How To Make Money Using Norwex

Can you make money using Norwex?



Norwex makes a bold claim on their website by stating they are ‘more than a company, we exist as a promise for a brighter future’. 

You can exhaust several avenues to make some quick income in the comfort of your home. You don’t need anything special other than your phone and a reliable internet connection. One of these is Norwex. 

The company doesn’t appear that exciting with an everyday product line, but that’s no bad thing.  It’s often best to be involved in boring stuff that the masses need to buy.

We’ve reviewed the company from the perspective of how good an opportunity it presents to make money.  Remember, making money online needs to be easy, flexible, and consistent.  A lot of companies promise a great deal but, the delivery is very different.

This is especially true with multi-level marketing (MLM) where the only real winner is the company themselves.  That being said, there are some decent MLM’s around, so is Norwex one of them?

Let’s find out…


What is Norwex?

Norwex is a company that deals in a range of cleaning products. It tries as much as possible to reduce the use of super harmful chemicals that can cause toxic effects in the home.

Ever since its inception in 1994, it has provided nothing but the best quality products.  Their founder, Bjørn Nicolaisen, discovered a cloth that could clean using only water, therefore reducing the amount of harmful chemicals needed to clean.

Roll on 5 years later and the company expands from Norway to North America where expansion grows rapidly.  In 2007 they created a new microfiber which became the market leader and propelled their brand around the globe.

Since 2014, and their 20th anniversary, they have championed ecological and environmental causes, namely The Norwex Movement and The Norwex Foundation.

Their most recent campaign highlights the use of single-use plastics and have partnered with a new packaging firm to make their products more environmentally friendly, and less reliant on plastic.



What products does Norwex sell?

Norwex deals with a range of cleaning products, just like we have hinted. Some of the most common include the patented Norwex cleaning cloths. The cloths are sufficient, and some do not need cleaning products, which makes them appealing to several customers. 

These products are divided into different categories. There is a microfiber option, which entails several other products. Others include household cleaning items, personal care cleaning products, and sustainable products that deal with waste removal and recycling. 

There are also family cleaning products and specials. 

All in all, Norwex deals with safe, effective, and sustainable products. The company’s end goal is to help people do their cleaning without relying on chemicals and harmful detergents. Other cleaning tools include mop system and brushes. 

The good news for you as someone considering joining their sales ranks, is their range is wide and well-priced.


How to make money from Norwex

You can make money from Norwex in two ways. The first one is through product sales. 

Product sales

Norwex offers you a chance to make some good income by promoting its products. The best thing to do to maximize this is to host parties. 

Therefore, you can host a party, tag your friends, and demonstrate how to use the various products. If you choose to do this, make sure that you make the products look as amazing as possible to create social pressure which helps you boost your overall sales. 

Keep in mind that this approach also comes with a fair share of disadvantages. Your audience will be limited to only your friends and family, and you can’t also expect that all of them will attend the parties. 

All in all, this will still serve as a decent chance of promoting the company’s products and getting some income in return, and is a staple way of selling in an MLM.

The cloths are also long-lasting and machine washable.  Whilst this is a great selling point, just how many people are going to buy regularly from you?

Their product line does lend itself to parties where they can be fully demonstrated.  Imagine how powerful a live demonstration of their cleaning range would be.

I’m sure we’ve all seen those TV Infomercials where the cloth wipes away all the dirt in one go – well now’s your chance to prove it for real!

Product sales compensation plan

Now that we have given you a better way of promoting these products, let’s take a look at the compensation plans. It is the plan that dictates how much you will earn from the sales and whether you will achieve a long-term income source. 

If you make $500 in sales per party, your commission comes to around 35% of the total sales. Keep in mind that this is not a fixed rate and will vary if you combine it with online sales. You won’t find several companies offering such an interest rate. 


Build your sales team

The other method of making some cool income off this company is by building a team. Keep in mind that this is an MLM, which allows you to earn through referrals. You can earn several bonuses and commissions once you create a downline. 

You can turn this into a rewarding venture once you create a big strong team under you. However, to do this, you have to make constant sales and referrals. 

It would be best if you kept in mind that this method comes with a lot of management work, and this is for all MLM’s who offer a rank structure.

You may have to train some of your recruits to help you make sales at the parties you have organized, which can take some time. Your team should also be taught to be diverse and not just sell to one party.

Apart from the team, this company also provides a rank-based component to the customers. You don’t, therefore, have to rely on your team to make some money. If you need to make more money, ensure that you climb ranks. 


Each of the ranks comes with a share of requirements. Keep in mind that the more you rise in ranks, the more income you get. Other benefits include bonuses that rely on how your team is structured and the members’ success. 

As with all MLM’s you must personally stay active.  In this case selling at least $250 every 3 months.  If you don’t you’ll run the risk of losing your account.

To be fair to Norwex, this figure is quite low and very much achievable. 


What are the joining fees?

Becoming a Norwex Sales Consultant is not costly. You have to purchase the starter’s kit, which is relatively cheap. 

You will only part with $9.99 to ship your party starter kit, after which the company gives you a record three months to affect a sale total of $2000. If you can manage this, you will get the kit for free.

If you don’t hit this target you will be charged $200 for the kit. 

Norwex online reviews


Just like any other MLM, people have different things to say about Norwex. While others find it amazing and pretty useful, some also feel that it doesn’t serve them right. Most people love the site because it has several income generating avenues. 

You can quickly raise money by conducting team sales and building a reliable team. Once you have taught your team how to go about the sales, you can stay rest assured that everything will fall in place. 

The fact that you can also earn yourself the starter kit without paying for it is also something people find unbelievable. Unlike other sites and companies where you have to buy a subscription, Norwex allows you to own the kit for free provided that you can meet a specific sales limit.



Some of the faults that people find include the ‘staying active’ requirement. You must always be active in the company to make an income. To make it even worse, the company dictates that you must make $250 worth of sales every three months. 

If you don’t meet that in a rolling 6 months, your account will be rendered dormant, which calls for an activation fee. After 12 months they’ll close your account.

You can imagine the pressure that Norwex puts on you. 

Is Norwex legit? 

Yes. Norwex is not a scam. This company has existed for ages and served customers from all over the globe. 

The Better Business Bureau has rated Norwex A+.



Norwex is a market-leader in their field, which has grown rapidly through hard work and innovation.  The products they create and market are top-notch and are true to the Norwex story.

They will sell well at parties but the question is how many people can you attract regularly?  The microfiber cloths are long-lasting and so won’t need replacing each month.

An avenue you could exploit is social media as Norwex will allow you to have your website to generate an income.  Upload some high-quality product demonstration videos, coupled with what Norwex is doing for the environment and you could have a winner!

A risk with any MLM is over-reliance on the company for your income.  What if Norwex failed?  What if a competitor developed a better product?  The effort you need to put into any MLM to be successful is huge and so, you probably won’t have the time or energy to work elsewhere – not in your spare time at least.

The good news is Norwex is a well-established company with some great products and a mission that people are getting behind right now.

Only you know if you have what it takes to make a go of it with Norwex.  Their compensation plan is fair and your earning potential is good.  There are no monthly or recurring fees so if you have the drive and commitment to get out there and sell these products, then you go for it!


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