How To Make Money Using The Forum Wheel

Can you make money using The Forum Wheel platform?


the forum wheel


The Forum Wheel hires people to post content onto online forums and they will pay you per post.

People everywhere are trying to diversify their earnings, which is why work from home jobs have become very popular. There are so many jobs you can do from the comfort of your home that it’s challenging to know which is legit and which is not. 

In this Forum wheel review, we will take a look at everything you need to know about the platform, how you can sign up, and whether we recommend it as a paid side hustle.  We will also let you know whether it’s a scam or not and what current users have to say. 

For us to recommend a paid side gig, it has to be flexible, reliable, and consistent.  It may not, on its own, replace your monthly income but so long as you know how much time it’ll take you for the pay you receive then that’s ok.

Sadly, there are just way too many scammy survey sites that will get you working hours on end for an absolute pittance. Let’s see how The Forum Wheel stacks up.

Take a look!


What is The Forum Wheel?


The Forum Wheel is a site that pays people to write reviews, content, and post in online forums and communities. The concept is pretty different compared to the typical gigs we are used to. 

Forum owners pay the platform to connect to writers to add reviews and opinions to keep the forum active. The success of a forum is in updating new content often, not letting it go stale, and getting people active in their discussions.



The platform also provides the forum owners with a service as they get new visitors to their platforms.  Forums are a bit old hat now and were popular when the internet was starting.  Nowadays, social media platforms, such as Facebook, have replaced them and the discussion is had there instead.

But, forums still have their place, especially in a good niche where people with common interests come together to discuss things.  Quora is essentially a forum.

For the forum owner more traffic mean more revenue, from ads or a product they’re selling, and because the users are interested in that niche it makes any sales pitch easier.


How does The Forum Wheel work?

The site requires its writers to join online forums and communities and add comments or topics to the forum. The more you contribute to the forum, the more you get paid. 

The platform is ideal for anyone who likes joining forums, adding content, and interacting with community members by offering your opinions and topics to be discussed.

The Forum Wheel specifically asks for writers but there are no strict requirements in joining.  A good understanding of English, spelling, and grammar is what they are seeking.


How to sign up to The Forum Wheel

The signup process is free and straightforward. The process is long, but there are very simple and easy to follow instructions that can be followed. 

Here is how to signup;


  • Set up a free account on the official website.
  • Confirm your email. Once you have activated your account, you will receive instructions to follow to register your account.
  • Create an account at The Forum Wheel Gateway.
  • Write 10 posts on forums
  • Wait for a response from the team.


You need to create two accounts, so it’s vital that all the information matches. You also need to link your accounts so your activity can be tracked.

The 10 initial posts will be checked for accuracy, spelling, and grammar and a moderator will review them.  You’ll be notified either way by email.

Fingers crossed your posts make it through as you will then be granted access to the paid area of the website.


How much can you earn with The Forum Wheel?

There is no limit to what you can earn working for The Forum Wheel. The more posts you make on different platforms, the more you stand to make. You will earn credits for every post you make in a forum or online community, and every post is equivalent to one credit.

The credits can then be exchanged for money, with one credit equivalent to $0.05. Every post, however, varies between $0.05-$0.13, depending on the ratings you have. 

You can build your rating over time, depending on the number of posts you submit.

The rating system runs through from 1-5, which reflects the quality of writing you provide. The higher the ratings you get, the better you get paid. It’s, therefore, important to ensure your grammar and writing skills are sharp!


Refer others for higher earnings

The Forum Wheel operates a good referral system and this is where you can boost your income considerably.  You are given a 20% points bonus per sign up and also 20% commission of their earnings.

These can add over time so the more referrals you make the better.  You can advertise your link on your website, social media accounts, email signature, etc.


How are you paid?

The platform pays in two ways when you want to exchange your points for money;


PayPal – the first way to get paid is through PayPal. PayPal is a simple and convenient payment method compared to other methods. Each point you earn from posting a review is equivalent to $0.05.

With 100 points, you can make $5. The good thing is there is no minimum cash out, so you can get paid immediately you start earning.


Monthly jackpot – the monthly jackpot is the second way to use your points. Each entry to the jackpot costs $2 only, and the more entries, the higher your chances of winning. 

Every entry also increases the jackpot price. At the end of the month, a lucky winner is chosen and gets around $5.


Are there any restrictions?

Availability – the forum wheel is not available worldwide, limiting potential writers in some parts of the world who would like to use the platform.

We could not find any other restriction on the platform as the site has no age limit or set a limit to be able to withdraw. 

You can also withdraw your earnings at any time and day. Its also not limited to English forums as the site allows non-English forums.


The Forum Wheel online reviews

Users are generally happy about the Forum Wheel, especially because it’s something different. The idea of getting paid to post forums is not as common as paid surveys ad secret shopping. 

However, we came across several complaints about the platform. 

Take a look;




  • There is no limit to what you can make on this platform. The more you post, the more credits you earn.


  • No minimal withdrawal threshold to meet. Also, you can withdraw your earnings are any time.


  • No minimum age to start making money. Whether you are a teenager stuck at home or a stay at home mom, you can always sign up to the platform.


  • Non- English forums are also allowed on the platform.


  • Quick approval, even for beginner writers.





  • Minimal income- the earnings you can make from this website are very minimal. Every forum you write and post earns you one point, and you need 100 points to earn $0.05. Luckily, you don’t need to meet any threshold to withdraw your money.


  • The signup process is challenging- although you can sign up to the site for free, you need to follow a lot of steps to complete the process. 


  • Signing up takes up to 1-hour minimum, after which you need to await approval.


  • You need to post ten whopping times to complete the process. 


  • You also need to ensure that every detail match in both accounts. 


  • There are limited forums to write to in the beginning. The most you can find as a beginner will be five, but the number increases as you get reviewed. The forums fluctuate also depending on the season.


Is The Forum Wheel legit?

Yes, The Forum Wheel is legit! There are tons of positive reviews from people who have used the platform and earned from it. There are also no complaints of payments as the company pays the writers diligently. 

We recommend this platform, especially if you are just looking for passive income, and you love to contribute quality opinions and forums.



The Forum Wheel is a legitimate way to earn some extra cash online, with the minimum being $.0.05 per post you write, however that increases with your rating on the platform.

For the top-level 5, you will earn 2.5 points per post written, which converts to around $0.13.

The problem we see is you aren’t going to be able to rely on this as a way of earning enough income to make a difference.  To get to level 5 it’s going to take dedication and time on the platform, but even then the higher-earning per post is not amazing.

This will take some time as well as each post needs to be written well and therefore your hourly rate is low.  Each forum post will need to be around 25-50 words.

There’s also a problem with the amount of forums available for you to post comments on.  Higher-level users will have access to the entire site so this will slow your progress down further.

That being said, it’s an interesting concept and if you like giving opinions this is a decent alternative to a survey site.

Go in with low expectations to avoid disappointment and think of the money a small bonus!


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