How To Make Money Using Royaltie

Can you make money using Royaltie?


Royaltie is a way of promoting a service or business to a local audience.  It’s a powerful concept.  Every business will need to advertise their existence and doing it online provides the greatest opportunity to reach potential customers.

You can easily make money in the comfort of your home provided that you have a good internet connection. 

This is made possible by the numerous online sites that pay you for your services and referrals. In this article, we will take a look at one of the most famous money-making platforms – Royaltie. 


What is Royaltie? 

Royaltie is an online platform that focuses on local marketing, allowing users to generate leads in their local areas and earn from the purchases. 

It was founded in 2016 by Justin Belobaba and has, over the years, managed to attract 18,000 customers and 2000 affiliates. 

They are a little bit different from the common multi-level marketing (MLMs) companies since its main focus is in local marketing, and you have to be one of their customers to be an affiliate.

It, therefore, allows businesses to promote their products and services, potentially increasing their sales and profits. 

This platform focuses on health, fitness, and beauty and they claim to have 150,000 websites, 80 million link clicks, and 1.4 billion ad and social views.


What is like?

Royalties website is slick, professional, and quick.  It’s also mobile-friendly.




Their homepage explains their 3-click marketing idea:

Click 1: Content and Social Media Marketing – Their search engine scours the internet for articles within your niche and shares them on your social media platforms.

Second Click: Blog and SEO – The content is added to your blog page on your website in the hope of ranking you better on Google.

Click 3: Email Newsletter – The content is used to build a newsletter which is then emailed to your subscribers.There are 3 tabs at the top of the homepage: 

Features – Explains the features and benefits of using their service

Pricing – details their monthly plans

Login – for registered users to access the website.

There is no About Us section which is disappointing.


How to sign up for Royaltie

Signing up for Royaltie is free. It is also pretty simple and won’t take you that long. 

Your account will be active once your email has been confirmed. 



How to make money through Royaltie

There are two ways you can make money using Royaltie. This is through product sales and building a team. 

Let’s take a look at these two:


Product sales 

You can make money through Royaltie by creating ads, driving traffic to your customized landing page, and then collecting new leads. Formerly, the company broadcasted messages directly to people’s phone numbers, which proved unsuccessful. It was likely reported as spam.

Nowadays, once you create an ad, it will be shown via the Royaltie advertising network, which allows you to advertise your products on several apps and websites worldwide. The platform also offers a landing page builder and email marketing option to aid outreach. 

This method of making money requires you to purchase packages that cost $87 to $327 a month. 




Most of the features in the packages are similar except for the number of ad impressions. You can also purchase an extra package if you need more impressions. $50 for 10,000, $112.50 for 25,000 or $200 for 50,000.

Since the platform is optimized to serve your local market, the ad impressions are only delivered to popular websites and applications in your chosen area. 

This platform uses AI marketing. However, they are fairly vague on how this works!  They say the AI algorithm needs data from your profile, website, niche and it needs to learn over time to improve and scale your online presence.

If you want to become an affiliate and sell the software you will pay around $5 per month.  They will not accept any affiliates who are not fully signed up customers, and currently, around 10% of their clients have chosen to be an affiliate.


Building a team



You can also earn money from Royaltie by building a team. You are, therefore, going to make a commission depending on your rank. Levels range from one to nine. The first two ranks popularly referred to as Club 100 requires a team volume of $100. Once you hit that set volume, you will earn $20 as commission. 

The commission percentage increases when you double the set amount for your level. The same applies to levels one and two. For the remaining levels 3,4,5 and 6, you earn from your collective sales. Your rank or personal sales influence the percentage of commission at this point. 

You will receive one percent commission for a sale, 2 for two sales, and so on up to five sales. The seventh and eighth ranks offer a 3% commission for sales, whereas the ninth level, popularly known as Pearl, offers a 5% commission. 

Having a team increases your income potential. Remember, there is a Strive for five bonus that allows you to make a cool $125 by recruiting five affiliates. 

Here is something that you should know about the commission structure. You can reach the maximum commission rate or sales volume of your team without completing even a single sale a month, thanks to your level one and two team members. The level one and two members of your team are singled out to help ease rank progression. 

Unfortunately, these members do not form part of your team commissions. To qualify for these commissions, each of your members must purchase a marketing suite subscription. 

The good news is, your income potential will not be affected by the marketing suite your team member chooses. Royaltie does require you to pay a monthly fee which is a minimum of $57.


Are there any bonuses?

Royaltie also offers a leadership bonus on personally recruited affiliates. This ranges from bronze to gold. The members, therefore, earn between $50-$600. 


How much can you earn? 

Royaltie can be a goldmine once you identify the right audiences and build a strong team. Royaltie generally targets small businesses who would like to generate leads form their locality, so getting clients might be challenging. 

The best way to build an audience is by spotting people who are likely to benefit from the ads but do not know how to create ads. Even though the internet has been around for years, a lot of small businesses are scared to go online, mainly due to their lack of training.

Websites are easy to set up and there are so many tools and templates available that literally anyone can create one.  The perception, though, is somewhat different.

Since a large percentage is made on your team, you should also strive to identify team members who love Royaltie. 


Are there any restrictions?

Unfortunately, Royaltie has geographical restrictions. It is only limited to a number of countries, including the USA, Italy, Hungary, France, Netherlands, and Canada. 

Joining the platform is free, but to qualify for their compensation plans, you will have to spend around $5 a month. 


How are you paid? 

Royaltie offers bank payment. 


Royaltie online reviews

Similar to other online platforms, people have different things to say about this site. Most people applaud the site for being a great software which helps them with lead generation. Some of the pros include outstanding customer support, which many sites in its category do not provide.

You don’t have to wait when having an issue since the company offers live video support. Royaltie also provides an all-in-one marketing platform driven by AI, which users find helpful. 

There are, however, several complaints when one wants to resign. Most people claim that the company still deducts their monthly charge even when one has indicated that they wish to quit. 

The Better Business Bureau has graded Royaltie A-.


Is Royaltie legit? 

Yes. Royaltie is legit. You can make a fortune once you identify the right audience and build a team. It has several earning ventures that you can take advantage of. Royaltie also has live customer support to help you with any of your queries. If you are thinking of signing up, this is the right time. 



This company offers an unusual approach to the online world in that it focuses on local businesses and advertising their existence, services, and offers. It’s clearly working because of the impressive stats they display on their homepage regarding the number of clients etc.

Offering SEO, landing pages, email marketing, social media ads, analytics, and more in one package is a real plus point and one you can leverage to the skeptical business owner.

Royaltie only allows their open customers to become affiliates and so to make income from them you’ll have to be an active account holder.  We see this as a great idea because you are most likely going to convince another person if you are seeing results from the software first hand.

Your sales pitch is likely to be much more convincing than trying to sell the packages just because you’ll earn a commission.  If you want to be an affiliate to earn some extra cash then you will need to pay around $5 a month for the privilege.

Again, this is not a bad idea.  It gives their customers the choice of whether they want to promote the software, and adding a small fee each month should be extra motivation to those that want to promote it.  90% of their users choose not to.

If you have a business that needs some local advertising then Royaltie could be a great option for you.  If you wanted to you can then refer the software and earn money from retail sales.


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