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Do you want to supplement your income with minimal resources? With the Perk TV app, you only need your smartphone and a good internet connection to make quick money. We have reviewed these types of apps previously, Viggle being the most recent one.

With the expansion of streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, apps like Perk TV are increasingly popular. Popularity doesn’t mean they’re any good though!  A lot of these are glitchy and have technical issues.  So, we were excited to see how this one performed.

In this review, we take a look at what Perk TV is and how you can make money off it. 


What is Perk TV? 

Perk TV is a reward application for mobile device owners. It rewards users for watching different content using their smartphones. It is free and accessible to everyone. This reward application was established in 2015 and has, over time, managed to amass several users worldwide. 


How to sign up to Perk TV

You have to download and install the application to be a member. It is available for different operating systems, from Google Play and Apple. The registration process begins immediately you open the app. You will receive a prompt directing you to create a free account using your e-mail address. 

Similar to other reward platforms, you’ll need to key in some necessary information. You can choose to log in or sign up via Facebook, which is a straightforward process. You will then learn how the app offers points and how you can redeem them. 

Signing up via Facebook offers you 100 instant points.


What is the Per TV interface like?

The features are well laid out for users, with the videos well arranged for users to select. 

These include:

  • app trailers
  • movie trailers
  • and viral videos. 

There are a few buttons at the bottom of the page that allows users to explore the app and earn some points, including playlists, trending, and rewards.


How to earn money using Perk TV? 

Perk Tv app offers has various means of earning points. The first way you get to earn is by registering with Facebook, which offers 100 perk points. There also exists a referral button at the bottom of the app, which you can use to invite friends and other users. 

You earn 500 points every time you refer a friend. The biggest way of earning off this app is through watching videos. You’ll get this option on the dashboard. 

You can start by watching the app trailers, which are relatively shorter and straightforward. You even get the chance to select the trailer you would like to watch. 

Watching videos via this app is pretty simple. All you need to do is press play and stay tuned. Also, look out for commercials. You will earn one to three points for every video or trailer and there are several videos that you can switch to once you feel bored.


How much can you earn with Perk TV? 

You can earn well with Perk TV. However, you cannot rely on this as your primary income. Each video offers one to three perk points. Each perk point is equal to $0.001, which is quite low. 

Things have changed over time, too, and nowadays, you have to confirm your presence by pressing a button every 1-2 hours. You are most likely going to make roughly $50 or less a month from the app. However, you will make much more if you invest in several passive devices. Having seven of such devices will give you up to $300 a month. 

Keep in mind that this can be hectic since you have to confirm your presence after every hour!  Watching TV should not be stressful…

iPhone users also have a bigger advantage since their compatible version mainly dwells on movie trailers which are quite long. They will earn approximately 50 perk points in an hour. The new version of the app restricts users from making a lot of money quickly. 

All in all, you will make the right amount of money a month if you are committed enough. 


How are you paid? 

Perk TV app has several payment options that you can take advantage of. You can cash your money out for several rewards. To be eligible for this, you must have a total of 5000 points. Do bear in mind that this around 100 hours of video watching!

Some of the fantastic gift cash options are:

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Kobo
  • PayPal
  • and Old Navy. 

You can choose to cash out after reaching the set limit or continue raising more points. You may also participate in Perk Sweepstakes for even bigger prizes. Perk TV formerly had a Perk Debit Card, for those who preferred money but it was later disbanded. You can also choose to win prizes from your Perk points. 


Are there any restrictions?

There are not as many restrictions as similar apps. This app is accessible to everybody regardless of location. There are several videos to watch. That being said, you are only allowed one Perk TV account per household.

You can choose to watch trailers, which are quite long. You are only required to confirm your presence once every 1-2 hours. 


Online reviews

Perk TV has over twenty thousand reviews on Google Play store alone. People have different things to say about this money-making venture. Several users are glad since this app provides a simple means of making some passive income. You only need to watch and earn. 

You can also use several devices if you want to widen your profit base. Other users also love this app because it is a little different from others in its caliber. It does not have as many glitches. The user interface is also superb, helping you get and watch videos freely. 

You can start making money once you sign up. The signing up process is in itself straightforward. The app is free even for iPhone users. Once you provide the necessary information, you will be good to go. Did we mention that signing up via Facebook guarantees you a cool 100 points? We thought you should know. 


People also find faults with this app. First, the rewards are not as gracious. Accumulating over 5000 points to get five dollars is not an easy fete and may discourage others. 

You also have to spend several hours watching trailers and videos that you may find boring. Some of the cash out options also require more perk points than the set limit. You cannot, therefore, rely on this platform for your daily income. You won’t survive on $50 or less a month. 


Is Perk TV legit? 

Yes. Perk Tv app is legit. It has existed for quite some time now and boasts of over 500,000 downloads. It is a way of making some extra income from watching videos. However, keep in mind that it can only serve as a passive source of income. 

The Better Business Bureau has graded Perk an F, which is dreadful.



We like the concept of this, especially if you are an avid TV watcher.  However, the points per watch are so low that the only real winner is the video maker or Perk TV. To get anywhere near a decent amount of points to cash out is going to take you an awful long time.  It will be like having a full-time job!

For us, this does not meet our criteria for it to be a decent money-making option.  It isn’t flexible enough as you have to keep letting the app know you are watching every hour.


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