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Can you make money using Smiley360?




Smiley360 is one of the websites that’s been on our radar to review for some time now.  The concept of receiving free stuff in exchange for an honest opinion about it is intriguing. Having an extra source of income is usually a good idea. The only problem, however, is getting a legit online site where you can earn some money. 

In case you are looking for something to do, this is just the right article for you. We will take a look at one of the most famous online sites-Smiley360. Let’s see if you can reap some benefits from it. 


What is Smiley360? 

Smiley360 is a game-changer. Instead of paying you for completing surveys and offers, this company gives you free products to test and review. It was founded in 2009 to forge a better connection between brands and their target consumers.

Smiley360 is therefore made up of consumers looking for a say on different products in the market. This idea is a good one.  Brands spend a huge chunk of money developing products to sell to you without being able to do much market research, or even get feedback on work samples. 

How do these brands know if they have a home-run product or a complete flop that needs a complete re-design? One solution is to find a group of potential consumers and send them a free item, in exchange for their opinion.  It’s a win-win.  

You get a gift, the brand develops a great product and the consumers are happy because a decent design hits the shelves.  And then there’s the brand’s competitors who will have to raise their game… and so it goes on.  

In theory anyway!


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How to sign up to Smiley360

The signing up process is relatively easy. Once you are on their website, you can choose to either sign up via Twitter, Facebook, or e-mail. After signing up, you will confirm your e-mail address and log in to your account where you will be given a profile form to fill. 

You also have to link your social media accounts to your profile. 




An excellent hack would be filling the Mom survey and Introductory survey, which comes with a cool 55 points. It only requires fifteen minutes of your time. Filling out those two surveys also helps the company to link you with relevant products. 

You will also see a referral link that you can use to earn a point for every ten referrals. 


What is the website like?

Smiley360 has a neat and attractive website. The home page is appealing and easy to navigate. It is also easy to use and quite mobile-friendly thanks to its excellent user interface. It explains what it is about, how it works, and what you get right on the homepage.  We like this because there’s nothing hidden.

There’s nothing worse than having to hunt for answers! The About Us section is very informative and it provides you with information about the company, what they stand for, reasons to join them, and how it works.

Speaking of which…


How does Smiley360 work?

You have to qualify to try different products and services by participating in surveys. After qualifying, members take part in missions, which is testing and reviewing a product after it is sent to you. You are at liberty to either accept or refuse a mission. 

When you accept a mission, you have to share your feedback with friends, fellow Smiley360 members, and the respective brand. You also earn more points as you continue conducting different activities on the site. We will talk about their usefulness later. Members do not pay anything to sign up or try different products. 

On the other hand, the company pays you through free products. The better and faster you complete the mission, the higher your chances of getting more products to try out.


How do you claim the rewards?

This is the most essential part of our discussion. After filling out the profile form upon registration, you will find missions on the site. Keep in mind, however, that the company prioritizes those who have many points, so those members who are active and have a longer history than you may jump in ahead.

After qualifying for a mission, the company will ship the product to your house along with a clear guideline on how to test and review the product. This method is straightforward and economical since the company meets all the shipping charges. 


How do you earn points? 

Unlike other online sites, you cannot cash out the points you earn from Smiley360. Their primary role is to elevate you so that you get frequent missions. It is, therefore, necessary that you amass as many points as possible. The first way of earning points is by completing your profile. 

You will earn twenty points when you complete the first mission. Do not freak out. The introductory mission is just a simple tutorial of all the available tools and how to review a product thoroughly. 

You will also earn points when you share the site on your social media handles. You can also take part in several surveys or upload photos and videos. There are no cash or other, rewards except for the free items which you are supposed to review. 


Are there any joining restrictions?

Smiley360, just like most online sites, has a geographic restriction. It is only open for those in Canada and the United States. This is because you receive a physical product to review and so shipping internationally gets expensive and unmanageable.

The brands that are registered on Smiley360 sell their products in the countries eligible to test them, so it makes perfect sense to limit who can try them out.

You also have to be at least 13 years old.


What are the online reviews like?

Those who have used Smiley360 have many things to say about it. Most people are happy about the free goods. Some, however, feel that the absence of cash makes the effort valueless. 

Let us look at some of the cons and pros from these reviews:





It does not require much work

Once you get the product, you will only be needed to try it out and complete a review, usually a survey. You do not have to go out of your way to be given a product for free. Once you have qualified for the review, the site will take care of the shipment and additional charges. You do not also have to spend a lot of time reviewing the product since all the guidelines are sent to you. 


It is free

You do not have to pay anything so that you become a member. There is no registration or subscription fee. 





No pay

Most people have an issue with the fact that Smiley360 does not offer monetary rewards. You will earn points in the course of your interaction with the site, but even these are irredeemable. You can only get free products to try out, but no monetary benefit. It does not, therefore, accommodate those in search of money-making opportunities. 


The qualification process is not easy

Getting free products is not, therefore, in any way guaranteed. You need more than just your profile to qualify for a mission. You will have to go out of your way and fill out surveys and engage more. There is also a set limit of points that you have to exceed before qualifying for a review. You will not also get missions frequently. On average, you will only get two products monthly. 


Is Smiley360 legit? 

Yes. This site is legit. It has been around for several years and overall the reviews are high. We couldn’t find their record on the Better Business Bureau website though. Several users get the opportunity to try out different products from various brands. 

The only problem, however, is that there is no monetary value. If you are looking for a source of making some extra money, Smiley360 is not for you. On the other hand, if you are content with free products, sign up with Smiley360. 



This website offers you something different, and that’s a good thing.  It has found a niche in a crowded survey market and has built an audience of both household brands and consumers. That’s no easy task!

There will always be a need for consumer feedback.  You can receive spammy emails, get stopped in the street and asked a load of inane questions, or sign up to receive a free product.  And we know how we would prefer it!

Does it matter the points are not redeemable?  Not really.  It’s a fair way of establishing who is active and who deserves the product. It’s completely free to join and you can cancel at any stage, so worth a try don’t you think?


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