John Crestani vs Clickbank University 2.0. Review

How does Clickbank University 2.0 compare to John Crestani? 

Affiliate marketing has rocket fuel behind it. The web is a place of constant progress. It is therefore only natural a myriad of amazing course materials would emerge for the express purpose of creating affiliate sales programs. Clickbank University 2.0 and John Crestani: Super Affiliate System are two courses in the premium field.

But, how do they compare to each other, and which one is better for your knowledge and experience?

Clickbank University 2.0 vs. John Crestani Review

Both Clickbank University 2.0 and John Crestani are affiliate marketing courses. Clickbank University focuses on teaching entrepreneurs to create digital products, specifically course materials. Clickbank University 2.0 is brought to you by the same team that was behind the Pencils of Promise charity in Ghana. 

John Crestani’s course teaches existing affiliate marketers on how to scale their growth. John Crestani is the creator of the Super Affiliate System, a.k.a. Internet Jetset System. He’s a big scale name who has featured in mainstream media. Crestani’s model focuses on getting the most value from major ad services such as Google Ads and Facebook. Something that is beyond the breakout affiliate beginner’s budget. 

Clickbank University 2.0 is cheaper 

One of the first things course shoppers look for is the price point. Will you be able to budget in a course material with all of your other monthly expenses? After all, people do approach web sales markets for various reasons__and often they are in pursuit of relief for some financial burden. 

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This is where Clickbank University 2.0 serves above John Crestani. Clickbank University is cheaper to enroll in. This makes the course a more reasonable alternative for those students coming to this venture from a place of financial duress. It also holds a bit of promise for the frugal young person who wants to try new things with their career without wasting any precious money invested in collegiate materials. 

Whoever you are, and whatever the reason you need to save money on your affiliate course, Clickbank University is there for this purpose. The full-cost of using Clickbank University with builders tools is estimated at around 600 dollars, even though standard classes will slice this price in half. John Crestani is over 1,000 dollars. 



Clickbank University is better for beginners 

It’s not to say that intermediate or advanced affiliate marketers can’t get something out of the Clickbank University 2.0 courses. There’s a little something for everybody in the revamped lesson model. Yet, comparing John Crestani products with Clickbank classes, we see there is a greater simplicity to the Clickbank University approach. John Crestani’s deep-dive might be intimidating to fresh eyes.

Clickbank University goes the extra mile to engage with its green audience through interactive tutorial material. 



Clickbank University 2.0 video webinars are Q/A based

The interactive nature of Clickbank University focuses heavily on Q/A. John Crestani’s courses are not as informal making for heavier study subjects. The basic John Crestani curriculum is $47/month just for the weekly webinars. The advanced program focuses more heavily on ad building content and is normally $1k+, but sells as low as $997. 

Clickbank University teaches an assorted regimen of affiliate marketing topics through the webinar Q/A setup. This assortment may be a bit of a turn off to more advanced affiliate marketing students because of the lack of primary focus.

The logic behind this setup is to allow students to guide their course material to some extent. Clickbank University builds its course materials from the inside out, taking heed of the student questions at this stage and using them to ideate YouTube and blog content. 

While Crestani’s layout is similar, Clickbank University’s webinar-style appeals to a fresh crowd. This is another way that Clickbank University instills added value into its program. The program is meant to be a starter package in many ways. 


Clickbank University focuses on budget-based progress 

Many young web affiliates come to web sales eyes green from both inexperience and envy. They feel as if their promotional videos must have cinematic pomp and circumstance. So, they drop a couple of Gs on a product they could have created with their office tools. 

Yes, you read that correctly. The Clickbank University 2.0 system focuses on delivering clean-cut promotional materials from the beginning. They call this the “easy sales letter”. This is something you can create on any budget. You don’t need to opt into expensive social media ad pipelines out of the starting gate. It’s not about perfection with Clickbank University. The only progress is stressed. You will need capital to start making real sales and generate capital through starting sales.

You need a promotion to get your brand out there. Easy progress is the gateway to this. It works, for now, to build you the platform for the flash you crave as a greenhorn.

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Clickbank University breaks down its classes 

For beginners, the pace of Clickbank University may better serve the success rate. John Crestani is set up for a 6-week plan. Clickbank University 2.0 has a timeline of 8-weeks for the affiliate learning track, and 12-weeks for the vendor program. Lessons are unlocked as the student progresses.

In this way, the material is built into smaller easier to digest pieces. 


learning affiliate marketing


The Super Affiliate System pace dives right in. Clickbank University’s first week gives the user a feel for how everything works. John Crestani launches into goal-setting straight out of the starting gate. 

John Crestani also makes a point of teaching its students how to join an affiliate network. Clickbank is on that list. For some students, it might make more sense to go straight to the source to learn about that.  

By the second week, John Crestani is teaching students mindset, niche, networking, and choosing an offer. This is dispersed this material. Clickbank 2.0 pins a focus on mindset building from the beginning.

Clickbank University believes that mindset is important to establish before goals are set. This is a better methodology for inexperienced students. 


Comparing the tracks week by week 

The difference in the methodology is marked through Clickbank and John Crestani’s courses. Compare them week by week. 

Clickbank University Week 3: Create product avatar___Clickbank focuses on profiling the ideal customer at this point. This is where Clickbank builds the marketplace for the student’s established passion product. 

John Crestani Week 3: Marketing skills__John Crestani’s course is already focusing on copywriting and advanced marketing skills during this week. It is also focusing on advanced paid optimizing tactics. 

Clickbank University Week 4: Format and outsourcing_Clickbank builds on the theme from the 3rd week at this stage. 

John Crestani Week 4: Facebook and Google ads_Crestani’s course is already honing Facebook and Google advertisement by the 4th week. This is much later in the Clickbank course. Crestani’s course calls on guest speaker Brian Pfeiffer at this stage. 

Clickbank University Week 5: Building the Upsell__Clickbank has paced naturally that by the 5th week, which is almost halfway through the vendor lesson track, is ready to build upsell services. 



John Crestani Week 5: Native and YouTube Ads__Crestani’s course by the 5th week sinks its teeth into native and YouTube ads. This is an advanced subject. Even experienced affiliates have a difficult time with this subject. 

Clickbank University Week 6:Sales copy conversions__Halfway through the vendor course, Clickbank builds on the natural pace of the passion-based marketing it established early. It is only now that Clickbank introduces conversion copy. Crestani’s course dove into this in the beginning. 

John Crestani Week 6: Scaling and outsourcing__Crestani’s course tracks by leaps and bounds. By this week, it is teaching mass scaling and outsourcing. The scaling campaigns covered here are between $1k and $20k values. 

The Clickbank University 2.0 course enables instant deployment 




The Clickbank University 2.0 vendor course continues to week 12. Crestani’s course ends at week 6. This is partially the reason why so much more material is packed into each week of the Crestani course.

The course material for Crestani also is high-investment cost material. The starting affiliate would need to make investments and develop a capital base before they would be able to take action on the lesson plan. 

Clickbank University spreads out the value to cover the same amount of material at a more student-friendly pace. This is friendlier for a startup affiliate vendor’s investment plan.

Week by week, the student can take small steps of instant deployment. The action plan they take will begin to generate the capital needed for the larger-scale plans the Crestani course teaches. 

Clickbank University 2.0 vs. Crestani blogs

Speaking of Crestani’s added value Clickbank University blog tutorials, how do the two blogs stack up side-by-side?

Clickbank’s blog focuses on motivation and enablement. It focuses heavily on the logic behind affiliate marketing and the basic steps toward making a big break into online business.



Crestani’s blog is more “meat and potatoes” than logic and reasons. Crestani’s posts are complete breakdowns of advanced topics such as “How to host a webinar”. Hosting a webinar is not something an affiliate starting today may be ready for. This is why Clickbank University focuses on smaller bandwidth topics such as “What makes you click in 2020?” which is a guide to giveaways. 

John Crestani endorses Clickbank University 2.0

Crestani is a fan of Clickbank. His blog has in-depth reviews of Clickbank University products. He made his first 1,000 affiliate dollars all way back in 2012, even before the Clickbank University 2.0 developed.  John Crestani’s site also offers free basic Clickbank training as an added value service of his brand. This is a good thing to know for a beginner affiliate marketer who may want to try John Crestani eventually.

Using free Clickbank training would be a good way to gauge the value of the bigger Crestani investment. 

Clickbank search traffic


Clickbank University and Crestani build from each other

One thing we’ve noticed because of Crestani’s veteran status with Clickbank University is that the two affiliate universities play off one another a bit. You will see a lot of content talking up Clickbank on Crestani’s posts as well as links and contacts that lead back to the Clickbank University community.

Crestani’s massive Super Affiliate System success speaks to the value of Clickbank as it does his classes. It isn’t a simple case of the student surpassing the teacher with a Clickbank University and Crestani comparison.

It is more like Clickbank University is the startup gate to the Crestani-styled gold rush. Crestani-level affiliate marketing is in a way a Clickbank brainchild. It shows the potential any given Clickbank University student has to become like John Crestani.

Crestani’s course is a natural progression of Clickbank University 

Emulating Crestani’s success is in sense following the Clickbank University methodology indirectly, even if Crestani’s students don’t realize it. Clickbank University 2.0 encourages all of its students to engage in the forums of the Clickbank University community.

There are Facebook groups, tech support, and other modems of Clickbank University vendor/affiliate interactions. Crestani branched out big on his own. Engaging in his courses is just a hyper_scale follow-through of what Clickbank University already teaches.  The value of affiliate community networking is stressed through Clickbank University. 



Clickbank University’s “fill your own shoes” perspective

If one thinks about it in this way, then one would consider Clickbank University the money-saver option. The green affiliate can start the same way that Crestani did and build their version of that vendor-career path. Clickbank University 2.0 starts each student with an equal playing-field perspective. Crestani students may be a bit intimidated by his massive success and feel that they need to fill his shoes.

Clickbank University teaches the student to fill their shoes and to make said proverbial shoes as big as they wish. 


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Key takeaways 

Both Clickbank University 2.0 and John Crestani courses are worthy investments for different reasons. The timing of those investments is essential to the student’s success. The student should be highly intentional about the course selection they make. Based on their previous experience and goals. 

Clickbank University 2.0 is a better buy for someone beginning their journey as an affiliate marketing entrepreneur. They will have a longer time to adjust to the training and scale their growth.  At the end of the day, affiliate marketing can only be as big as the individual student wants to make it.

Clickbank University may be a better alternative for a student that wants to start at factory settings and learn their unique style and path


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