How To Make Money Using LIFE Leadership

Can you make money using LIFE Leadership?

life leadership

You don’t have to sit in an office from 9 to 5 to make some quick income. Several online sites allow users to make money when they offer a range of services. One of these is LIFE Leadership, a platform that focuses on personal development. 

LIFE leadership is an unusual network marketing company since it includes fields such as financial literacy and leadership, which generally points towards taking control of your life.

However, it is not so different from the other sites in its league, focusing on skincare and other products, for example. 

Self-development and personal drive to achieve your goals and dreams is actually what this website is about.  LIFE Leadership claims they have the products to help you get there, but to be relevant the products have to be good, respected, and work.

This review is all about whether you can sign up and make some money on the side from their app.  For a side hustle to be recommended we want it to be flexible, consistent, and reliable.

We don’t want you to spend hour upon hour on something that is simply going to pay you very little.  Sadly, there are so many websites like that.

So how does LIFE Leadership compare?



What is LIFE Leadership?

This site was founded in November 2011 by seven entrepreneurs and has over the years strived to better its offers and services. 

Their slogan is ‘Have fun, make money, make a difference’ which sounds amazing.

Let us look at what this site has in store if you are looking for a means of raking in some income. 


What is like? 

LIFE Leadership has a professional and high-quality website. You can, therefore, be sure that you will be interested in the products. 

The current version of the site looks clean and highly appealing, which is an essential factor of consideration. At first glance, users will not get a horde of information – it has a minimalistic appeal.  We often find sites that try and get their message across on one page, and it gets confusing and lost.

The website is divided into different categories, such as:

  • Virtual Rewards
  • Coupons
  • Security
  • Financial Literacy
  • and Compensation

 Which, again, all contain limited information. 

There is a 5-minute video presentation that explains the benefits of signing up and how their Super App works.


How to join LIFE Leadership

Signing up for this service can be quite frustrating. You must verify your device and your location before you get enrolled and see what the app offers. 

You will need a phone number and allow the site to access your location. 


life leadership


Making money with LIFE Leadership

Before delving into how you can make money off LIFE Leadership, we need to discuss all the products and services that this site offers. 

There are three product categories, which are:

  • financial
  • professional
  • and personal development. 

You can easily make money from products, among other means. First, LIFE Leadership is a cashback app, which gives you back some money when you make a purchase. 

Therefore, you will receive cash rewards on everyday purchases as you learn financial literacy that will help you survive any economy.

The app provides various tools such as eBooks, which you can use to learn financial literacy and discipline. 

Users also get coupons, virtual rewards, and Groupon, which are all income-earning avenues. You will receive emails about different promotions the moment you register with the site. This includes the Total Personal Development monthly subscription, which costs roughly $50 and contains several LIFE Leadership products. 


Best 2 ways to earn money with LIFE Leadership!

The full LIFE Leadership compensation plan can be found here.  We will summarise the best two ways you can earn money using this app.  They claim there are 16 and a half ways to earn money!

Despite the unusual products for sale, this company follows the same route as all other multi-level marketing (MLM) companies.  You sell their products and build a team – to sell their products – and you are compensated.

The first way of earning some money from this site is by making sales. You will receive 15% off the value of any purchase, which is slightly low for sites in the same category.  We would prefer that figure to be 25% upwards.


life leadership


The site also offers up to 50% sales bonuses, which you won’t find in several places. They assign each sale a Point Value (PV).  With books, $1 equates to ½ PV so to get the first bonus you will need at least $300 in sales.

You can also make some good money by building a team, and this seems to be what the other money-making ways point towards. 

To do this, you need to recruit other people to come in as distributors. You will earn more, provided that your recruits make sales and influence others to join the program. As with any MLM, they have to be active and make sales for you to earn money.

Remember, just like other MLMs, this company acknowledges the rank concept. You will get a chance to access more bonuses as you rise ranks, which significantly increases your income potential. You can scale as high as nine ranks, each level having its sales requirements. 

The ranks are:

  • Student
  • Performer and Senior Performer
  • Coordinator
  • Senior Coordinator
  • Advisor and Senior Advisor
  • Life Coach
  • Executive, Double, Triple, Crown and Crown Ambassador Life Coaches

To earn decent money you would need to be up near the top ranks, and of course, keep hitting the sales targets and requirements of that rank.

How much can you earn? 

This site provides several avenues of making some good income. However, you need to grow ranks and progress if you need to widen your income base. 

Unfortunately, the company’s Income Disclosure Statement is not as pleasing since it denotes that less than even 1% of members manage to get to the second rank. 

That’s fairly typical of the MLM model.  They state you can earn this life-changing sum of money every year, but it is VERY difficult to achieve.

Also, a good number of members-only get paid about fifteen dollars a month, which is a pretty low stat. This does not, however, mean that you will fall in that same category. 

You can still earn more if you progress in ranks and participate in all the money-making avenues. Just know that you will have to try harder. 

This site also offers several bonuses, which looks like a good thing on the face value. However, note that more bonuses mean additional requirements, which may not sit well with several users.

Is earning money with LIFE Leadership realistic?

MLM’s are confusing to understand, with their rank structures, rank requirements, and sales volumes within each rank and member of your team.

LIFE Leadership is a bit more complex because not every product sale equates to the same PV!  This does make it challenging to earn money.

Some of the products also have little to no description which makes selling them that much more difficult.

How are you paid? 

Keep in mind that there is a specifically required limit before you get paid by LIFE Leadership. You must attain a minimum of 100 PV monthly if you want to stay active and get your money. 

What does this mean? You have to sell at least $100 worth of products for you to be eligible for payment. 

This site pays through credit cards thanks to their Life Visa, a reward credit card that users get for free. 

Therefore, you can redeem your points for travel, a gift card, different goods, statement credit, and a lot more. 

You can use this card if you have as low as 40PV, which is an added advantage. 

Online reviews

Well, people have a lot of things to say about this site, which is common as it is an MLM!




Users applaud it for its various means of making money, which allows them to increase their profit base. The site also has a pretty amazing website, which users find useful. You can, therefore, easily access all the product categories once you sign up.

You also get different promotional emails telling you about some of the offers that you can take up to earn money. 




Other users also have their fair share of complaints. Most of them complain about how the company’s customer service treats clients, which makes it hard to follow up on issues such as missed payments.

The fact that the site requires a set standard to make payments monthly is a significant disadvantage to different users. The income disclosure is also quite scary, with the majority of members never meeting the set threshold. 

All in all, these are common issues that arise with different MLMs. Therefore, make sure that you first consider all these before you decide. 

Is LIFE Leadership legit? 

Yes. This site is legit. LIFE leadership is a big company that deals in quality products aimed at bettering individuals while allowing members to earn some income. 

The Better Business Bureau has grade the company A+.


life leadership


You can make money with LIFE Leadership and it provides various ways of doing it – 16 and a half to be exact!

The issue is the complex nature of the rank structure and how high the odds are stacked against you to earn any decent money.

The vast majority will never be able to rise the ranks where they start to earn a second income – passively.  

The products are in a niche field and so think about who you are going to sell them to.  As with all MLMs, passive income only really starts when you have a host of active distributors.  So, please think about who you are likely to recruit.  Will they be interested in selling these products and will they remain active?

It’s impossible to say whether this is the right fit for you.  We all have skills and abilities that differ between people.  This is not the easiest way to make money online but, if it’s in a niche you are passionate about then it could be.

Only you know that.


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