Jarvee Review – How to Grow Your Brand to Achieve Influencer Status Fast!

Jarvee Review – Everything You Need to Know


Jarvee is a fully automated social media management tool, most commonly used to automatically schedule and post on Instagram.  There are several avenues that you can leverage to grow your presence, without having to spend hours in front of a computer posting on all the social media channels. Jarvee performs most, if not all, of your social media tasks including scheduling your posts to interact with fans and grow your audience and brand presence.

The problem with a lot of these automation tools is they often break the strict compliance rules of the platforms.  Your posts get flagged as spam and your huge increase in followers and traffic raises concerns as it’s unlikely to happen naturally.

That being said, there are some real benefits to a tool like this because marketing on the social media channels is growing year on year.  It makes perfect sense to put your brand in front of those people most likely to buy and knowing where your potential customers hang out is key to this.  Our best guess is on multiple social media sites!  

And that poses a big problem to startups because, invariably, it’s just you working on the business and there are a million and one things to consider, with only so many hours in a day. It’s too easy to get overwhelmed and this hinders your ability to grow. Spending your time posting the same content across the web is time-consuming and how do you know you’re reaching the right audience?

Because of this, we have researched Jarvee and written a detailed article on how you could use it to scale your business more efficiently.

What is Jarvee?

This company was founded in October 2014 and has its headquarters in Bosnia, Europe. It helps marketers schedule and share their marketing content across all-important social media platforms for their followers and people who are online to see.

Jarvee does have a bit of a reputation as being a ‘bot’, mainly because of its capacity to automate multiple social media accounts, which re-shares and creates content automatically, follows, and likes your target client base.  Jarvee is available to try for free for 5 days and this gives you time to see how the system works and whether you would like to continue on one of their paid plans.

How to use Jarvee to automate social media accounts

For a beginner, Jarvee can seem like an over-complicated tool and it will get time to get used to.  It has so many features but, it’s unlikely you will need them all right away.  Its major benefit is it allows you to schedule posts ahead of time, and this is a huge time-saver!

Another cool feature is you don’t have to always be the creator of the content as it allows re-tweets and other shares, such as images and videos.

Of course, you will need to share content that is relevant to your audience and niche but leveraging other people’s content is the best way for beginners to know how your audience behaves.  For example, do they interact more with a video than a still image?  What time do they see the content?  Jarvee will know this.

To grow your presence you need 2 things.  Content and an audience.  Jarvee enables you to speed up your growth that would otherwise either be impossible or take you forever to accomplish.  On Instagram, you can easily make your account look like an influencer by getting loads of followers, likes, and comments. 

You can automate follow-backs, auto-likes, hashtags, and user research.  But, you have to be careful that you stay within the spam limits otherwise your account will get flagged!  Our advice is to fully research what the limits are and set Jarvee up to stay within those parameters.

With Jarvee it is possible to see a 10-fold increase in followers, sales, engagements, etc., then if you were to do everything manually.

How to sign up to Jarvee 

Unfortunately, Jarvee is not a free service. You will have to part with a few coins monthly. Therefore, when signing up, you have to choose a package of your choice. Keep in mind that all the packages come with a 5-days free trial and you do not need a credit card. 


If you are a beginner marketer, you can settle on the Starter package which costs only $29.95. It comes with all scheduling and automation features, ten social media accounts, Top 7 Social media platforms and offers premium customer support. 

The Regular plan is the most popular. It allows up to 30 social accounts and provides both scheduling and automation. You will also receive premium customer support. It costs $49.95 monthly. 

The last package is the Professional package which costs $69.95 each month. It allows up to 70 social accounts and has all the similar features as the previous plans. After choosing your plan and making a payment, you will access all the features and benefits that Jarvee offers. 

How to set up a social media account using Jarvee

To set up and link a social media account in Jarvee is a very simple process by clicking the Social Profiles on the Dashboard and entering the URL of the account you want to link.  If you are managing several social media accounts Jarvee allows you to name them, tag them, and add a unique description to help you recall what the overall aim of each account is.


How to set posting frequency in Jarvee

One of the major benefits of using Jarvee is the ‘set it and forget it’ routine of posting.  To post go to the Tools page on the Dashboard and set the actions per hour and the amount of operations for anything you wish to automate.  This also applies to likes, follows, follow-backs, and joins.

How to create a content queue for all accounts in Jarvee

To set up a content queue for any or all your linked social media profiles in Jarvee, use the Destination list. By adding numerous social profiles into one destination list you can create a content campaign as it’ll be posted across all platforms automatically!

Jarvee affiliates 

Jarvee mostly helps people market their products and reach wider audiences. It has advanced targeting options which lets you discover people who are interested in your business. You will also grow your social accounts fast and easily thanks to its growth hacking tools. As you grow, so does your engagement rate escalate, which helps you reach a wider audience. 

You can also manage multiple accounts for your business without making it look obvious. Also, the growth hacking tools help you grow your accounts organically, meaning that your followers will be real people and not bots. 

If you do not have a business to market or run, you can still make money off Jarvee through their affiliate program. Unfortunately, it closed this affiliate program in 2019 and is not accepting any new affiliates at the moment. However, things change and we think it’s a good idea to give you an insight into what it looked like in case it re-opens.

Let us still see how the affiliate program works. Jarvee offered you 50% commission on all purchases made by all the people you referred for the first six months. Keep in mind that to refer others, you need an affiliate link which they will generate within your account. 

Jarvee will then deduct the Merchant fees before sending you the rest of the money. The site tracks sales using session cookies. There are several rules that you have to adhere to continue being an affiliate. 

For instance, buying Jarvee under your affiliate ID or the ID of your friend to take advantage of the discounts will result in the ban of your accounts and forfeiture of your balance. Therefore, always ensure that you pay close attention to the guidelines. 

How much can you earn from Jarvee affiliates? 

With the affiliate program, your earning potential is unlimited. The more persons you get on board to make purchases, the more money you will make. Therefore, try to get as many people to purchase products through your affiliate link and you will make a killing. (if they re-open the offer!)

How will you get paid? 

Fortunately, Jarvee pays via PayPal. Your commission is paid to you within 45 days at the end of the transaction month. However, there is a super high threshold that you need to meet. You must have made roughly $500 in commission. 

If a refund was made on a paid transaction, the funds will be subtracted from your current balance. However, if your balance is not sufficient, Jarvee will call you to return any funds that you have earlier earned. 

Also, to get paid, you have to adhere to all the guidelines and rules of this site, so read the affiliate small print carefully if you want to dedicate time to recruiting affiliates. 

Are there any joining restrictions?

There are several restrictions when it comes to Jarvee. You are not allowed to do a lot of things when making money through the affiliate program. You should not create press releases in its name or promote it on coupon websites. 

You should not promote Jarvee using misleading words such as free or official. It further bars you from registering any domain that uses the brand name or uses it to promote the company. Most of the restrictions are in the terms and conditions page. 

As a fully paid-up member of Jarvee, there are no other joining restrictions and so long as you pay the monthly membership you will have full access to the features Jarvee brings.

Jarvee reviews


There are several reviews from people who have used or are still using this software. Most people love the fact that Jarvee offers unlimited earning potential. You can make as much money as you want with the affiliate system. Also, your money is paid via PayPal, which is a highly convenient mode of Payment. PayPal is used all over the world and processes transactions pretty fast. 


We have also established numerous cons from the reviews. Most people dislike Jarvee because of the long duration that you have to wait before getting your funds. Even after meeting the threshold, which is pretty high, you still have to wait for roughly one month or more before you are paid. 

Jarvee also has several rules that paints it as an oppressive system. You are barred from doing a lot of things that other sites in the same category allows you to. Lastly, the fact that you are required to pay back the company for any refund in case your balance is sufficient does not sit right with many people. 

To use Jarvee requires you to install a program on your computer and if you don’t follow all the rules you could easily be banned from a social media platform.  It does require some knowledge of how to use a proxy account and a VPN.

Jarvee has a 4 / 5-star rating on Trust Pilot

Is Jarvee legit? 

Yes. This automation platform is legit. However, we would advise you to peep at the terms and conditions page before getting a membership plan. If you need a source of some quick income, this may not be the best site as the affiliate program is currently closed.


Jarvee allows you to automate pretty much all of your social media from one Dashboard and is a real time-saver in that regard.  You can pre-plan what you are going to post, the frequency, and where to without having to log in to each profile individually.

It goes a lot deeper than just posting though.  Jarvee has an abundance of features, such as auto-hashtagging keywords, join or un-join groups, follows, likes, comments, and powerful data to see what’s working and where you can improve.

However, it’s not cheap!  The Starter package will set you back $29.95 a month but this does automate 10 social accounts, including the big 7 such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.  The 5-day free trial is not long enough to make a fully informed decision about whether it will work for you or not, and so it’s likely you will have to pay the subscription the first month or two to decide.

Another thing to consider is your niche and where your audience hangs out.  For example, if Pinterest and Instagram are the two big platforms where you can engage best with your followers, why do you need Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr?  Our advice would be to consider Tailwind.

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is an authorized partner of Instagram and Pinterest and so you are far less likely to break any rules and have your account banned or flagged.  This is a real danger to other websites like Jarvee.  It will also post to Facebook automatically and Tailwind will advise you if you are in danger of breaking posting rules and guides you through the whole process.

A brilliant feature is they know the best times to post your content based on your niche and they will make suggestions on how many boards to publish your content on. Tailwind is also the cheaper option and so, if you only have your own accounts to manage this would be a real contender to Jarvee.  In fact, we use Tailwind and can, therefore, recommend it.

Where Jarvee works best is if you have multiple social accounts to manage, for example, 5 Facebook profiles.  You will benefit from using an Automator like Jarvee and the monthly fee then begins to look cheap if managing different accounts.  Just make sure you stay within the rules of each site to prevent barring and you can leverage the powerful software to your advantage.

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