucrative.


How much can you make?

Unfortunately, KeepMeClub is not the ideal site if you are expecting super amazing deals. There are not many deals available on other websites of the same category, such as Rebatekey. 

You are likely going to end up disappointed if you expect a lot. KeepMeClub does not pay you hard cash, you will get a coupon option which helps you save money when buying an item on Amazon.

The rebates, on the other hand, takes roughly one week to process payments. You can, therefore, establish that you won’t make or save much from this site.


Any joining restrictions?

Unfortunately, all the coupons and gift cards you will earn from this site are restricted to Amazon products. You don’t, therefore, have the liberty to shop in a place of your choice, which can be pretty disappointing.

KeepMeClub online reviews

There are so many reviews about this site. 




Several people applaud it for its fantastic website that has an excellent user interface. You can be sure that you won’t have a hard time using it for your coupon and rebates. 

The coupon can also be used to buy several Amazon goods, which is pretty useful. You can, therefore, get discounts from top Amazon brands that sell relatively expensively. Users also love the fantastic sign in and joining process, which only needs your e-mail. 

You don’t have to confirm your device and provide your phone number and location access.




There are also several negative reviews and feedback from customers. First, this site is not as lucrative as compared to others, which is a significant disadvantage. 

You cannot, therefore, rely on the coupons and rebates for your monthly purchases. Lastly, the fact that you can only get goods from Amazon is quite frustrating. It does not give a chance to shop in your best or most preferred online shopping stores. Having no choice doesn’t sound like a good thing.

Is KeepMeClub legit?

Yes. Keepmeclub is a legit site. The only downside is that it is not as lucrative. However, if you don’t mind random irregular coupons for your in-house purchases, you can join the site. It is not a scam. 


KeepMeClub is a good way of saving some money if you have an Amazon Prime account and the right deal comes up.

That part is a bit of a lottery.  Unlike other similar sites, there aren’t so many deals to be had and that’s a shame.  However, RebateKey and Jump Send are free to join and so it would be worth taking a look and seeing if there are items you want.

From a sellers perspective, it is ok but not as good as other sites, mainly because there aren’t the number of coupons available and so the customer base is going to be limited.

We recommend RebateKey for sellers who are launching a new product on Amazon.


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