How To Make Money Using Zoombucks

Can you make money using Zoombucks?




Zoombucks is one of the oldest money-making platforms on the internet. 

In case you are looking for a means of comfortably making extra income, you have come to the right place. 

It’s in a competitive niche so it’s a credit to Zoombucks for staying relevant after all these years.  That is a big plus point about these older sites as they will have built up a stronger reputation and should attract a lot more survey seekers.

The problem with this area though is the pay you receive is very low.  This is not unique to one particular site, but in general.  

Companies need your views on their products and services so they can evolve and improve and stay ahead of the competition.

The issue is they don’t want to pay you much for it!

Today, we will take a look at Zoombucks, what it is, and whether you will make some income off it. 


What is Zoombucks? 

Zoombucks is an online platform that pays you for your services. This site pays members for completing surveys and watching videos. 

There are also several tasks that you can perform for some quick income. 

Zoombucks was founded in 2002 and has, over time, become a darling among several internet users. 

The process is simple.  Brands need feedback, Zoombucks finds those who fit the profile, and you complete the actions online.


How to sign up to Zoombucks




It is effortless to join Zoombucks. This passive income avenue only requires an email address and password generation, and you are good to go. 

It is also completely free to join and you will begin working the moment you are through with the registration process. However, you must complete your profile to qualify for surveys, which are the main avenues this site provides for making some quick cash. 

This personal data is what determines if you qualify for a survey, or not.  It’s standard practice for this type of gig. Zoombucks allows you to accumulate points which are then converted to cash. We will shed more light as we continue with our discussion. 


What is like?

The website is relatively easy to navigate. It is user-friendly thanks to its superb user interface and is mobile-friendly. The registration process, how it works, and your reward options are displayed.

The footer section allows you to dig a bit deeper though.  There you’ll find the FAQ, Privacy Policy, Customer Support, and more information about the ways to earn.


How to earn money with Zoombucks

Since this site pays you for your services, there are several ways of making money off it. 


One of the most common means is participating in surveys. There are different survey walls where you can choose your survey provider. You have to apply for the surveys to be picked. 

It doesn’t come easy since there is a criterion that you have to meet before you are selected.

Please do not get discouraged if your application gets rejected. Try again. 

You can start taking the surveys once you have been matched with the survey provider. Luckily for you, this site has a partnership with several brands that are looking for feedback on their products. 



Zoombucks has several offers that you can participate in to make some quick cash. This mainly entails subscribing to products that the different partnering companies want you to buy for a few points. 

However, it would help if you were careful. You need to be well organized and cancel the subscriptions BEFORE the trial period of the different product’s end.  Otherwise, you will pay from your pockets if you don’t. 

On the bright side, you won’t even spend a cent if you are quick enough. You’ll be okay as long as you are sure of what it takes to earn through offers. Do not end up paying for something that you don’t need.



Watching videos

You will also earn points by watching videos. However, there is a downside to this. You won’t make as much since it is a straightforward process. 

Anyway, there are several videos you can access once you are on the site. Watching videos can be an excellent means of supplementing your daily income. 


How much can you make on Zoombucks? 

Zoombucks is a side hustle venture. You cannot depend on it for your entire survival. The highest amount you can earn is slightly above $50 a month. You won’t also land surveys every time, something that you should get used to. 


What are the existing payment options? 

Fortunately, Zoombucks allows you to withdraw money instead of converting your points to rewards. The cash is withdrawn via PayPal, which is one of the most accessible and easy-to-use sites. 

The good thing about Zoombucks is that you don’t have to meet a certain set threshold to withdraw your cash. That is a very common trick with similar websites.

The pay per survey is so low but the threshold payout high and so you end up waiting weeks or months to get your cash, when most likely you need it sooner! You can access your money every time you want. Double thumbs up there!

Are there any restrictions on Zoombucks?

Zoombucks has geographical restrictions, which makes it unavailable to several interested parties. You also have to meet a specific set criterion before you qualify for the surveys. It, therefore, targets a set group of persons. 

What are Zoombucks reviews like?

Zoombucks is growing popular day in day out. It attracts several users who have different things to say about the app. 



Most users love that you don’t have to meet a certain threshold to get your money, which is a big problem with other money-making sites. 

You can, therefore, bank on the hope that Zoombucks will pay you anytime you are in need. 

Also, the fact that payment is made via PayPal is a welcome respite for users. PayPal is easily accessible and the best fit for online transactions. 

This site also has diverse earning avenues that appeal to users. 

You can choose to watch the different videos if you can’t find surveys to participate in. 

There also exist several offers that you can take advantage of if you can’t seem to fall for the two. 

Zoombucks also has an excellent customer service feature that makes it a darling among several users. You don’t have to wait for long before you get help. 

Lastly, the fact that it is easy to join this platform is a plus to several users. You only need an email address, and you’ll be good to go. 



Zoombucks also has several cons from customer reviews. Most people find the process boring in the long run. 

Imagine waking up to participate in surveys overtime. Most people, therefore, lose interest over time. 

You also risk losing money when you take up different company’s products. 

Zoombucks allows you to earn money by subscribing to different products offered by the partnering companies. However, if you are not keen enough to unsubscribe in time, you will have to part with your own money. 

Lastly, Zoombucks does not pay that well. You are probably going to make only $50 a month after filling lots and lots of surveys. 

The compensation you get is not, therefore, equivalent to the effort you put in the site. 


Is Zoombucks legit? 

Yes. Zoombucks is legit. This site allows you to make some money by answering surveys, watching videos, and taking part in several offers. 

The Better Business Bureau has graded Zoombucks B-.




There is no doubt you can make money using Zoombucks, but in the general scheme of things, it is very low pay. The work is not difficult though and it is flexible.  You choose when to take part and because of the mobile-friendly website, you can log in wherever you have a signal.

Is it the best way to earn money online?  No! But, it is popular and if you need a quick $50 this could be the answer.


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