How To Make Money Using The Cocoa Exchange

Can you make money using The Cocoa Exchange?


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Do you like chocolate?  Stupid question, right!  We all like chocolate and some people love it, and that’s what makes this proposition from The Cocoa Exchange so appealing.

In case you have ever thought of quitting the 9-5 schedule and focusing on an income-generating plan that you can work on without leaving your home, then this is the right time. Several online sites like this exist. 

In this article, we will take a look at one of these – The Cocoa Exchange. This company, just like you must have imagined, is food-related. Therefore, it is a marketing company that allows you to make some income by promoting their products. 

We have reviewed them purely from the angle of how good an opportunity it is for you to earn extra money as a side gig.  Here are our thoughts!


What is The Cocoa Exchange?

It was founded by Mars, Inc in 2017 and has, over the years, garnered several reviews and ratings. It focuses on cocoa and chocolate, which are many people’s favorites. 

Mars was born 100+ years ago and is a household brand name and they are responsible for M&Ms, Snickers, and other products.  The Cocoa Exchange fills a niche their other brands can’t as these products sell best by being demonstrated in person, and not just stacked on a shelf and sold in every store.

The Cocoa Exchange is up-market and works with the best curators to bring the ultimate gourmet chocolate directly to the customer’s door.  It’s unlikely a Snickers is given as a birthday or holiday gift, but products from The Cocoa Exchange definitely could be and it’s that niche that Mars has got into with this brand.

Let’s see whether you can make some good money off this site or not. 



What products does The Cocoa Exchange sell?

The Cocoa Exchange strongly focuses on chocolate, which is widely endorsed and loved in equal measure. Well, it deals in cocoa, but the form of chocolate.  The company’s primary goal is to provide consumers with attractive and tasty products. 

It has high-quality chocolate with different flavors, fillings, and combinations, giving customers a wide range of products. Besides chocolate, this company also deals in desserts, snacks, and a range of mixology products. Out of these, we would suggest that you try the barbecue sauce, which looks pretty amazing!

The Cocoa Exchange targets people who love spoiling themselves and have enough disposable income to regularly treat themselves and others. The products come in small sizes, mostly 7 or 9 pieces, and they are not highly-priced, so you can bank on the fact that people will be willing to buy them from you. 

For example, a seven-piece butter toffee will cost roughly 15 dollars, which is not that bad. Likewise, a nine-piece sea salt caramel collection goes for $18. You won’t miss someone to sell to. 

How to make money with The Cocoa Exchange

The first method of making money is by selling the company’s products. Remember, the site was formed to create a more natural path into the direct selling market. Once you find the right audience, be sure that you will make fabulous sales. 

Sell The Cocoa Exchange products

Chocolate is a consumable product and people will buy more if they like it and on a fairly regular basis too.  The Cocoa Exchange is aiming itself at those people with disposable income and who enjoy spending it on high-quality items.

You earn commission as you sell. This information will help you ascertain whether or not this is a viable option. The basic commission rate it offers sellers is 25% on sales, which can increase to 40%. This is pretty fair, but keep in mind that other companies such as Norwex offer around 35%. 

To remedy this, most of the sales will come from the customers making orders through you. You don’t, therefore, have to buy the products and keep them in your possession, and if you make sales totaling to $2000 in a month, you earn an extra 5% commission, which translates to a 30% commission rate. 

However, to make such an amount by selling chocolate in a month, you have to go out for your way.  Not having to purchase stock to sell on is a real bonus here, especially as the product has a shelf-life.  You may not know, initially, which product will sell best and so you could waste time and money on irrelevant stock for your clientele. 


the cocoa exchange


Make money building a team

Since this is a multi-level marketing company (MLM), you can also choose to make some good money by building a team. This will help you raise a pretty decent income that can sustain you.  Therefore, start recruiting members as early as possible so that they can recruit others who will make sales and earn you passive income. 

You will earn money from your team members when you choose to recruit. For any sales they make, you get a commission rate of 3-5% depending on how your team is structured and the success it has achieved. 

This means that you will make more money as your team grows since the company also has several bonuses. However, it would be best if you remembered several other chocolate brands that consumers are loyal to. You will have to up your game to stay afloat. 

It would also help if you kept in mind that some of your recruits will be selling to your audience. Therefore, think through this before deciding whether to incorporate a team or not. 


How much is The Cocoa Exchange to join?

We’re never a fan of paying money to make money, it kind of defeats the object!  There is a joining fee with this platform, which is standard practice for MLM’s.

The minimum amount is $99 for their Essential Kit or $49 for their Digital Kit.  These kits provide you the basis to get up and running, with business supplies and products.

the cocoa exchange

What are the ongoing costs with The Cocoa Exchange?

Like companies in its category, The Cocoa Exchange works through a party model. You have to host parties and invite your friends and family along as you earn rewards and discounts.  You will make more sales this way and induce product pressure on customers. 

This sounds like a good idea, but you will be shocked at the cost. Remember, you will pay for the used samples and all the other things that your guests will use. Now, try to imagine covering all these costs without making any sales. Ridiculous, right? 

Remember, you are trying to lure people into buying these products, and therefore, billing them for attending will not be a good idea. Apart from hosting the parties, you have to pay $129 for the starter kit, which is pretty expensive. 

Keep in mind that you are also required to buy products worth $250 each month, which may be hard to achieve. Honestly, this is higher than most MLMs, and the fact that it is mostly chocolates makes it worse. 

Therefore, hosting more parties may be a good move, but keep in mind that it is also expensive. Are you willing to go down that road? 

Even if you have a great team working hard and bringing in money for you, you still have a personal responsibility to remain active as a Curator.  During 6 months, you will have to achieve at least $600 in sales revenue.

To be fair to The Cocoa Exchange, that is not hard to achieve.  It’s $100 a month and if you aren’t active for half the year is this an opportunity you’re that passionate about?


The Cocoa Exchange online reviews 

The Cocoa Exchange is an MLM, and therefore, you should expect as many reviews as possible. People have different views and opinions. Some of the selling points include the generous money-making options. You can build a team and earn a good income. 

Also, you are allowed to improve your commission rate when you make more sales. The basic rate starts at 25% but can go as high as 40%, which is pretty admirable.

On the other hand, people also have several complaints. 

One, the ongoing costs are too much. You are expected to finance your hosted parties and pay a ridiculous price for the starter kit; therefore, most people complain that this is not viable when you weigh the amount you will be making and spending. 

Is The Cocoa Exchange legit? 

Yes. The Cocoa Exchange is a legit platform that allows you to make some money by making chocolate sales.



Working within any MLM presents challenges, positives, and negatives, and rather than recommend them we prefer to lay out the facts to you so you can make an informed decision.  There will be some who say they’re the best thing ever, whilst others lose interest and end up losing money.

Your situation is different from somebody else’s as we all have our own experiences, passions, and ideas on how to make this work.  What this will take is hard work, dedication, commitment, and drive.

The Cocoa Exchange will provide you with the necessary support and training to be successful, but it will be down to you to get out there and make sales and build your team.

The chocolate is amazing and you should get regular repeat business, but you have to weigh up the time and effort to build your client base against the reward.  How long it’ll take you to earn enough to cover any start-up and initial costs is anybody’s guess.  But, it can be done.


Is there a better way to make money online?

We believe there is an easier way to earn more money with a sustainable plan that will keep you earning a reliable income for years.  

Ever heard of ClickBank?

This is where you can promote other peoples products, just as you would be with The Cocoa Exchange, but this time it’s all online and done from the comfort of your own home.  No stress of getting dressed up to host a party after a long day at work, here!

The process is relatively straightforward.  Choose a niche, such as Health & Fitness, and then promote a product of your choice.  You can do this in several ways, for example via Social Media, YouTube, or our favorite way, your website.

All niches are well covered with loads of products per category, so don’t worry you will find one you like!

Take a look at some products we found on ClickBank just now.


clickbank products


There are so many to choose from and the commission per sale is way higher than selling chocolates will ever be, between 50-75% per sale.  

The best thing – it’s all digital-based and so you don’t have to buy inventory, worry about running out of stock, or pay joining fees.  ClickBank is free to join and use. 

The best products also give you all the tools you need to be successful.  For instance, they’ll give you articles to place on your website, emails to send your subscribers, videos to promote on YouTube, banner ads, and so on.

All for FREE!


Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion

Introducing our favorite method…

Put the right product in front of the right person and the commission will roll in, time and time again.

But, that’s the hard part.  So many people try and fail at this – because they do it wrong.  

Do it the right way, from the beginning, and your chances of success are HIGH.  It’s not unheard of for newbies to earn $1000 A DAY.  How many boxes of chocolates is that?

As with anything new, you will have to learn how it all works and there’ll be some failings along the way.  

What if we told you there was a training system that eliminates mistakes?  That you could cut and paste their successful business into yours?  The Cocoa Exchange can’t offer that!

ClickBank University is hands down the best affiliate marketing training out there.  They have curated an online package so detailed it does not leave anything to chance.

It’s so good, even top gurus like John Crestani, reference it!  It is the only training offered by ClickBank and given that it is the largest affiliate network in the world it kind of makes sense to use their training.

You can find out about it in our review:  What is ClickBank University 2.0?


Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion

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