How to Use Shopify to Create Your Best e-Commerce Empire


Shopify drophsipping. It’s an easy business they say! Dropshipping products from a supplier directly to the customer.  Well, it’s not as easy as it sounds and, sadly, a lot of newbies fail and lose a lot of money in the process.

With a lot of work, a little bit of care, a lot of patience, a few tricks, and a lot of love, you can create a very profitable business with one of the most cost-effective means of selling. Creating an idea that people want to buy or have some kind of compelling reason to buy, and then making it immediately available is the foundation of every successful business from Microsoft to iTunes. is the most direct form of selling. Advertise what you offer on Facebook, get some traffic to your store, and everything is automated after that.

Want to start selling your products directly on Shopify?

If you want to sell products on Shopify you must have a Shopify account and merchant account [if you don’t have them you will have to register with both to complete the process]. If you don’t already have one from email message offers, unfortunately raising money this way may mean having to pay for a domain name, hosting fees or void them after a month. If you are having trouble registering your website(s), you can use a site consolidator like or They give your domain name a name that is search engine friendly, allowing other visitors to find you. This can be a small cost to have your brand name associated with one of these hosts.

If you are selling a product directly, you need a retail storefront [if you aren’t a designer or artist of some sort, you can always ‘rent a storefront.’] All you need is a computer, a phone line getting back to your computer, and some advertisers for your product. If you start making money with this startup, you can convert a lot of this into a passive income, selling over the Internet and earning money for years to come.

How do you get started with a Shopify Store?

You just need to search for your niche and related products to upload to your new store. Once you know what you’re selling, you have to select the features you want to show on your website. We would highly recommend you use a premium Shopify theme as they look much more professional and give the user a better experience.  As your store grows in popularity, they offer you more flexible options to expand without much effort. However, they are not free.  If you are short on cash, or just want to dip your toe in the dropshipping waters then go with a free theme and expand later once you’ve had the chance to prove the model and scale it up.

Shopify stores offer hundreds of add-on features to their clients in their Shopify app store. You can add one of those items to your existing store, or add one to your store and adjust them later. They’re normally free! 

  1. Add to Store: You can add your brick and mortar shop image.
  2. Add to Customers: If you’re already selling your area/stage then you can add that to your store and advertise that to your customers.
  3. Add to Shipping Methods: You can add transit time and a couple of additional shipping methods to your store, maybe if you have an international practice.
  4. Add to Shopify Tools: You can add social media buttons to your store and integrate them with social networking sites.
  5. Add to Certain Products: If you have products already that would be popular, you can include them in your store or add them to your online store or add them to your website and add them to your boutique.
  6. Add to Your Website/Business: If your website is of good quality, you will be covered by Google and you can be on page one of Google search results. You will be on your respective local search engines at full throttle.
  7. Add to Services: You can add affiliate links to your services and also add your monitor cost to those services.
  8. Add to Mailing Lists: subscribed only mailing lists are a great way to send out newsletters, coupons/promotions, and invitations.
  9. Add to Simply found Products: You can add to your database so that your customers can find your products on your website.
  10. Add to Mailing Lists: your subscribers receive weekly e-newsletters simply because you add a mailing list to your site.
  11. Add to Social Media Okay you have a webpage and you have a blog. But how do you let your audience know exactly what you are doing? You can set a single topic or you can write about several topics at once.

Once you build your shop, you simply need to connect merchant services. You can either have a PayPal account or an account with your bank. The level of success will ultimately depend on the time and energy you invest in the Shopify store.


So, how does Shopify work? 

There are many different ways you can set up Shopify so that you can reach your target audience. Below you’ll find some basic info about how Shopify works. If you’re a small shop online you may have a hard time finding unique advertising methods, but you can try some of these methods:

Website Advertising

Social media


Google AdWords


These are all proven and have worked like a charm. Don’t make all the moves on your own. Get some help from the experts, even if it costs a little. Their time, knowledge, and areas of expertise will be invaluable. 

If you have a big website where you sell apparel, for example, having a column for customers to get other stuff, like baseball caps, pants, other branded stuff, will give you some extra upsells on the checkout. This way you can brand your shop name by changing your colors and text on all of your columns so you turn visitors into raving fans! You can gain some important customers by getting established, experiencing an almost 100% conversion rate, and you can sell them on other products or offerings.

You may find that putting an additional product or service up on your site will increase your sales, provide an additional means of advertising, or give you additional revenue from it, or even from an additional customer that comes through your site. Try multiple combinations and find what works best for your Shopify website and location.


Getting help with your Shopify dropshipping store idea

If you have a great idea and you don’t have the budget to hire a marketing or business strategy expert, there are some other things you can do. Know the industry and understand what your target market wants. Great business mentors are everywhere. Why take the time to find the right one? Look for an established company with great business relationships. Search Facebook or LinkedIn for others in your niche and reach out to them.  They may be willing to exchange ideas and even promote your new store.  Shopify offers a free brand name generator so once you’re set on a niche naming your next business venture is made easier. 

Talk to industry professionals for referrals. You can join industry associations and be sure your potential mentors will know you. To ease that negative association, you could work on a joint venture with the association offering a promotion to your members, for instance. Joining an association lets you get great referrals, publicity, and access to other peers. Try this out before you even think about signing up for an account.

Another way to connect with industry professionals is to ask questions. Your niche is the people who read your blog, publish your articles, and so on. If you asked a savvy business owner what they recommend for your target market, they may simply tell you to write articles like this. We recommend working in the communities where your target market is hanging out. You risk being marketed like a salesperson. To be successful, you need to have a platform where you let your expertise shine.

You can also find an industry professional in every group. Industry groups are ideal for international marketing conferences. They provide excellent examples of advertising campaigns, ad campaigns, promotional tactics, technical support, and much more. If your target prospects are online, then find a professional who understands online promotion, design, copywriting, and publishing. 

If you’re a local marketer, then find a savvy web designer or business strategist who will help understand how to market in your local market. When you connect with these experts, their knowledge and expertise will help you identify any gaps in your services that you’re missing. Use the free product, like the blog, to stay connected with your target market.

Try sites like Meetups. They’re for social media, but also business networking. You can trade tips about marketing or find some valuable insight on business.

Here’s some ideas:

  1. Make sure you know who your target is. If you don’t, you’re marketing to everybody. If you have no clear niche, your audience is going to be broad, and you won’t stand out.
  1. You can’t be all things to all people. You can try to market to everyone, without impossible expectations. This is why you need to pinpoint your niche in the first place.
  1. If your passion involves something that you are good at, it will help. If it’s something you enjoy, you will be able to relate to it and make it work for you. e.g. marketing
  1. Don’t go all out with it, at least for a month. Get some feedback. 

How important is the Shopify website theme?

Customer perception is everything. You must understand your customer’s hot buttons, what goes with everything, the image they envision to get their reality. When you realize what it is that a customer looks forward to, you can do something about it.


When you start providing consistent service and great value, customers will finally be able to see the benefit of it. When you provide great service and provide great value to your customers, they will be more interested in doing business with you and will more likely leave positive feedback and share their great experiences with other potential customers.

Your website is your shop front.  You want to guide the visitor seamlessly through to the checkout by ensuring you give them what they are looking for.  A web visitor will not go hunting for the product to buy, you have to make it easy for them!

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