How To Make Money Using Modere

Can you make money using Modere?




In case you are looking for a means of generating income while sitting at home, you’ve come to the right place. Modere, which was established in 1992, is a good place to start. It offers users several means of making money through selling a variety of health and nutrition products. 

This company sells its products through multi-level marketing (MLM) instead of traditional sales avenues, and this presents you with an opportunity to join their ranks and earn some extra cash.

You can, therefore make money by marketing the Modere products and that is what this article is all about.

For all our reviews we seek out the best opportunity against criteria such as, how flexible and consistent is it?  Remember, you want a side-hustle to fit in around your schedule but also be reliable enough that you can say with some certainty what your monthly earnings will be.

So, how does Modere stack up?


What does look like?

Modere’s website has a superb customer interface. The products are divided into different sections, making it easy for customers to identify and pick products of their choice. There’s a search bar at the top so if you know what you’re looking for you can find it easily.

The product pictures are very good and have a consistent look to them, which makes the whole website feel professional. We like the way the products are introduced to you immediately on the homepage.  This tells us Modere is there to sell you something.

That concept is often lost on companies, who try and engage you with their background story and their values.  The problem there is, whilst that’s admirable, people leave and buy elsewhere. The homepage has an almost Amazon feel about it.  That’s a good thing!




When you click on a product there’s another vibrant picture and an opportunity to buy it.  Another plus point! To read the description, customer reviews, and ingredients you have to scroll down the page, where Modere will also recommend similar products.

The products are reasonably priced and in this niche repeat business is frequent.  Once people find an item they like and feel good using it, they will buy it over and over again.


How to sign up as a Modere Promoter

Joining Modere is reasonably straightforward. Unlike other platforms, you will pay a joining fee to make some money. Members part with $49 to become a Social Marketing Consultant, which is more of a salesperson. 

The fee buys you the following items:

  • Social DVD
  • 10 x I/D brochure
  • 10 x Live Clean brochure
  • Checklist 
  • 25 x Tear-off pad
  • 25 x enrollment forms
  • 25 x order forms
  • 8 x display tents
  • Pop-up kit
  • 1 x full catalog

There are other Business Packs available, but they are considerably more money and start at $199.  The most expensive kit is $699. The extra investment simply buys your products to demonstrate.


How can you make money via Modere?

Modere offers you several avenues of making money. You can earn money from their large compensation plans, which you have to qualify for first. Some of the primary means of making money via this MLM is through promoting the products and building a team. 

You can, therefore, choose to be a Social Media Consultant and earn different commissions. Apart from qualifying for the commissions, you must also climb different ranks. The first ranks are the Social Marketing Consultant 1, 2, and 3, which requires one hundred activity points and 500, 1000and 2000 organization three levels points respectively. 

The fourth rank is the Social Marketing Team Leader which requires 150 points and 3000 organization points. 



To ascend to this rank, you need nine-lifetime customers. Just like the first three ranks, you can also become a Social Marketing Director. There are three ranks for these, and each requires similar activity and three levels of organization points and lifetime customer count as the Social Marketing team leader. 

The last three ranks are the Elite Marketers, which also requires nine life customer count. In case you are wondering how you can obtain these activity points, the best answer is by spending money on Modere products. 

You will also get more points when your recruits buy the Modere products. 



Other ways of making money via this MLM includes:


i) Breakout points 

You only qualify for breakout points 30 days after becoming a Social Marketing Consultant with Modere. The site will offer you a 25% refund on your spending, and your sponsor will also receive the same commission. The person with a higher rank above you will also get a 10% commission, which is in place to encourage you to buy the Modere products swiftly. 

This bonus pushes you to recruit more people. The company gives you a commission when the recruits purchase their products within the first thirty days. It is, therefore, a win-win situation where both you and your recruits stay in the company while earning money at the same time. 

ii) Unilevel commissions (Building your team)

There is a uni-level commission that is offered when you recruit other Social Marketers to your team.  You will, therefore, earn money from their transactions. The good news is, you get awarded when they recruit more members too. The commission you get depends on your rank. 

A C1 will earn 3% for level 1, a C2 the same for levels one and two, whereas a C3 will earn 4% for both degrees. A team leader makes five percent for the first three levels. The first Social Marketing Director earns 5% for the first three levels and 3% for the fourth and the fifth levels. 

The second Social Marketing Director makes five percent for the first three levels and 3 percent for the fourth and fifth levels. The last Marketing Director earns five percent for the first three levels, four percent for the fourth and three percent for the fifth and sixth levels. 

The first Elite Social Marketer makes five percent for the first three levels, four percent for the next two and three percent for the sixth and the seventh levels. The second Elite Social Marketer makes five percent in the first four levels and four percent for the remaining four. 

Lastly, you are going to earn 5% from the first five degrees and four percent for the last three if you are in their Elite Social Marketer rank. Modere also offers a rank advancement bonus once you attain certain ranks and a Dynamic Team Leader and Director bonus. 

This is one of the more complicated compensation structures we have seen!  You can read it all here.

iii) Customer unilevel commissions 

The customer uni-level commissions are similar to the previous commissions, just that you only earn them when one of your team members sells a product to a direct customer. You can also make an additional 20% commission on top of the customer commissions via the Modere sharing bonus. 

This depends on the number of sales you and your teams generate. Other bonuses include the monthly selling and the consistency selling reward, which you will get once you attain the right rank and reach the set volume. 


Are there any restrictions on joining Modere?

Unfortunately, Modere has a set limit that their customers have to meet before earning commissions. To be eligible, you must clock the 150 average points tier. If not, you will have to buy the products by yourself. 


How much can you earn with Modere? 

You can indeed create considerable income with Modere. It has several products which appeal to customers. The only problem is that health is relatively competitive and therefore, you have to do more to sell. You have to be thorough and consistent if you want long-term income. 

Modere’s last Income Disclosure Statement (2019) stated that only 25% of Social Marketers earned a monthly commission. The average monthly payout was just $205. Whilst it is possible to earn big money, only 0.06% earn $50,000+ a month, and only 1.1% earn over $2k.  The vast majority either don’t earn commissions or they are very low.


How will you get paid?

Modere pays its marketers via bank transfer. Customers can, however, pay for products via EFT or through the Visa debit and credit card options. 


Modere reviews

Most people applaud Modere since they find their products helpful. This site also has an excellent user interface which makes it possible to toggle in between the section. Some of the complaints point at the fact that you have to continue recruiting new members which also dictates whether you will be promoted or not. 

Most of the rewards you earn also goes to your upline, leaving you with nothing much. 


Is Modere legit? 

Yes. This online platform is not a scam. You can, therefore, make money selling its products and recruiting new members. 


As with any new venture it is down to you whether it is successful.  Modere has a complicated compensation plan and most people don’t make a living wage selling their products. That being said, only you know whether you have the right attitude, skill set, drive, and commitment to make this work.

Modere’s product line is very good and appears well respected.  It’s diverse too with new lines being added and so there’s an opportunity to upsell your customers. It’s in an evergreen niche as well and the chances are you will see repeat business.  The problem is how much time and effort are you going to have to put into it to get those customers in the first place?  Our guess is an awful lot.

The health and beauty field is very competitive but Modere has been around a while and has established a loyal following. As long as you do your research and prepare to put in the work early on, there’s every chance you could be one of the higher earners.


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