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Welcome to our Impact Mailing Club review where they claim you can earn money simply by posting letters.  Sound absurd?  You’d not be wrong to think that way but they have been established for a good few years, so we thought we’d run the rule over them to see if it is what they say it is, or whether it’s a scam to stay the hell away from!

In case you are looking for better ways of spending your free time, making money on the internet should top your list. Luckily for you, there are several avenues that you can exhaust if you want to make this a reality. 

Working from home and making a decent income, whether full time or as a side hustle, does not need to be hard.  It’s never been easier.

The problem we find is the amount of options which can bamboozle you as they all claim to be the best, easiest, and fastest way to $$$$.  For us, making money online needs to be flexible, reliable, and consistent.

In this article, we will look at Impact Mailing Club and what it has to offer. Remember, our main aim is to find a way to work from home and get some good income. Therefore, we have to establish whether this is a legit way or not. 

What is Impact Mailing Club? 

We’re pretty sure that you have an idea of what this is, but here’s a brief overview. Impact Mailing Club is an offline direct mail company that has been around for quite some time now. The company was founded by Rose Alameda and has managed to garner over several members in such a short span. 

It is a direct mail gifting system that works in a pretty unique way. It is a Multi-level marketing (MLM) company which should irk you to pay more attention to our discussion. 

How does Impact Mailing Club work? 

This program works similarly to the 30-day Success Formula and Six-Figure Stamp Club. You earn money by mailing letters to a provided list of leads influencing them to join the club. Sounds a bit ridiculous, right? Well, let’s delve even deeper into this. 

You will earn a commission if the leads agree to buy your idea and opt-in. When joining the program, you have to spend some money. Hmm, not a great start here!  Be careful of having to spend money to make money, ultimately the only ones who make any is the platform and not you.

Therefore, for Impact Mailing Club you have to identify a level and buy it. Now, you can choose to settle on Level 1, christened Emerald, and this costs $100 and comes with an additional two books of stamps. 

When you buy this package, you are given a welcome pack consisting of 100 leads, 1st tier commission, which costs $65 and 2nd tier commission, which costs $20. This is also quite costly, considering that it is the first level. 

The second level, known as Ruby, costs $250. Instead of two books of stamps, you get four. Some of the things that you get with this pack include a welcome package, 200 leads, 1st tier commission of $150, and 2nd tier commission of $50. 

Level three costs double, and it is known as Sapphire. It costs $500 and this gets you 400 leads, 4 stamp books, 1st tier commission of $300, and Second Tier commission of $100. 

The last level is Diamond, which is pretty expensive. It costs $2000 and comes with five books of stamps. 

With this level, you will get 1000 leads, 1sts tier commission of $1000, and second-tier commission of $500. You will also get two invites to the company mastermind event. 

This whole breakdown means that the more you payout, the more you will increase your income potential. But, it’s only potential.  Remember, they’re only marketing leads and not raving fans or customers.

The main problem we can see is if you buy the level one package, because that’s what you can afford, you are at a huge disadvantage to the top two levels.  They are getting way more leads and the commission is far superior.


How do you make money with  Impact Mailing Club?

What this company requires you to do so you can earn some money is to mail out cover letters and the order forms from the comfort of your home. You will be given all the leads depending on your level selection. 

Therefore, you can quickly establish that it is not a simple venture. The mailing process is quite simple since you only need to put a flyer into an envelope, stamp it, and then send it to your leads, and you will be okay. The main problem comes when you would like to convince them to join and be part of the group. 

How to sign up to Impact Mailing Club

Signing up with Impact Mailing Club is a relaxed process. The company will need your email, which will then be verified before you start your money-making venture. You will then be required to purchase a level, after which the site will provide training, leads, and resources depending on your choice. 

Impact Mailing Club compensation plan 

This site has a compensation plan depending on the level you acquire. You will get a commission when one of your leads agree to join your tier. If they choose to go for a higher level, you won’t be paid. This is where those who can afford to buy the Diamond Level 4 are at a huge advantage as they get paid a commission no matter what.

Well, this site may inform you so that you upgrade your level to qualify for the commission, but it is not a guarantee that you will be having that kind of money. If you look at the other means of making income off this site, you will learn that it is a pyramid scheme. 

How much can you earn from Impact Mailing Club? 

The site claims that you can make some good money off it, which I highly doubt. Remember, there are individual costs that you need to consider apart from the joining fee. We will have to look at these so that you can gauge whether you will make some good money. 

You will incur:

  • traveling costs when mailing the flyers
  • material cost
  • printing costs
  • and postage costs. 

Nobody will allow you to print and just send mail for free. You can still make some money and even recover your joining costs, but it is not guaranteed. 

Curious about what you’d be printing and posting?  Here’s the 3-page letter.


impact mailing club

impact mailing club

impact mailing club


Of course, printing costs do vary and you will print the number for the level you purchased.  For example, if your level was Ruby you will need 200 copies.  But, it’s a 3-page letter so you’d be printing 600!

That’s where your costs will spiral.

Therefore, if you need to make more money off this site, you have to consider the product on sale and your audience. Also, keep in mind that you will be mailing random people who may find your mails spam. 

Therefore, you will rely on luck and hope that somebody will open your mail and become interested in what you have to offer and even take up your suggestion. How viable does this sound to you? Would you buy it if you received that 3-page letter in the post?

The truth is, you won’t earn much unless luck is on your side.  

Any restrictions?

Since this site is all about posting and mailing potential clients, there is a geographical limitation that locks out others who want to join.  How close is your nearest post office?

Impact Mailing Club reviews

There are mixed reviews on the internet. Some users applaud the site for its high commissions and good people available on the site. Others are also happy that direct mails have a higher conversion rate than digital marketing. 

Users hate the fact that it is quite expensive to start this venture. It is also based on blind trust. 

Is Impact Mailing Club legit? 

Yes. Even though there are speculations of this site not being legal, people do earn from it. However, if you need a constant and long-term source of income, this is not the best option.


We don’t recommend Impact Mailing Club as a sustainable income because it’s all about recruiting others to join the scheme.  What happens when no one decides to join?  The answer, you don’t earn money.

For people to join, it appears a lot of luck plays a part.  You’d be better off going to Las Vegas and sticking all your money on red!  You’d have the same odds of making some money.

We don’t like how they want you to spend your money to then try and make money.  The risk is all on you.  Not only do you have to buy the equipment but you have ongoing costs just to get the letter sent. 

For instance, printing is around $.05 per page or $0.15 per letter.  Postage is around $0.50 per letter and the envelope is approximately $0.49.  That’s a total of $1.14 per letter sent.  At the least, you’d need to make back over $114 and those costs will be far higher for the other levels.


What do we recommend?

Making money online is not difficult.  But, you have to be prepared to put some effort in first and then the rest becomes easier – way easier!

The effort bit is about you.  Investing in your learning, harnessing whatever passions you have, skills you possess, and determination to succeed.

The rest is simple.  You just follow the experts and they will guide you every step of the way.  There are two choices here:  

  1. Payout a ridiculous amount to send a scammy 3-page letter to some people you have never met, never will meet, and don’t know, or
  2. Follow the steps of the experts to earn real passive income from raving fans who want what you are offering.

ClickBank is the biggest affiliate network in the world and we reviewed it recently.  You can easily find top-rated products that people are searching for in their thousands, and promote them.  Some commissions are as high as 90%.

The best part is the products are in high demand, they are top quality, all the marketing tools are pre-written, and all you have to do is advertise them to your audience.

So, exactly how do you do that?  This is where the learning comes in!  ClickBank University was designed to educate the next top-rated sellers.  ClickBank recognizes the need to teach people how their system works.

Amateurs won’t bother.   Dedicated professionals will.  

So, do you want to stuff envelopes or begin your journey to earning $1000 a day?  (the course is cheaper than Impact Mailing Club!)


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