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Can you make money using TryMyUI?




TryMyUI is one of several websites that will pay you to test our apps and websites.  It’s a growing area. Companies will outsource a lot of their customer feedback, and market research, to organizations like TryMyUI, and to attract the right demographic try and tempt you in with some cash!

TryMyUI aren’t alone in this field, we recently reviewed Intellizoom, WhatUsersDo, and Userlytics who will also pay you to be a tester. This article aims to establish just how good of a money-making deal is it, does it meet the criteria to be recommended and whether you can earn consistently by being a tester.

Let’s find out.


What is TryMyUI?



TryMyUI is an online user testing platform that offers a remote testing usability platform that allows cross-platform services that are affordable for testing and improving the user experience. User testing is a way for designers and developers to see how users or people are interacting with their apps and on websites in real-life.

It was founded in 2010 and this platform brings people who own businesses, app creators, and web developers together with testers (real-world users) intending to improve digital products. The relationship between developers and users is the root of the evolution of the digital world that we all use.


What TryMyUI tests.

TryMyUI is quite a big organization and so it offers a vast array of web testing.

The main ones being:

  • Live websites
  • Beta sites
  • Mobile apps, both Android and iOS.
  • Android APKs
  • Mobile websites, both for Android and iOS
  • Competitor’s websites

We like this because it offers you the chance to earn across multiple platforms, and potentially, whilst on the go using your mobile device.


How does TryMyUI work?




TryMyUI is one of the many ways to make money online through user testing. To join the platform, you need to sign up first using their website. 


Signing up for TryMyUI

To sign up for TryMyUI, all you’ll need to do is provide your name, your email address, and then create a password. After confirming your email, you will be required to provide some demographic information. The use of this demographic information is to enable TryMyUI to match you with relevant tests. 

Remember, companies will be very specific about the type of people they want feedback from and so TryMyUI has to match you accordingly. Once you key in your demographic information, download the TryMyUI recorder. 

This recorder will record your screen, the movement of your mouse, and your voice. Although this step is optional, it is recommended to undertake it. After downloading the TryMyUI recorder, you’ll go through a qualification test.

Before you take the qualification test, you can watch a sample video that is one minute long. This video gives you a bit of insight as to what the website and the test takes roughly twenty minutes to complete. 



How to complete the test

Download the test file found within your account area. The first step in starting the test is downloading the file that has the instructions and tasks you will require for the test. TryMyUI provides you with a link to download the file, and it’s all easy to access.

Before you open the test file, make sure the recorder software is downloaded and running. The recorder software must be installed since you will need to do a soundcheck when you launch the test file. Review the instructions and, if possible, have them printed out so you can check on them as you do your test. 

Once you have opened the test file, a new window will open. The launching of the website marks the start of your user test. 


What do you do to earn money?

You earn money at TryMyUI by being a user tester. You will need to record yourself talking about the site, answering specific questions the client has posed, and performing tasks the client wants. Although you will be recording it is only your voice and there’s no requirement for you to show your face.

You give your feedback to a client who owns a website that deals with a certain product. Once you qualify after your test, you start receiving work through your email. 

Tests are administered to users who fit the demographic the client requires. Customers are advised by TryMyUI to order between 4-6 tests. That means a job goes to the first 4-6 testers who receive an email. Clients rate the testers. A client may fail to be satisfied with a test when the tester provides information that is not good, or the sound quality was poor.

If clients are not satisfied, TryMyUI allows them to give the tester a two-stars or lower rating. TryMyUI then provides the clients with a replacement test without charging them. The job then goes to the next person waiting in the queue, and the tester who failed is not paid. 

This is the downside to this website as you are in the hands of the client as to whether you get paid. You may not know the sound quality is poor or the feedback you provide not quite what the client wants, and so you end up wasting your time without being paid.

There is a very detailed FAQ section found on their website which answers a lot of questions regarding the tests clients can arrange.


How much can you earn with

TryMyUI pays $10 per test, and each test lasts for around twenty minutes. Before you earn this money, you are required to answer four standard questions or four questions that the client has provided. These questions could add 5-15 minutes to your time depending on the questions and how detailed your answers are.

Before you take a test at TryMyUI, you should be sure you have ample time to complete the test as once started you have to finish to get paid. According to TryMyUI, the number of tests you expect each week is just a couple, perhaps less if you aren’t in the demographics the client needs.

That amounts to a total that is less than a hundred dollars per month. User testing, therefore, cannot replace a full-time job. 

What online user testing does is provide an additional source of income to people, and more so freelancers.


How are you paid?

For you to be paid, your test must first be approved then cleared for payment. The deposits are made through PayPal every Friday.


Is TryMyUI legit?

The question of whether TryMyUI is legit is one that many people ask. The answer to this question is yes, TryMyUI is legit. It is a legitimate company based in the States that has been in operation for ten years and works with some pretty big clients.

TryMyUI has even been featured in major publications such as Huffington Post. This website is not a scam, and you do not need to pay anything to join the platform.


TryMyUI reviews

There are mixed reviews about TryMyUI, which is not unusual for a company like this. Some people highly rate them while others are of a different opinion. Some people have unrealistic earning expectations when they initially join and this leads to disappointment!



The Better Business Bureau has graded this company an F, which is terrible.




Pros of TryMyUI


  • It is free to join the platform and easy to sign up.
  • Using TryMyUI is an easy way to make a bit of extra cash if your schedule is flexible, and you spend most of your free time on a computer
  • The pay is weekly.



Cons of TryMyUI


  • There are not many tests available
  • Tests are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Getting paid is not guaranteed. 
  • You may think that you provided great feedback, but you don’t know if that is the feedback the client wanted. 



If you are looking for a bit of extra cash to probably cover costs like your phone bill then TryMyUI is a good way to make that money. TryMyUI is legit, and all you need is a few extra minutes and a computer. 

However, if you are looking for something with high-income potential, then TryMyUI is not the way to go.  Just be realistic about how much you can earn here. A good option would be to sign up for other website testing sites (we reviewed several) and this should then enable you to earn more. 

The pay is fairly consistent across the sites. We don’t like the client deciding whether they like your feedback, or not, and having this linked directly to your pay is not great.  There’s also the danger of going above and beyond and providing extremely detailed answers, which will mean your hourly rate ends up being very low indeed.

It is free to join and you can cancel at any stage, so it’s a low-risk investment, mainly of your time.


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