How To Make Money Using Subhub

Can you make money with Subhub?




If you have your website or are thinking of building one, using a subscription model can be a lucrative way to earn money. There is a lot of software options available but they are most difficult to use and so if you lack web design experience it can leave you feeling frustrated!

This is where software like Subhub can help you.  But, how good is it and can you make money using it?


What is Subhub?

Subhub is an all-in-one membership software builder that serves entrepreneurs, experts, and different organizations. It allows various experts to make money by showcasing their area of expertise. Subhub enables you to easily publish content that will grow your audience, membership, and ultimately, paid subscriptions.

Members can also access other member’s contents. It is, therefore, packed with all the e-commerce and advertising options for businesses and upcoming or existing entrepreneurs. It also allows different organizations to communicate with their members easily. 

Once you have signed up, you can customize your membership site and create a subscription business. 


What features does have?


Subhub has multiple membership levels where each member can view different content they find appealing. 



It allows users to create different plans, including trials and payments. 



All the membership plans come with the Mailchimp feature.  Email marketing is the most powerful tool to build trust and rapport with your customers.



Users can easily optimize their sites to the required level of performance they need thanks to the google analytics tools. 


Full hosting

This platform is usually fully hosted and, therefore, requires no additional software. 


Fantastic customer support

One of the biggest turn-offs is unresponsive customer support. This platform has excellent customer support made up of experts. Subhub allows users to create a favorite list and add different items. 


Online stores

Users can create and run online stores to raise some revenue. The platform also offers an all-day website monitoring, which prevents users from different attacks. 


How can you earn money with Subhub?

There are several things that you can do with Subhub to make some money. 


These include:


Managing membership and subscriptions

Subhub allows you to track, manage, and reach all your website members and their respective groups. You can, therefore, follow up easily on membership fees. You can earn from recurring membership subscriptions and you only need to control the frequency of recurrences, and everything will work out automatically. 


Build an online store on your website and earn some money

An online store offers you the opportunity to sell different types of goods to both your members and non-members. You can also create coupon codes to boost your sales and reach a bigger audience. 

Selling e-Books and other digital media is a fantastic way to grow your bottom line.  With these types of products you never have inventory issues, stock-outs or shipping delays and hassles.


Pay per view business

Whereby non-members get to view your content at a fee without necessarily subscribing. This is a great feature because if your content and email follow-up sequence is top-notch, converting them to a fully paid-up member should be easy, right?

With Subhub, you can quickly receive payments through Stripe and PayPal, which are easy to set up. 


How much can you earn? 

There is no fixed amount that one earns on this platform. The profit you will get depends on several factors. You will make more if your content is relevant and hence appealing to several people. And that’s a key point.

There has to be sufficient demand for your niche otherwise you’re never going to earn any money. Google Keywords is a great place to check the monthly search volume.

One of the ways members earn is through subscription fees. The number of subscribers and followers count, therefore. Popular topics also attract more views, and consequently, help you to make more money, especially if you are offering pay per view. Your pricing fees also influence the amount you will earn. 

A critical hack is to build a broad audience. It is much easier to sell subscriptions when you have a broader audience and it can be a gold mine with time. 


How to find customers using Subhub

Earning more and building a more extensive base requires time and effort. It certainly won’t happen overnight, but having a plan and committing to it will help you. Building a huge following is vital if you want to make more, so your content should be appealing and helpful. 

What are customers in your niche seeking answers on?  Do they prefer to read articles, emails or watch videos?  Where do they consume their content? Knowing the answers to these questions stands you in good stead.  Don’t over-complicate it, simply know what they like and give it to them.  

With time and patience, they will find you, have great content and they will buy from you.  Simples! People with a substantial public audience usually earn a fortune with Subhub. 


How much is it?

Subhub has three membership plans. 




You can also choose to pay monthly or annually. 

Let us take a look at these plans:


The starter plan costs $47 a month. It allows up to 100 members and 2GB for storage. Users can also back up their information and access email and phone support. Other features include a built-in store of five products, a member directory, recurring subscriptions, and payment processors such as PayPal and Stripe. 

This plan is usually reserved for beginners or visitors. 



Pro is quite expensive and costs $97 monthly. Members have the liberty of amassing up to 1000 members. It offers 10GB of storage and a free SSL certificate. The Pro plan also has multiple membership levels and is usually fully managed and hosted. 

You can also access all the standard Subhub features. 



The premium plan is the most expensive. It costs $147 per month. Users have unlimited members, 200 GB storage, and a free SSL certificate. Just like the Pro plan, members get password-restricted areas and a member directory. It is also fully managed and hosted with several membership levels. Premium membership comes with an unlimited subscription option. 

All three plans offer access to all the standard features. Users also have Email and phone support and Mailchimp integration. Other standard features include a member directory and a recurring subscription. 

If you have a large or growing audience then the monthly cost is pretty irrelevant, especially if you have pay-per-view content as well as subscription costs. But, can you get the audience in the first place, and if so, is your content good enough to sell them a subscription and keep them month on month?


Online reviews

Subhub is a big site, and therefore all users have their own experience with the site. Most people, however, find this platform helpful and rewarding. 

Here are some of the pros and cons




i) It offers standard features for all the plans- Certain characteristics are common for all membership plans. 

ii) The site allows users to sell subscriptions and make some revenue. Most people pay to watch or learn several skills. You will, therefore, have constant subscriptions provided that your content is impressive. 

iii) Subhub offers everything that you need to build a subscription platform. Members can quickly build a website without coding. There are also several useful tools. The site is also hosted at no extra cost. 

iv) Subhub charges a subscription fee instead of a percentage of your earnings. Even though most people find this fee a little higher when starting, it is quite economical in the long run. 




i) Costly plans- Subhub is not cheap. The basic membership plan stands at $47, which is still on the higher side. Other plans, such as Premium costs a whole $147. It is, therefore, costlier than other options in the same category, especially when you are just starting. 


Is Subhub legit? 

Yes. Subhub is legit. This site allows users to build subscription sites and share their content with the world. It also has fully integrated payment options. 

Better Business Bureau has graded Subhub A+. 



Subhub is a decent option if you are building your subscription website. It’s easy to use and set up, has great customer service, and will enable you to leverage your content for cash!

Unlike a lot of other similar software, this one charges a flat monthly fee, with no extra charges.  Each payment plan has set features and moving between them is easy. A big bonus here is they don’t charge you a commission on your earnings, therefore, as you scale and grow your customer base your actual outgoings remain the same.

And that’s how it should be.  It’s your content, your ideas, your website.  Why give away your hard-earnt money to a software provider?! If you are a music teacher, running coach, fitness instructor, or chef, for example, you could use Subhub to teach people your skill. Your content and delivery have to be good and if it is you will find people from across the globe willing to pay you to teach them.

Everything you need is in one place with, from hosting, SSL certificate, password-protected areas, drip course content etc. If you have something you are passionate about, this would be an excellent site for showcasing it and earning some money. 


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