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In this article, we take a deep dive into a site called Weegy, and have reviewed it from the perspective of making some extra cash out of it. Thanks to the millions of money-making sites, there are several ways of making extra cash at the comfort of your home. 

The challenging part, however, is knowing which site is legit and which one is not. In this article, we will take a look at one of the most popular money-making sites – Weegy. 


What is Weegy? 

Weegy is an online platform that allows people to earn money by answering questions. The site tries to answer the question first, but if it can’t it opens it up to you to answer. Students usually frequent it in search of solutions for their assignments or people looking for answers about life and other issues.

It was established in 2008 and has grown in popularity over the last few years with over 30 million questions answered. Weegy is, therefore, an Artificial Intelligence system that offers answers to several questions. When it has no response, the site pays other experts to provide solutions to the questions. 

The theory is all well and good, but how much does it pay and how much can you earn?


How to sign up to


Signing up to become a Weegy Expert is relatively easy and simple. All you need to do is to fill out your account information on the official website

From there, you will be asked general and personal questions, which are necessary since this website’s main aim is to answer questions it thinks are relevant to you. After signing up, there is a mock expert test which is usually offered to confirm whether you have read all the instructions and requirements, or not.

Please do not freak out since it is a simple True or False test and so as long you have paid attention in the signup you will have no worries about passing. Once you are done answering the questions, you will wait to know whether you have been accepted. 


How to make money as a Weegy Expert 

Weegy is a little bit different from other sites of the same category. It requires a live operation, which means that once your application has gone through, you have to be online to answer the questions that are posted immediately. 

Other survey sites notify you of a question and you can take your time completing it, but with Weegy you have to be online and answer straightaway. This is because the person who has typed the question wants to know the answer now!

Users usually have only fifteen seconds to accept a question, after which another person tackles it. The questions cover different topics, but you can choose an area you are good at. The number of items also depends on the number of users and experts available at the moment. 

This site offers 1 point for every correct answer and ten points whenever you get a high rating.  Referring a person to the site also earns you an additional ten points. Once you clock 1000 points, you will be upgraded. An upgrade, therefore, gives you more authority on the site. 

With the additional power you can flag incorrect comments or delete a wrong answer you come around.


How much money will you make?

This site used to offer twenty cents per question, which significantly reduced to 5 cents after they solved their issue with Adsense. The amount you make answering questions varies. It depends on the level of accuracy and feedback from the client. 

You also make more money if a Weegy user directly posts a question, which requires a string of consistent, accurate answers. You also get a cent for any direction you offer a user when the question had already been answered. 

Weegy has been around a while and the novelty factor has long worn off.  This is evident in the number of unanswered questions found on the site. It’s also in a competitive space.  Google is most likely going to be able to answer most questions and then there’s Yahoo Answers, which is a very popular site.

For you to earn a decent hourly rate, say $10, you’re going to need to have a steady stream of questions and be able to provide accurate answers that satisfy the user.  It’s not impossible, but it will be very difficult to achieve over the long-term.  

We don’t like the fact that another user grades your answer and that rating is directly linked to your pay.


How many ways can you make money with Weegy? 

This website offers users several ways of making money. You can make money by answering questions, which is the most common way or through referralsThe referrals work differently from other sites in that you only earn when your reference asks either Weegy Pro or Weegy Research question. 

You do not, therefore, earn by referring other experts to the site. That’s very disappointing, as the success of the site depends on both.  Why won’t they pay you to refer decent users to perform both roles?

You can also earn whenever you identify bugs in the site and informing the company. You will get a cool $10. This site also has monthly contests where experts answer different questions to make more money. 


How are you paid? 

This platform pays users through PayPal, which is a good thing since PayPal is free and easy to join. You must have a minimum of $10 before making a withdrawal, which is quite fair as some survey sites have a much higher threshold.

Formerly, payments were only made when experts had a minimum balance of $20. Thanks to the latest advancements, users can now choose to be automatically paid at the beginning of the month as long as they have reached the minimum payout amount. 


Are there any restrictions? 

Weegy has several rules that experts must adhere to. Therefore, users risk getting their accounts suspended and forfeiting all their earnings when they break the rules or receive too many red flags and warnings. 

Some of the mistakes that may get your account suspended include plagiarism, grammar and punctuation errors, and unclear answers. Don’t simply cut and paste from a Google search!


Online reviews

People have a lot to say about Weegy!

Most people see it as a good way of making some extra income. There are also several issues they are not happy about. Let us take a look at some of the pros and cons of this online platform. 





i) Prompt payment- Even though the rates are usually low, this site respects payments. There is no complaint about missed payment from all the online reviews. The payment is made on time with no follow up required.

ii) Experts answer questions on different topics. Unlike other sites, Weegy has a diverse range of questions, which reduces boredom and monotony. You can also choose whether to answer a question or not. 



Here are some of the issues most experts have regarding this question and answer service

i) It has an unpredictable payment structure.

Weegy pays promptly. However, ever since they revised their rates, the payment structure is quite confusing. Users cannot, therefore, easily estimate their monthly income and plan accordingly. This is also largely influenced by the low number of jobs. 

ii) Slow traffic-

Even though this platform has been a top-notch question and answer site over the years, users have started complaining that it is getting slower with time. Traffic has significantly reduced, which has also affected the workflow negatively. 


Is Weegy legit? 

Yes. This site has existed for quite some time now. It is not one of those scams that throng the internet. The only problem with this site is that it has a low workflow and, therefore, pays less. It does, however, pay on time, which is an added advantage. 

Unfortunately, you cannot depend on Weegy as a full-time source of income. It pays on time, but the rates are quite low to sustain you. 



Making money online does not need to be difficult or complicated, and Weegy is not. However, it has declined in popularity substantially over the past few years and its pay structure has some deep flaws. You have to be logged in and online to be sent questions and that defeats the objective of making money online, which is supposed to be flexible and allow a better work-life balance.  

Why would you want to be sat in front of your computer on your day off??

Passive income is the best way to earn money and sadly this does not fit that criteria.  As survey sites go this one rates poorly against others.  At least it’s free to join. We believe you have to invest in your learning first to be successful.  Passive income just doesn’t happen, it takes hard work, dedication and commitment 

And even then there are no guarantees of success.

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