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Can you make money using Magnabilities?




The internet is a hub of opportunities, but it’s never easy to discern those that are worth your time and those that are not. Magnabilities is a popular name on the streets. Is it a scam, or is it worth your resources? 

Multilevel marketing (MLM) has been around for decades and there are some decent opportunities out there.  Sadly, there are a lot that aren’t and the only winners are the companies themselves.

Magnabilities is an intriguing MLM in that it’s in a high demand niche and has engineered a unique selling point that sets above the competition.

With that being said, this review is about how good a money-making opportunity it is for you, and not for Magnabilities!

Here is everything you need to know before you decide on it. 

Let’s get started with the review, shall we?


What is Magnabilities?



Jewelry MLM is not a new idea, but it’s fairly unique. There aren’t many jewelry MLM companies, and that makes Magnabilities turn heads. 

The company was founded in 2008. Since then, it has provided different ways for users to make money. The company was founded by Susan Fahsel and Kari and Brent Hoke.

The site works uniquely. Raise your hand if you would rather wear customized jewelry instead of choosing something you like from those ready-mades. We all raise our hands to that. 

The platform allows users to select the jewelry they love and customize them. The users can pick out the base, design, insert whatever they like here and there until they see the piece they want.

While jewelry is not a consumable item, it’s a luxury that is always in demand. One bracelet or necklace is not enough as different pieces go well with different outfits. The market for jewelry can never collapse. 

Magnabilities stands out as it offers a different approach giving the website an edge over its competitors.


What is like?

The company’s website is very easy to use. The products are very easy to customize, and everything from bases, inserts, colors, and designs are readily available. 

You will also find anything you need from pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. The website is very flexible.

You don’t need to use an image of yourself to try the jewelry. The site uses a young persons picture to show you how to operate the website and how the pieces look.

There are preset sizes of inserts you can choose from, and all options are within reach. You require no prior experience to use this site. You can easily change background colors, add text, and image without a hassle. 

The site also gives the option of choosing a pattern. Then, you can change aspects of the pattern to come up with something unique.

It looks professional with clear high-resolution images of the products.


How to join Magnabilities

Joining Magnabilities is very simple. The process is very effortless if you want to become an affiliate or what they call consultants. 

You need to purchase their starter kit, which goes for $50. What is the starter kit about? The kit comes with all the marketing tools and the products you need to kickstart your business.




The content you get has a market value of $300 and it looks decent.  You will be provided with a cross-section of their product line, brochures, display items, and order forms.

Here’s the link if you want more information about their consultant scheme.  There’s some testimonial videos you can watch.



How to earn money with Magnabilities




As with most MLM’s, there are two ways of making money with the company:


Become a consultant

You can sell the jewelry from the company either as an affiliate through your blogs, ads, or website. You can also sell them through direct/physical sales.

For each sale you make you will receive a commission, and this can potentially be quite large per customer as they will likely be buying multiple items each.


Grow a team

The site works like other MLM companies. You can earn profits from growing an organization. The higher the ranks you can get to, the more you will gain from your overrides. The catch is in inviting and training people to join your team and ensuring you all stay active.


How much can you earn?

There is no limit to how much money you can make. The earnings also depend on how huge your team is and how many direct sales you manage to make. 

Consultants receive a 30% commission on sales which is just the starting commission. You will also receive a 10% additional commission when you hit the sales target, though the targets are not set out.

If you are running a team, you will receive a 10% extra commission from overrides from a consultant’s team and 4% from organizational sales. 

There are also bonuses and rewards such as the hostess reward credits, fast start bonuses, and matching bonuses. As a consultant, you need to hit the 400 personal volume (PV) target in sales, which is equivalent to $120 to receive bonuses.

There are ranks to rise through:

  • Consultant: Consultant, Bronze, Silver & Gold
  • Manager: Bronze to Gold
  • Mentor: Bronze to Diamond




Like with all MLM’s your earning potential increases the higher the rank you are.  Just bear in mind though that you will need to be an active consultant too and there are certain personal targets you need to achieve each month.


Will Magnabilities train you?

There are 3 main training avenues:

  • Direct from Ambassadors
  • Team support
  • Company events (annual conference etc)


How are you paid?

Receiving payments from the company is done via bank transfer or PayPal. We have not seen complaints about not being paid or long delays in transfers.


Any restrictions?

The only limitation we could find with the website is that it does not allow users to use pieces under copyright. If you want to do so, you must provide written permission from the company.


Magnabilities reviews

As with all companies, there are views and opinions from both consultants and customers.  Here’s a snapshot of the pros and cons.



What users like


  • The company sells unique jewelry as it allows users to customize their pieces. Its, therefore, easier to make sales compared to other companies.


  • The compensation and commissions are very high compared to competing companies. With a good team and marketing strategies, the income is very stable.


  • There are no monthly fees to maintain a consultant’s position, but you need to meet the target for bonuses.


  • The nature of business means you don’t need to buy and restock products except for the mandatory starter pack.



What user’s don’t like


  • The company does not offer in-depth training. They suggest that training is provided on the website, but the training mostly comes from the person who recruited you. You will be lucky if they are a progressed salesperson.


  • The company also claims to offer training events, but most training events from MLM companies are paid for, which is unsuitable for beginners. Even though making sales is not that complicated, starting a business is always requires training.


  • The company has ongoing and hidden costs you may not realize at first. For instance, customers like to have tangible pieces they can try on and customize in real life. The starter kit is a good place to start, but you will need to add more pieces and inserts sooner. You need to purchase the items out of pocket.


Is Magnabilities legit?

Magnabilities is legit! If you want to sell jewelry online or have experience with MLMs, this is the perfect business for you. The company also has over ten-year experience in the market, which makes it hard to scam users. 

The website, like any MLM, requires patience and networking. Once in a while, you need to be aggressive in inviting people and team building to make a decent income. Once you have learned the business’s ropes, there is no limit to what you can earn!



Magnabilities offers you the chance to sell unique pieces of jewelry at a reasonable cost to the customer.  Your initial outlay is around $50 and there are no huge ongoing costs.

This will lend itself to the hosted party market where you can help design custom pieces.  There are limitations with that model though.

Firstly, you will need to think about where to host the party.  Are you going to be able to invite enough, but not too many, people to each party?

Secondly, how much time and effort is it going to take you to host each party?  You will need to be planning several at once so you can host at least one per month.

Of course, it is doable but it will require effort on your part. 

Building a team can be lucrative but think about who you can recruit and their location.  You don’t want to recruit people who are going to host their parties on your turf!

Having your website and promoting Magnabilities is a great option, but this will take time.  You can increase your reach by using social media and paid ads.

The compensation plan is very good, up there with the best MLM’s we have reviewed.  The products look good and are well received by customers.  So, if you have a passion for jewelry, and can sell, this could be a good fit.


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