How To Make Money Using Mintvine

Can you make money using Mintvine?


Mintvine is a survey company that claims to pay you to participate on its site.  We’ve reviewed several of these recently, and there are a lot of benefits to them. Making money online does not need to be difficult or complicated and there are hundreds of options out there to choose from.

So, how good exactly is this one?


What is Mintvine? 

Mintvine is an online survey company that allows users to conduct surveys, participate in polls, and earn some money while at it. This market research platform was launched in 2012 and has seen consistent growth over the years. 

It was rebranded to Branded Surveys. Since its formation, this company has managed to garner a total of over two million customers in the United States, Canada, and the UK. 


How to sign up to

Joining the Mintvine community is free. It has a minimum age limit of thirteen years.

When you approach their official website, you will be asked to provide:

  • Your age
  • Phone number
  • Zipcode 

After which you are given a sign-up form to complete, again just some simple demographic details about yourself. The final step is activating your account by confirming your registration via email, after which the site will reward you two hundred points.

You will also notice some visible profile surveys upon signing up, which offers users a means of earning a cool extra 510 points. You can also sign up from your Facebook account, which will save you some time and it’ll automatically populate the demographic details Mintvine needs.



How to earn money 

This site offers users several ways of making money, and that’s a real bonus.

You can either earn through:

  • Completing surveys
  • Attending focus groups
  • Participating in local deals, or 
  • Referring to your friends. 

Let’s look at these in more detail.



The best way of earning some points with this site is through participating in high demand surveys. The only problem with these surveys, however, is that they have qualifications and demographics restrictions. The company that wants feedback only wants it from a certain group of people, and you may not be in that group which means you can’t complete it.

You can also participate in the less frequent Mill Roll surveys which have a 200 points tag. There is also a fifty points award for completing at least one survey daily. 


Focus groups

Focus groups are a lucrative means of earning some money. Users get $25 to $ 50 per hour for every active discussion on particular topics. 


Local deals

Users can participate in several local deals, which offer a discount on different items, and some extra points. You can also participate in offers, which are either free or paid. The reward for free offers is usually lower than that of paid offers. 



The site has an active referral program where you earn points for influencing friends and family to sign up. There is also a bonus percentage when the people you refer earn some points. We like this aspect as it’s beginning to offer you real passive income.


What’s their website like?

Mintvine has a clear and easy to use website with a well-designed page. This site has an excellent user interface with an introductory video to inform you on how it works. It is also simple, offering you the chance to link your Facebook account directly. 

The site’s visual impression is second to none, which is helpful. 


How do you get paid? 

All the points you earn when you refer others or fill surveys are usually credited to your user account. Once you have reached 1000 points (which is the minimum amount of points that warrants a withdrawal), you become eligible for redemption. Keep in mind that 1000 points are worth $10. It usually takes forty-eight hours to redeem the points. 

You also need a valid phone number when cashing out. Mintvine will send you the cash via your PayPal or Dwolla online wallets. 

For gift cards, you have to request a Tango gift card after which you will choose from several retailers, which include:

  •  Starbucks
  •  Best Buy
  •  Walmart
  •  iTunes
  •  Amazon
  •  Target. 

You can also get a restaurant gift card and a VISA prepaid card. This is a nice feature as you can mix and match withdrawals.  Not every survey company allows this.


How much will you earn? 

Users get paid between $0.50-$5.00 for a survey, which takes around 10-20 minutes to complete. Focus groups take longer but pay well. You can, therefore, make some good money, so long as you are dedicated enough. 


Are there any joining restrictions?

The site has several restrictions, especially on issues touching on qualifications. It is normal to be disqualified when taking pre-qualification questions. It also has specific demography requirements that users must meet.

As mentioned, you must be at least 13 years old to open an account.


Online reviews

Judging from the online reviews, the consensus is that Mintvine is a good source of making money. 

Here are some of the pros:

Fantastic customer support

One of the highest selling points of this site is its excellent customer support. This site readily assists users whenever they encounter a problem or are in doubt of anything. Most survey companies do not take customer support seriously, and users usually have a pile of unanswered complaints. 



The fact that you can sign up via Facebook is also a selling point. The sign-up process is made simple and secure. If Facebook can allow a company to access your data freely, then stay rest assured that the whole idea is safe. You needn’t worry about your data being sold either!


It has an interactive points system

This fantastic money-making site offers diverse ways of earning points. You do have to rely on surveys only since users can make some money through referrals and local deals. 


It has a members forum

This site has a forum where members can interact and air their opinions regarding the website. The company also responds to the member’s complaints.


It is up to date

This website is relatively new and therefore, more receptive to change. This can be seen from its amazing layout and user-friendliness. It’s also mobile-friendly.


Cons (Common issues) 

Cashing out problems– Many members have reported having issues with the cash out button which disappears at times, freezing their numbers in return, and making it impossible to redeem their points. Even though the customer service is top-notch, you have to write more than one mail, at times, before you get help when such problems surface. 


Delays – It takes two to three weeks for the points you earned to register into your account, which even overshadows the site’s fast withdrawal system which takes two days only. Several users have also reported errors with the website after they change their addresses. At times the site even stops sending surveys. 

The Better Business Bureau has graded Mintvine a B with 130 customer complaints and 38 reviews.




Is Mintvine legit? 

Yes. This company has a pretty good reputation which makes it one of the best survey providers available. It has a constant workflow for its members and offers several ways of earning money. It is also owned by Branded Research Incorporation, which is a reputable market research and opinion company. 

In case you were doubting, there is nothing to fear. Sign up and make some money today. 



As survey sites go this one is one of the best out there. As with them all, there is always going to be a bit of fortune whether you qualify to take the survey, or not, and you can’t control that. There does seem to be a lot of surveys and other things you can get involved in and so your opportunity to earn some cash is pretty good.

As with all of these sites, you can only earn money by being active and that will take your time.  Except for the referral scheme, this is not a passive income. We like the many different payment options, especially as you can choose so many brands gift cards, as well as cash.

It’s free to join and you can cancel at any time, so our advice would be to go for it and give it a go!


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