How To Make Money Using Trim

Can you make money using the Trim app?


Welcome to our Trim reviews article. Have you ever thought of the idea of making money by saving money? Allow us to explain! On an average day, you will find yourself subscribing to services that make life simpler, like Netflix, Hulu, or even Uber. Such subscriptions make life easier and, initially, save you time and money. 

With time, it gets challenging to keep up with all these subscriptions and you end up paying for services you are not using anymore.  Just like that gym membership!

That’s where the Trim app comes in. But the question is, can you save decent money using it, or is it a gimmick that will only save you a pittance?

Read on to find out everything you should know about the app!


What is the Trim app?

Trim is an app that was developed in 2015 by the founder and CEO, Thomas Smyth. The goal of the platform is to help users save their money in a simple but effective way. The app claims to have helped users save over $40 million in bills, subscriptions, and items you would not easily notice. 

As Trim became popular it began getting to grips with larger finance issues such as debt management, savings, and retirement.

Trim has featured in The New York Times and NBC News.


How does Trim work?

Trim is an all automated financial app that helps with financial management. The app is designed to track and manage expenses and negotiate bills such as cable, internet, and phone. The platform offers both free and paid services even though downloading it is absolutely free.


Trim Free Plan

The free plan is only suitable for those who want to track their finances and get notified of recurring subscriptions. The plan comes with a fully customized dashboard that shows all your financial information, overdraft notifications, spending alerts, and reminders, and even cancellation of unnecessary subscriptions. 


Trim Premium Plan

The premium plan costs $10 a month and comes with the following features;


  • Medical bill negotiation- the app will call offices and get you better rates for your medical bills. For instance, when you are planning to see an optician, dentists, etc.


  • Bank negotiation- the app will contact your bank and negotiate better rates for your credit cards, lower fees, etc. The app will also automate the credit card payments to companies and subscriptions to reduce the debt faster.


  • Subscription cancellation- Trim will assess all your transactions and single out the recurring subscription you are not using then automatically cancel them for you.


  • Financial coach- you can get access to financial guidance and coach anytime through email. You can also ask all your questions through email.


Trim comes with more features with the premium plan. Some services are charged at a flat rate while others are charged depending on how much the app saves for you.


How much can you save using Trim?

The amount you can save with the app is unclear as it depends on the individual circumstances. It’s more beneficial for some people than others, but it’s definitely a platform for everyone as we all subscribe to things.

Trim works on the idea of smarter spending, debt management, and more savings. The app does not offer anything you cannot do on your own, but most times, we don’t have the time to follow through with some things the app automatically does for you.


How to sign up to Trim

The sign-up process is pretty straightforward. The app is free, and so is signing up. Sign up by downloading the app for free onto your smartphone or computer. You will then need to submit your personal details such as name and email address. 

You also need to add your bank account information to the app. The app is safe and heavily encrypted so you can relax! They use a 256-bit SSL encrypted, two-factor authentication, and read-only access to keep your data safe.  Trim never stores your details on their servers.

The app will then scan your bank information to detect recurring transactions, subscriptions, and overdrafts. You can always cancel membership to the platform at any time and canceling will delete your account information and personal details you had submitted.


How much does Trim cost?

Trim is designed to save your coins in ways you will normally not notice. The app comes with its own high price tag. The good thing is that trim does not pocket anything until it has helped you save money. What do we mean?

We have discussed how the app works, so when it uncovers some better deals for you, it will pocket 33% of the annual savings. For instance, say Trim saves you $15 per month, making it $180 a year, they will take 33%, which is $59.40. How fair is that? If they don’t find anything to save for you, they will take absolutely nothing.

The good thing about this money is it’s under the category of “found money”, which is money that you did not expect to have. The app takes its commission only from the money it will save you, so it will still be a  winner for you in the long run!

You must also factor in how long it would take you to negotiate a better subscription price.  Our best guess is at least an hour for each as you normally have to ring to cancel/amend.  Trim will automatically scan for better deals and negotiate on your behalf, and you only pay them if you agree to the new deal.

So, weigh up how many subscriptions you currently have and how many hours each year it’ll take you to amend or cancel them.  That’s the hidden saving here by using Trim as they are your personal financial expert.


Trim online reviews

Users absolutely love the app! The users are impressed with how effective and relatively affordable the app is, considering you don’t need to dig into your pockets to pay for the services. The platform is also very safe, meaning all your data will be protected! There are some pros and cons of the app.


  • You save money by canceling subscriptions you may have forgotten about.
  • The app functions as a financial planner hence assessing and managing your finances.
  • The app comes with features very different from similar applications such as bill negotiation and canceling subscriptions.
  • The app has an easy to use interface and simple design, making it easy to use for beginners.
  • The app saves you time by negotiating lower interest rates and bills for you.
  • Trim guarantees a 90-day cashback if you are not happy with the money you have saved or anything about the app.



  • There are no tools for investors like similar finance apps.
  • You cannot set goals about your savings plan.
  • The charges are a bit on the upper side though it’s still a profit in the long run!


Is Trim legit?

Yes, the app is legit. Downloading this app is like having a personal financial planner at your fingertips. The best thing is it’s a financial planner that does not scold or judge. The app is suitable for everyone. The free plan is for anyone who wants to track their spending habits and get alerted about subscriptions they may have forgotten about. 

It’s almost impossible not to save money by using Trim.  Most companies offer their best rates and deals to new customers and after 12 months, or whatever the renewal date, the subscription premium goes sky-high.

Trim will re-negotiate the terms and all you have to do is agree, or not.  Trim will sort out everything on your behalf.

You can also choose the bill negotiation service and let the app keep a third of the savings they make. The premium app has advanced features we have talked about above. Your data is kept secure and is never sold.

We recommend the app because it saves for you and pays itself. How cool is that? Try the Trim app today!


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