How To Make Money Using The Close5 App

Can you make money using the Close5 app?


The Close5 app is an eBay alternative enabling you to buy and sell stuff locally with others near you.



There are several inventive ways that you can use to raise extra income at the comfort of your house, provided that you have a smartphone and a good internet connection. 

Today we will take a look at one of these means- Close5. 

As always, our review is from the perspective of how good it is to make some extra cash.  Side gigs need to be flexible, reliable, and consistent.

You may not become rich but so long as you know what to expect and it doesn’t take too much effort then it’ll pass as a recommended gig.

So, how does the Close5 app rate?


What is the Close5 app?




Close5 is an application that allows you to sell a range of items locally to your neighbors to make some income. It is an eBay local marketplace and is run by the eBay classified group. I am pretty sure that you now have a clear idea of what it is.

This app was founded in 2014 and has managed to reach a total of 5 million downloads on the Google Playstore with a good rating. 

It boasts of over 36,000 reviews from different users, which we will summarize at the end of our article.


What is the Close5 website like?

It has an excellent user interface, which is divided into different parts. The outlay looks pretty decent right from the first interaction, which is the account creation screen. 

There is a background artwork that looks superb, with amazing buttons.

It is mobile-friendly, responsive, and easy to navigate.


How to sign up to Close5

The first thing that users meet on opening the app for the first time is the account creation screen. You also get the chance to sign up via Facebook, which is pretty easy and secure. 

You will be referred to the local hub of the app when you choose to connect with Facebook and key in your details.

In case you choose the normal sign up procedure, the app will only ask for your email address(which is optional) and password. 

You will then get an email briefing you about some basic information regarding the app, which is quite useful, especially for beginners. 


How to earn money using Close5

This app allows you to make some income by selling a range of belongings. It is arranged in several category options such as:


  • furniture
  • home goods
  • fashion
  • baby and kids
  • groceries
  • Bicycle
  • Collection and arts
  • among many others. 


There is a drop-down menu at the top-left hand corner of the app which reads ‘New Listing.’ 

On clicking this, the app will direct you to a camera so that you can take a picture of what you are selling, without having to exit the app.

Users also get a library option, which allows them to choose a random picture from their phone memory and upload. 

You will then be given a form detailing more information about the item that you have to fill. You are required to input the price, location, item description, and decide whether or not you need the item to be posted on the Facebook market place. 

All you need to od is to save and permit the application to post your listing.

This app also allows you to manage all your listings from the profile section and view them once they have been sold.


How much can you earn? 

Close5 allows you to set your price, making it pretty flexible. You, therefore, choose what to earn on a product. It is quite different from most similar options, which have a quotation formula, which is mostly disadvantageous. 

The app also allows for in-app private communication between sellers and buyers. You can talk to your prospect and agree on a price once he or she shows interest in the product. It is, therefore, more of a digital marketplace, where prices are not fixed.

You will earn more if you have more listings. What you get at the end of the day depends on the product you choose to sell and the market opportunities. You can also choose to give a discount on your asking price, which is quite flexible for customers.


How are you paid?

Close5 has no in-app payment, and therefore, buyers and clients have to arrange a meeting and transact. It is a safer and pretty secure method of buying goods from strangers.

Also, all the site considers your geographical location, which means that all your buyers will be from the same place. You don’t have to travel far and wide to meet a prospect.

This way, buyers are assured of quality since they can inspect the goods before purchasing. Fortunately, the app allows you to a range a meeting with the interested party thanks to their reliable in-app chat platform.


Any restrictions?

Close5 has a geographical restriction. You can only sell to those around your geographical location. Keep in mind that it is a local marketplace, and therefore, your audience are those living around you. This has its pros and cons.


Close5 online reviews


This app has a good rating on Google Playstore. Several people find it pretty cool and convenient. Most of them applaud it because it connects you to buyers around you, saving you time and energy. 

You can, therefore, easily get rid of things that you are no longer using. It also has a fast and easy setup, which users appreciate. 

The connect with Facebook’ option directly brings you to the app’s main interface, especially if you are already logged in. You don’t even need an e-mail address unless you choose to.

It also has a great user interface that users find amazing. You can easily access all the good collections, your listing, and all the features without a sweat. The sign-in page also has amazing artwork, making it aesthetically pleasing. 

Lastly, sellers applaud this application because it is safe and secure. Both parties can communicate and arrange for a meeting once a sale has been agreed upon, which prevents misunderstandings. There is also a comment section in the listings where parties can provide their honest feedback.



Some people also find flaws with this app. It only allows users to sign up with Facebook, limiting other means such as Twitter and Google+, which many users frequent. 

The limited user base is also a big concern since people in the same geographical location can only access your listings.

Is Close5 legit?

Yes. Close5 is a legit application that has existed for quite some time. It offers you an opportunity to sell to those around you easily, which will help you decide to declutter your house. 


The big drawback for Close5 is the thing it stands for.  You can only sell to your neighbors and so if you live in a rural setting, or small town, then you are at a big disadvantage.

With sites like eBay, you can sell the same stuff, for the same price, with the same amount of effort, to anyone across the country.

Of course, it is only going to make you money if you have things to sell and there are is, by chance, someone near to you willing to buy it.

We recommend eBay for this as the audience reach is so much higher and the transactions can be made online, which reduces the time needed to make money,


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