How To Make Money Using Walmart Affiliate Program

Can you make money using the Walmart Affiliate Program?


walmart affiliate program


Walmart is a chain of departmental stores that are found in most states and cities. You probably shop in Walmart every day. Their online presence is growing and there is a way you can use it to make some extra cash.  It’s called the Walmart Affiliate Program.

They deal in almost everything your mind can come up with, starting with grocery to lifestyle products. 

Among its many programs, the Walmart affiliate program gives the most benefits to its users. So, what exactly is this affiliate program?

In this review, we will take a look at the ins and outs of it and compare it to other popular programs, such as Amazon.


What is the Walmart Affiliate Program?

The Walmart affiliate program is the only affiliate program of this reputable store. It’s an affiliate program like any other. 

Walmart is a very trustworthy enterprise with new stores opening almost every week and they have a footprint in every big town.

However, for the longest time, they have been known as offline retailers. With high competition from stores such as Amazon and eBay, their affiliate program was rolled out. 

Since then, the affiliate program has been run by Impact Radius, the same company that runs Target’s affiliate program.

With the program, you will be paid a commission of sales from the traffic you send their way. 



Walmart has a lot of walk-in traffic since their items are so affordable, but they are slacking on online marketing. They have been left behind in the online space, which has been growing year on year.

We know that the bigger percentage of shoppers in recent times are on the internet. Without a doubt, smartphone mobile devices, coupled with free wifi and high-speed 4G networks, means you can surf the web with ease, from seemingly anywhere.

Companies that don’t embrace this new era of shopping are losing out and in some cases, Toys ‘r’ Us for example, it means closing down permanently.

Signing up as an affiliate of the program means you agree to place links on your website, blogs, or any content referring your viewers to Walmart. 

The program only applies to online purchases and referrals and not store walk-ins.


What products can you sell?

Walmart’s affiliate program offers a great range of products you can promote and earn a commission on. 

There is an extensive range of products and different niches and categories you can link to with the program. 

No matter your niche, there is still a big audience to promote and make a commission. Instead of asking what you can promote, the accurate question would be what you cannot!

We cannot exhaust all the products Walmart allows its affiliates to promote, we’d be here all day and this is not what the review is about.

Some categories include:

  • Crafts and hobbies
  • Items for babies and toddlers
  • Sports and fitness equipment
  • Clothing, shoes, and jewelry
  • Movies and films
  • Music
  • Books and novels
  • Home improvement products (which is a very vast category)

Whether you want to promote electronics such as TVs and sound systems or your website is all about health and fitness, there are limitless products you can promote and earn from it.


Some items you will not receive a penny from referring customers include:

  • Gift cards
  • Walmart internet service
  • Financial services
  • Sam’s club
  • Tires-any tires like cars, bikes or motorcycles
  • Pharmacy

How to sign up to the Walmart Affiliate Program

The sign-up process is very simple:

  • Visit the website and click on the application link to begin the process.
  • Provide personal information such as your name, address, location, and website URL. You need to have a website to register.
  • Wait for a few hours as your request is being reviewed.

You may even be approved within a few hours. Once your request has been approved, you will receive text links to start promoting the products. 

You can preview the products any time you want. You can also use the free marketing tools on the website. 

How to earn money with Walmart Affiliate Program

As mentioned, Walmart’s affiliate program is like any other affiliates program you can think about. You will be paid to promote products on the affiliate scope, but don’t let this worry you. 

There are so many products your head will hurt from choosing between them!

If you already have a niche then that’s even better for you. 

Once you have successfully signed up for the program, you will get backend access to the platform so you can create links. You can then share the links to family and friends, your readers or listeners.

To entice people to click from your website to Walmarts, you can use:

  • Banner ads
  • Creatives
  • Email marketing
  • Blogs
  • Website content
  • and other tools to share your links. 

You can read the terms and conditions on the site to know what you are limited to use in your marketing. 

You will be paid for everyone who purchases an item from Walmart through your link. The more purchases are made, the higher you can earn from the affiliate program.

How much can you earn with Walmart Affiliate Program?

The commissions from this program are surprisingly low if you think of how big and popular Walmart is. 

Commissions vary between 1-4%. The commissions vary depending on the products and the category they lie in. 

For instance:

  • Baby products-4%
  • Home improvement-4%
  • Contact lenses-10%
  • Health-4%
  • Garden-4%
  • Music, movies, electronics-1%
  • Photos-1%
  • Jewelry-4%

Most categories give a commission of 1%, so you need to choose your niche wisely. Even at that, ensure you select products that resonate with your readers or listeners even if they generate a low commission.


walmart affiliate program


How are you paid?

There are two payment methods offered by the affiliate program;

  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer

The withdrawal process is very easy and fast. There are no delays with the payments, so you will get your earnings in no time.

Any joining restrictions?

The affiliate program is only active within the USA. You also get commissions for promoting products to the US audience only. Any leads outside the restriction will not be paid.

What is the best way to get sales?

It’s simple really.  Choose a niche or category and stick to it.

Your website is more likely to get visitors if you have excellent product reviews for a specific subject, rather than a load of random webpages.

You want to come across as the authority in your niche, the ‘go-to’ person for trustworthy advice.

For example, if you want to get sales from coffee machines you can drive traffic to your website from writing high-quality coffee-related articles.

There are 3 ways to do this:

  • Best of…. articles
  • How to…. articles
  • Comparison articles

A best-of article is where the money is.  You select 5 or 10 products and write detailed reviews for each one.  Choose the best overall and best value product to narrow down the readers choice.  depending on the product, you can also write a buyers guide.

A how-to article is used to help your customer.  For instance, how to make cold brew coffee.  Write the best article about the subject in an easy to read format, and cross-link it with the ‘best of’ article you wrote for the products you recommend.

A comparison, or 1 vs 1,  article is where you directly compare two or more products, stressing their pros and cons and making a recommendation on which is best.  Knowing what people are searching for on Google is crucial here.

An excellent example of a review website is  Here, they have chosen a niche and have written detailed review pieces on each product.

Patience is key to this strategy.  It will take 12-18 months to start seeing traffic coming to your website regularly each month, but post 2 to 3 pieces of content a week and it will pay off for you.

How different is Amazon Associates?

Walmart and Amazon are two trusted brands, but the big difference is Amazon is streets ahead in the online world.

Their Prime membership program and superb customer service are very popular and it will be very difficult to level it, let alone beat it.

Because of that, it will be easier to drive traffic to Amazon.

The affiliate programs are almost the same, except Amazon runs it themselves.  Amazon also has the best sales funnel and customers make multiple purchases, which means you get a commission on their entire shopping cart value.

Amazon also pays you up to 90 days later if someone you have referred adds an item to their cart, but doesn’t pay immediately.

It is free to join both Amazon and Walmart affiliate programs.

Walmart Affiliate Program reviews



  • Very simple sign-up process and quick approval
  • The sign-up process is 100% free.
  • The site offers free marketing tools such as pro designed creatives to upload to your website.
  • Walmart is internationally recognized, so it shouldn’t be a problem promoting their products.
  • Affiliate newsletter.
  • There is a vast availability of their products to promote.



  • Walmart does not approve of affiliates that work for its competitors
  • The commissions are very low
  • Outdated affiliate links
  • The affiliate program is not a serious part of the Walmart stores.


Is the Walmart Affiliate Program legit?

The Walmart affiliate program is legit! 

The program is backed by a well-known and loved store. There are also millions of products you can promote, depending on your niche. 

There are a lot of positive reviews on the program despite the low earnings. If you can manage to generate decent traffic every month, there is no doubt you can make a steady income.

If you don’t mind the low commission rates, this is a venture you should pursue. 

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