How To Make Money Using The iPoll App

Can you make money using iPoll app?


ipoll app


Fancy earning some cool free rewards just for giving your opinion?  The iPoll app could be for you. You can easily make money from your phone or laptop provided that you have a good internet connection. 

Therefore, we have something for you if you cannot make ends meet your monthly wage. In this article, we will conduct a detailed review of the iPoll app, one of the most common money making sites. But, does it meet our strict criteria to be recommended?

Taking surveys online is very popular, and is needed.  Without you giving an opinion then future products won’t be launched, made better, improved, or tweaked.

However, your opinion should not be taken advantage of!  Sadly, a lot of these websites just don’t value you enough to pay you a living wage.  We’ve seen pay per survey as low as $0.001!

So, let’s take a deep dive into the iPoll app and see if you can make money using it.



What is the iPoll app? 

iPoll is a mobile application that allows you to earn some money by taking part in surveys. It is free for both iPhone and Android users in case you are worried about the ‘I’ in the name. 

Most of the surveys offered can be completed during your weekly shopping trips to save you the effort. This application was founded in 2008 and was formally known as Survey Head. It is owned and operated by Dynata. 

It’s available from Google Play Store where it has amassed over 1 million installs.  Not too shabby!


ipoll app

How to sign up for the iPoll App

You will have to download and install the application before you become a member. The registration process is free and pretty relaxed. All you need to provide is a few necessary information to help build your profile. You will qualify for surveys depending on the information you provide at the time of registration. 


How to earn money using the iPoll app

Companies use this site to obtain information about their products. Feedback from potential customers is invaluable to them and it helps them consistently evolve. iPoll, therefore, pays you for taking part in surveys about these products. 

There are several polls you will take part in due to a large number of partnering brands and companies. You’ll earn more if you take part in polls that require you to be in a particular place at the said time. 

For example, you can make a cool $20 for a survey that requires you to be present in Woolworths or Target, but the app has to ascertain your location before paying you.

You may need to be present inside a theater for some movie surveys. Therefore, an excellent hack that can help you net well-paying polls is leaving your phone’s location on. 

You might be lucky enough to land a survey while on your routine shopping ventures. Please do not freak out. Most of these polls, or missions, are easy. You might be required to photograph a particular product to confirm its location in the store for a cool ten dollars. 

At times, you will also be required to answer questions regarding a specific product. You are notified when you get a new poll, complete with the estimated duration of the survey. You will also know the offer’s details beforehand so that you know how much you will get and when it will expire before accepting it. 

You’ll also be notified if you coincidentally happen to be in or near a place with a participating survey. The application, therefore, increases your chances of making money. How amazing? 

How much can you earn using iPoll App? 

The surveys pay well. You can make a good side income from this app. You can qualify for surveys of up to $30 when you join the app. Most of the surveys offer $5-$ 10 dollars, which is pretty fair given the nature of the work. 

You’ll easily end up with $100 a month, which is better than what you can earn in other online survey platforms – way better!


How will you be paid? 

This application provides two payment avenues. You can either choose to get your money via PayPal or convert it into rewards. You can view all the options from the website. Keep in mind that these options vary with your balance. You are only eligible for PayPal if you have a balance of $50. 

Other options include shoe store gift certificates and magazine subscriptions. You can also qualify for a VISA or Amazon gift card. 

Are there any restrictions?

One would expect that this site has geographical restrictions since it works with select brands and stores, which is not the case. iPoll is not only accessible in the USA but also the world over. 

The only disadvantage is that non-US members have fewer opportunities of making money since most of the stores are located in the Us and its environs.

What are iPoll reviews like?

iPoll has its fair share of advantages deducing from the thousands of online reviews. Don’t forget this has over 1 million downloads and over 22,000 reviews on Google.  It has an overall rating of 4 / 5, which is superb!

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons we have established. 



It is free to join

Users love this application because it is free to join, which allows them to take their chances. 

You won’t also lose your money if you take a break from the app, which is not the same on other platforms.


Reasonable payment

Users also applaud this site because it pays well. 

iPoll app pays more than most of the survey platforms. You even get a free $5 if you sign up. How amazing can a platform be? 


Multiple payment options

The IPoll app has several payment options, making it a darling among users. You still qualify for different rewards if you don’t meet the $50 PayPal threshold. 


It has no earning limits

iPoll does not limit the number of surveys you can undertake. 

You will continue earning as long as you qualify for different studies. You even get invites to relevant polls depending on your location. 



Users love the fact that you can efficiently complete the surveys using a mobile phone. 

Most online surveys require users to have a laptop or computer, which makes them less flexible. 



Several features do not appeal to users. 


Long payment duration

The fact that you have to wait for a month before your payment is processed is a big turn off for several users. 

You will get inconvenienced if you depend on the earnings from this site. 


May not qualify for surveys

Even though the platform has thousands of surveys, there are some that you do not qualify for. 

You can, therefore, get frustrated as you look for surveys. 


Low pay

This site pays well, but users still insist that the amount is relatively low. You won’t also land lucrative products always. 

Is iPoll app legit? 

Yes. iPoll app is legit. You can make some good income by participating in surveys about different products. The app even notifies you if you are in the right geographical position for a particular survey. 

The Better Business Bureau has graded Dynata A+, which is great.



As survey sites go this is one of the best out there – period!

The opportunity is there for everyone as it’s a worldwide platform.  The iPoll app has tons of surveys to take part in and the pay is decent for the work expected.

Because it’s an app it’s flexible and you can contribute wherever you are.  For example, on the bus into work, sat on the couch of an evening, or during your lunch break (or desk!). It’s free to join and there are no fees for membership.  

If we were being very picky we would like to see a referral mechanism where you earn for friends, family, others joining.  It would be great to see, like some other platforms, a percentage of their lifetime earnings paid to you too.

But, that is being greedy! We guess they do not need the affiliate scheme as the app is already very popular.

One issue that may affect is some glitches in the app as reported recently by some disgruntled users.  The issue appears to have been their latest update which hasn’t been downloaded correctly on some devices and is causing some angst.

On the whole, iPoll seems a fantastic opportunity for you to earn $50-100 each month with minimal effort,  and so it gets our full recommendation.

Download away!


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