How To Make Money Using Tap2Earn

Can you make money using Tap2Earn?




You are probably looking into Tap2Earn as a potential source of passive income, especially if you are a frequent social media user.

Over the past few years, social media influencers have made vast sums of cash and left behind their old jobs and now focus solely on their profile.

If you have a decent number of followers, or are keen to build one, then you could also begin to earn some extra money.  The question is though, can Tap2Earn help?

In this review, we have covered all the questions you may have about the platform. 

We will also let you know whether the site is a scam and whether you should try it or not.

Let’s get started!


What is Tap2Earn?

Social media has created a wide range of careers of being a social media influencer. Many people have been able to make a good amount of money from being social media influencers. So, is Tap2Earn a good option when you are looking to become a social media influence?

The platform claims that it’s the #1 influencer network in the world that will help you make money online. Now that’s a big and bold claim!

They’re not alone with that outlandish statement, either.,, and Paid4Clout also state they’re the number one influencer network.

Davis O’Brien and Henry Chaplin allegedly created the company, and they claim the platform has over 10 years’ experience, but after extensive research, we realized that the domain was only activated in September 2019.



It also claims to have paid over $158m and has over 730k members. The information on the website’s home page is very scanty that we could not find much information.

We could not find any records of either founder of Tap2Earn, which is very unusual.  The only name records we could locate were from way back in the 1800s.

Something just isn’t right here! So, we dug a little deeper into their social media accounts.

Their Instagram profile has 18k followers, but only 4 posts?  Their Twitter account has 3000k but they haven’t posted anything for 8 months.

Scam alert, anyone?


How does Tap2Earn work?

The platform claims that you will make $10-$15 per person you share a link to. With 10 friends a day, you can make $500 every day! Sounds too good to be true, right? 

They also claim to pay $25 once you join. Sounds like an incredible way to make easy money! There are three ways to make money according to the site including;


  • Making referrals– this is the first and basic way of earning from the platform. The site promises to pay $2 per click and $10-15 for every successful referral. The amount they claim is ridiculously high for a referral. Most legit referral systems do not even pay for free clicks.  


  • Task wall– the task wall is a list of surveys you can complete and get $30. There are also other tasks, such as downloading apps and getting paid for it. Another red flag when you imagine that online surveys [ay less than a dollar for every survey you complete. 

The problem here is there are no surveys on the site. Once you click on the link provided, you will be redirected to third-party websites that will ask for your phone number. 

If you provide the number, you will receive promotional messages and get charged for them.


  • YouTube submissions– this task requires the user to create and publish a YouTube video about the site. Once your bae created a video that meets all their requirements, you will receive $50 in your account.


How to sign up to Tap2Earn

Signing up on the website is very simple. All you need is to go on the official website and click on the sign-up button. 

You will be required to provide some personal information, including your name, email address, and create a strong password. 

You also need to agree to the terms and conditions. The sign-up process is also 100% free of any hidden fees and commissions.


How much can you earn using Tap2Earn

The website claims that you will be welcomed with a $25 bonus just for signing up for an account. The referral system, which is the site’s main earning method, pays $2 per click through your link and $10-15 for every successful referral.

You will also be paid to complete surveys at $30 per survey. The site requires users to create a positive video about the company, and you will receive $50 when you make a video that meets all the requirements.

Tap2Earn claims they have strong network links with multi-national companies and they want you to promote their links (products) to your followers.  In exchange, they will handsomely pay you.

But where are they getting the money to pay you?  You’re not buying anything from them, the company isn’t paying Tap2Earn to have their links promoted, and it appears no one is buying or selling anything involving Tap2Earn!

Have a read of this below taken from their website.  It states the money is coming from ad revenue and sponsored products – $158m worth?  Doubtful, very doubtful.




It gets even more suspicious.  Remember those other websites we mentioned earlier that were also claiming to be the #1 influencer network?

Have a read of these:








The wording is the same – word for word.


How are you paid?

You can (won’t) get paid through;


  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Check


However, the website does not pay! When it comes down to pay the site gets weird. Funny that.

They have a fraud policy that they use to scam the users of their money. Once you have reached the payout threshold and try to withdraw your funds, the site will claim that you falsified some clicks or faked referrals and deny you the earnings.



The site only pays once you have a certain number of referrals and set limits to cash out. You also need to have taken part in the “surveys” to be paid.


Tap2Earn reviews



We cannot find anything positive about this site despite its big claims. However, here is a summary about Tap2Earn;


  1. Ghost founders


The site claims that the company was founded by a henry Chaplin and Davis O’Brien. However, when we googled the names, we can only find a Henry Chaplin and David O’Brien from the 1880s. Isn’t it alarming that founders of the number one influencer network do not have an online presence? The site does not have photos of the founder either!


  1. A chain of lies


The site claims that it was founded in 2013, but when you take a look at the domain, it shows it was recently registered. What’s the need for lying about the founding year?

The site also claims that they have a parent company called Zindex, according to their FAQ. Just like the founders, the company is nonexistent when you search on google.

The email address provided by the site is also fake and does not exist. There is no way to contact the #1 influencer network if you have any problems.

The site claims to have over ten years’ experience. If indeed it was founded in 2013 and it’s 2020, where ae the ten years of experience? They claim to have paid over $68 million, yet the internet is flooded with complaints of people who have not received their earnings.


Is Tap2Earn legit?

We would not recommend Tap2Earn to anyone. There are too many red flags to the site and claims of people who have not been paid.

The platform displays common scammer signs, including claiming unreasonable payment and a shoddy website. 

The website looks copy pasted when you compare it with scams such as WiredBucks and PaidLeaf. The only difference is the colors. 

The Better Business Bureau also holds no record of Tap2Earn.

Do we recommend it? No!


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