How To Make Money Using Viggle App

Can you make money using Viggle?




Viggle allows you to watch all your favorite TV shows whilst earning rewards via their App.  Pretty cool, huh? Do you know that you don’t have to report to the office every day to make money? Investing in a good device and reliable internet connection guarantees you several money-making ventures. 

Today, we will look at Viggle, one of the best online platforms available.  Once you have downloaded the app you can earn points that translate into gift cards, prizes, and cash. We’ve reviewed the app from the viewpoint of earning some cash as a side-hustle.  So, just how good is it?

Let’s find out.


What is Viggle? 

Viggle is a mobile application that pays you for watching different content. It offers free entertainment rewards for TV and music fans. You can check in to any TV program via the app and the more you watch, the more Perk points you get.  Perk is a highly regarded rewards platform that boasts better prizes and giveaways than its competitors.

These Perk points can later be redeemed into gift cards, prizes, and even points through a prepaid debit card. Viggle was founded in 2011, and has, over the years recorded over one million downloads on the Google Playstore. It also boasts of a rating of 3.4 from over 120K reviews, which is decent.



What is the Viggle app like? 

It has a simple interface. It has a properly designed website with all the necessary details. The moment you open the app, you will come across several screens that provide information on the app.

The App has different screens that tell you what it is and how you can earn points.  In essence, there are four main ways to do this:

  • Watch live TV
  • Stream movies and TV shows
  • Play games and the Daily Bonus Show
  • Redeem earned points 

You also get an option to either sign-up or log in if you already have an account. Through these screens, you will learn what Viggle does. The information does not, however, include the different ways of earning and how much you can make. For instance, it doesn’t specify how much a Perk point is worth in real terms.


How to sign up

Signing up to be a Viggle member is super easy. You can create your account via Facebook, which will not take much of your time. The company has to verify your account using your phone number by sending you a text message. You will then be asked details such as your birthday, gender, and location access permission. 

After filling out all the requisite information, the app’s homepage will then appear. Joining Viggle guarantees you 100 perk points, which is pretty cool. 



What do you do to earn money? 

Viggle has many avenues that you can exhaust to earn some money. You will be paid Perk points by watching live TV and checking into shows on your favorite streaming provider. The app also has daily bonuses and games that can earn you more points. You get one perk point per minute for every show you watch. 

You must, however, prove that you are viewing the show by opening the app and then holding your phone up to the television and then tapping ‘check-in.’ The app then listens to the show, matches it, and then asks you to confirm your check-in and you only earn points once the show ends. 

You are also allowed to earn points from previously recorded shows when you watch them before 8.00 the next day. Other shows also have bonus points. There is a ‘What’s on’ tab at the bottom of the screen that lets you find such shows. 

After tapping, look for the ‘Featured’ option. You can get 50 to 1000 extra points depending on the value of the shows. You can also play ‘Viggle live’ while the program is on television. This is quite simple, and all you have to do is to answer some trivia questions on your phone as the show progresses. 

You can easily make up to 25 points from each question. You also don’t have to be checked in to participate in the Viggle live games. Plus, you will still make some money by answering questions about some of the shows that you have previously watched. You can also get paid for watching a commercial. 

If you are lucky enough, a banner will appear offering free extra points. 


How much can you earn? 

If you are a regular TV viewer, you can make income from Viggle. You will also make some money by accumulating points from the live games. The app doesn’t seem to glitch or misbehave, and therefore, creating some good scores is not challenging.

With the recent changes, however, earning money through Viggle has become more strenuous. You need more points for gift cards, which are not also issued regularly. The number of points you get depends on the show. You could earn up to 60,000 perk points per month.


How much is Viggle Perk points worth?

1000 points approximately equates to $1. To top up your earnings Viggle has teamed up with other companies that offer rewards for completing surveys and tasks. The Perk points for these are as high as 1000.

However, a lot of them will require to sign up for that company and you complete it away from the Viggle app, so it’s not as simple as answering a few questions. We don’t like this aspect because you will end up with accounts being opened with companies you will never use again, not to mention all of your data potentially being held by that third party.

It would be so much better if the surveys were completed within the Viggle app itself.


How are you paid? 

You can redeem your Perk points into gift cards, denominations, and prizes. To find out your points total go to the Perks Rewards website, which also offers all the reward options and what you can get for your points. If you choose gift cards, it will be sent to you via your email address. 

Viggle had the Perkplastic offer where they used to give cash to their users. This was, however, stopped in July 2019. 


Are there any restrictions?

Viggle has some restrictions. There is a time restriction for the points. You must also be glued to the app since Viggle has prompts and as which pop up while watching. It requires Android 4.3 and up.


What are Viggle reviews like?

Just like all the other online platforms, people have different views and opinions about Viggle. As we mentioned earlier, the app has over 1 million downloads and over 120K reviews with an overall 3.4 score.

Here are some of the pros:


It does not require too much work

All you have to do to earn money from Viggle is to watch your favorite show and match it with the app. There is no strenuous work. You will answer questions and receive some Perk points. You can also easily choose the movies by clicking the movies or series options they have on the home page.


Excellent customer interface

Which is simple and straightforward. This will save you time and effort going through the app. The shows can also be accessed easily. 


Here are some of the cons:


From customer reviews, most people complain of customer support. One of the most frustrating things with online transactions is slow support. This is an area that the company needs to improve on. The app does not also offer considerable rewards. You cannot, therefore, rely on Viggle for your daily income.

It is, however, worth your time if you want to supplement your regular income. Customers also complain of losing points after Perk acquired the company. They disappeared after a short time if not redeemed.


Is Viggle legit? 

Yes. This online platform is legit. It is a popular mobile application that gives users free points from watching and listening shows of their choice. The system has, however, significantly changed, but still, you can sign up and earn some money. 




Viggle is a really interesting concept in that you can earn money by just watching TV and movies, something most of us do every day. The app syncs with your satellite or cable provider, as well as Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu.  This is good as it doesn’t limit your options as some people will have access to all of these streaming services, whereas some only one or two.

As with everything, there’s no such thing as free money and to earn anywhere near a decent return you are going to have to watch a LOT of shows and right to the end. If you have pre-recorded something you won’t have long to watch it back to claim Perk points.

Some users have experienced some serious glitches with the Viggle app and that can be frustrating as it will directly impact the amount of points you earn. Remember, you only earn points when the App recognizes the show and you watch to the end.

Our estimate will see you earn around $60 a month maximum from Viggle, and whilst this is not life-changing sums, it’s a nice bonus especially as it requires no real effort!


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